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Established in 1999, Red Rock Outdoor Gear is an industry leader in the manufacturing of ghillie suits and camouflage netting. The brand is carved its niche for both tactical and sporting bags that store maximum outdoor gear. In 2014, it began producing tactical slings domestically. Based in Texas, the company strives to supply the best in quality products to outdoor enthusiasts. The products are innovated after understanding the consumer’s psychology and ensure utmost satisfaction.


Addressing Your Questions

Red Rock Outdoor Gear offers a wide range of collapsible backpacks, sling bags, camouflage netting & Ghillie suits, and camping gear. The products offered by the brand are highly preferred by hunters, trekkers, mountaineers, campers, survival experts, and adventure enthusiasts. Some of the most popular products by Red Rock Outdoor Gear include plate carriers, hydration bladders, face paint, and sling bags. The brand also offers camouflage nettings and ghillie suits that’ll help the user blend in well with the outdoor settings while out for a hunt or other outdoor chores. Red Rock Outdoor Gear uses top-quality materials which are capable of withstanding tough use. The brand commonly uses polyester for manufacturing backpacks, concealed-carry sling bags, camping packs, and more.  


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Product Categories

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Face Paints: Explore the range of camouflage face paints, carefully formulated to provide maximum concealment to create an amazing hunting experience. Ideal for use by hunters, trekkers, survival experts, and adventure enthusiasts, these skin-friendly face paints will allow the user to camouflage in the natural setting. Easy to apply as well as remove, these camouflage face paints are praised for their no-run formula which is capable of withstanding various weather conditions. Based on the model, these face paints are available as compacts, face paint sticks, and crème tubes.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rebel Assault Pack: The series includes an assortment of PVC-lined backpacks, with expanding compartments that offer about 20litres of storage space. These travel-friendly backpacks feature zippered pockets and internal dividers that make the storage and organization of various items convenient. Red Rock Outdoor Rebel Assault backpacks feature an adjustable sternum strap and waist strap along with a padded back panel that helps in even distribution of weight.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Recon Sling Pack: Browse through the largest selection of outdoor sling bags featuring Rugged 600 Denier construction. These sling bags feature a Mavrik style tear-away compartment, multiple storage compartments along with quick access concealed compartment. One of the defining characteristics of these backpacks is the soft-lined pouch which is suitable for smartphones or tablets.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Shemagh Head-Wrap: Explore the huge range of cotton head wraps, available in a multitude of classy prints and dynamic colors. Ideal for use as a neck warmer or head wrap, these multi-purpose cotton wraps are sure to complement casual outfits as well as stylish attires. These headwraps can also be used for protection against direct sunlight or used as a body wrap.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Sidekick Sling Pack: This series comprises a multitude of PVC-lined sling bags with adjustable, cross-body straps that allow for hand-free carry. These utility slings feature multiple pockets which can be used to store smartphones, medicines, pistol clips, pepper spray, or other items. The master compartment features a water-resistant drawstring closure that makes it an ideal choice for most weather conditions.



All You Need To Know Red Rock Outdoor Gear Product Series


Red Rock Outdoor Assault Pack Gear Series: The series includes a variety of backpacks with expanding compartments, reinforced carry handles, built-in internal dividers, and zippered pockets. Based on the model, the Assault backpacks feature a 20-liter storage capacity. A majority of these travel-friendly backpacks feature adjustable waist straps, sternum straps, and shoulder straps. The ventilated padded back with Velcro top closure makes them comfortable to carry, and suitable for camping expeditions as well.


Red Rock Outdoor C1 Tactical Sling Gear Series: Comprises a wide selection of rifle sling bags, designed to facilitate ambidextrous use. These outdoor slings feature a quick-release buckle that allows for easy firearm detachment. Red Rock Outdoor Tactical Sling features stainless HK hooks, rapid 2-to-1 point conversion, and D-ring. These firearm slings are crafted with extra-wide elastic webbing that ensures maximum comfort even when worn for extended periods.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Camouflage Net Series: The series consists of camouflage nets featuring a three-dimensional leaf-cut pattern. Ideal for use during hunting or other outdoor pursuits, these Red Rock Outdoor camouflage netting provides a natural look, allowing for proper concealment. These nets feature a lightweight construction that allows for easy deployment and comes equipped with a military-style mesh backing that ensures durability.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Collapsible Backpack Series: Ideal for travelers, campers, hikers as well as EDC carry, these full-sized backpacks can turn into a compact utility pouch within a few maneuvers. These collapsible backpacks feature a spacious compartment with a front side slip pocket which is suitable for carrying tabs or laptops. Available in a range of colors these outdoor backpacks feature a pocket that can be accessed even when the backpack is in a collapsed position. These stowable backpacks have a touch-fastener panel, MOLLE grid, and utility clip that allows the user for easy attachment with other gear.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Deployment Waist Bag Series: Discover the range of waist bags featuring generously-sized utility pouch with magazine loops and CCW pocket. These outdoor waist bags come equipped with large adjustable straps that allow the user to secure them around the waist. These bags feature a reinforced carry handle that offers the flexibility of use. Red Rock Outdoor Gear waist bags can be stowed to be used as MOLLE attachments. These outdoor deployment bags feature three slip pockets dividers on the front external compartment and include removable utility MOLLE pouches.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Diplomat Backpack Series: Comprises camping backpacks featuring a full-length zipper that gives quick access to the main storage compartment. These outdoor backpacks feature internal pockets with organizers and divider sleeves. There are multiple external zippered compartments and utility compartments on either side of the backpack that offers ample storage space. Ideal for trekkers, hikers, and adventure enthusiast, these diplomat backpacks comes equipped with reinforced drag handles, compression straps, and hydration tube portholes.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Element Day Pack Series: These outdoor backpacks boast a spacious capacity of about 18L. Suitable for daily carry as well as adventure pursuits, these backpacks are made using top-grade polyester material that makes them durable enough to withstand tough usage. Element Day backpacks feature a touch fastener closure external pocket which is suitable for storing a 2.5-liter hydration bladder. These polyester backpacks have quick-release buckles on sternum straps and shoulder straps that allow for hassle-free use.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Fire-Starter Survival Series: This series includes an array of survival equipment and camping accessories such as a magnesium fire starter, tri-fold shovel, survival kit, 8-piece camping mess kit, and more. Specifically designed to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts and hikers, fire lighting equipment can be used to build fire in various climatic conditions. The quick-ignite magnesium fire starter can be used even in wet or humid conditions to ignite paper, dry grass, dry leaves, or wood.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Parka Series: Comprises of hip-length jackets with full-coverage ghillie material. Specifically designed for the minimalists, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Parka features a snap closure in the front that allows the user to comfortably wear it or remove it. Featuring a hood, the ghillie jacket is an ideal choice for camouflage concealment. The ghillie parkas feature a stuff sack with a shoulder strap, which makes it a fantastic grab-and-go outdoor gear.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Hipster Sling Bag Series:  Explore the range of sling bags, designed for concealed carry. These hipster sling bags can be worn on the waist or hip to discreetly carry the items. These outdoor sling bags feature a main compartment with a mesh slip pocket which is secured by a drawstring cover. For storing smaller items, the front zippered pocket with elastic webbing would be ideal. These zippered utility pouches feature an insulated pocket that is suitable for carrying water bottles. For greater convenience, these sling bags come equipped with an adjustable strap and integrated belt attachment.


Red Rock Outdoor Hydration Pack Gear Series: Consists of different backpacks, designed to hold clothing, tablets, laptop, survival essentials, and outdoor gear. Most of these backpacks feature adjustable sternum, waist strap, and shoulder straps for user comfort. The series also includes a variety of hydration bladder featuring drip-free valves. Most of these outdoor hydration bladders feature two attachment point that allows the user to store it in a backpack with ease.


Red Rock Outdoor Large Assault Pack Gear Series: The series covers an assortment of spacious polyester backpacks, specifically designed for outdoor adventures and EDC carry. With a capacity of 35litres, these outdoor backpacks offer ample space for storing hydration bladder, camping gear, survival equipment, and a lot more. These polyester backpacks feature expanding compartments with dividers and zippered pockets. The mesh back panel ensures ultimate comfort. These backpacks have adjustable reinforced padded mesh shoulder straps, a waist strap, and a sternum strap that distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders and waist for extreme comfort.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Mavrik Backpack Series: Ideal for outdoor expeditions such as hunting, camping, and trekking, these backpacks boast a spacious capacity and features foam-padded walls. These outdoor backpacks have nylon webbing on the front, zippered slip pockets, and utility pockets. Equipped with waist straps, sternum straps, and shoulder straps, the backpack can be comfortably worn while on the go.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear MOLLE Pocket Pal Wallet Series: This series includes a variety of pocket wallets, available in a variety of colors such as grey, black and tan. These folding wallets feature two-stringed clips which can be used for holding keys or name badges. MOLLE pocket wallets feature dividers that allow for easy organization of cash, credit cards, and other items. These wallets are crafted using qualitative polyester material that ensures durability.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear MOLLE Series: Consist of a range of Molle Plate carriers and other outdoor gear. Made with polyester, these MOLLE plate carriers feature height-adjustable straps for maximum comfort. The quick-release buckles on the waist strap make them convenient to wear. These polyester plate carriers feature touch-fastener pockets with dense open-cell foam inserts.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Nomad Sling Bag Series: Explore the large selection of sling bags, designed for discreetly carrying survival essentials, ammunition, and other items. These concealed carry bags come equipped with an ambidextrous that makes them versatile for use. The main compartment of the sling bags is spacious enough to house first aid kits, binoculars, and tablets. The Red Rock Outdoor Nomad bags incorporate quick-release buckles that enable rapid deployment.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rambler Sling Backpack Series: Comprises of medium-sized polyester backpacks, designed to endure tough outdoor conditions. These sling backpacks feature an anti-theft zipper pull that makes them a popular choice among adventure enthusiasts, campers, and hikers. Boasting a generous storage capacity, the Rambler sling backpacks can accommodate a 2.5liter hydration bladder, water bottles, and various other outdoor gears and accessories.


Red Rock Outdoor Riot Sling Pack Gear Series: Comprises of an array of polyester sling bags made using fine-quality polyester material that remains immune to general wear. These sling bags feature fully adjustable, contoured back straps with a quick-release buckle that makes them easy to put on and off.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack Series: This series focuses on on-the-go sling packs featuring a main compartment with a slip pocket and touch-fastener closure which is suitable for tablets and iPads. These sling packs come equipped with quick-release buckles that make allow for rapid deployment. Red Rock Outdoor Rover Sling packs are available in various colors such as olive, gray, black, and more.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Soldier First Aid Kit Series: Explore the vast range of first aid kits featuring bandages, sponge, elastic gauze, alcohol wipes, clean wipes, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, and instruction sheet. These first aid items come packed in an easy-to-carry zippered case.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Transporter Day Pack Series: This series includes a range of Mavrik compatible backpacks with reinforced carry handles. These outdoor bags feature quick-release compression straps and touch fastener lining. The Transporter Day backpacks feature 600D polyester construction that ensures a dependable life span.



Red Rock Outdoor Gear believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The products come with a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase during which the product can be repaired or exchanged due to manufacturing defects. However, the clause stands null in case the product is damaged due to misuse or abuse. The manufacturer is not responsible for extended wear and tear.



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