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People dedicated to knives will say every knife has a unique history regarding its origins or application. Similarly, many knife brands have gained a global following because they can capture the essence of each knife. Slowly, these brands have gained mainstream popularity and now, the mere mention of such brands evokes the notion of classical knives. For a true knife lover, wearing outdoor apparel that bears the name of such brands is a matter of pride. We explain this trend with an example:


Quick Lesson about Buck Knives

During the early part of 19th century, Hoyt Buck was exploring how to temper steel in an untraditional way and chanced upon the first Buck Knife,  in 1902. Hoyt continued to make such knives that soon gained local popularity due to their handmade sturdiness. The onset of World War II meant a surge in demand for Buck Knives. Today, people wear caps and t-shirts bearing the Buck logo that is now synonymous with the industrious nature of Americans, the hardships of WWII, and the will to survive. This is why Buck-branded gear is increasingly finding a presence across outdoor gear.


Our Assurance of Quality

Our team at Knife Country USA specializing in the market of outdoor gear, knives, and accessories. We have a wide array of shirts, hats, pocketknives and ourdoor gear, including the most premium and rare members of this fraternity. To ensure our customers get the best deals, we continuously curate our range of products, buying from leading brands that assure quality and transparent pricing.

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