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Red Rock Outdoor Gear

Established in 1999, Red Rock Outdoor Gear is an industry leader in the manufacturing of ghillie suits and camouflage netting. The brand is carved its niche for both tactical and sporting bags that store maximum outdoor gears. In 2014, it began producing tactical slings and dog accessories domestically. Based in Texas, the company strives to supply the best in quality products to outdoor enthusiasts at reasonable prices. The products are innovated after understanding the consumer’s psychology and ensure utmost satisfaction.


Products Designed to Address to the Outdoor Requirements

Red Rock Outdoor Gear exhibits a wide range of products that help in surviving outdoors. The products manufactured are rugged and robust and include

  • Backpacks: The series includes an array of backpacks, sling packs, and bags like hydration packs, and carry bags. These backpacks have enough storage space to store necessary outdoor utilities like knives and flashlights. The bags have reinforced padded mesh shoulder strap, adjustable waist strap, and sternum strap that help in even distribution of weight across the back.
  • Sling bags: The slings are ideal for storing emergency medical kit, camera, and firearm. They are ideal for every day carry.
  • Camo Netting & Ghillie Suits: The product series is the most popular one as it offers a wide range of camouflage nets and ghillie suits that help in blending with the outdoor environment during a hunting session. These products are available in various sizes.
  • Camping Gear: The camping gear includes outdoor cooking essentials and BBQ essentials, shovels, and canteens and covers. The series also includes compasses and fire starters.


Outdoor Gear for an Ultimate Day Outdoors

The products offered by Red Rock Outdoor Gear are ideal for activities like hunting, camping, trekking, and hiking. Products like camouflage nettings and ghillie suits ensure that you blend in well with the outdoor settings as you go hunting in wilderness. The additional face paint ensures complete camouflage in the setting and enhances the hunting experience. The backpacks offer enough room to store essential commodities as you travel, hike or explore wilderness. The kitchen cutlery offered by the brand is all you need to enjoy a good catch in open.

All in all, the products manufactured by the brand are ideal for outdoor activities. They ensure that you get enjoy great time outdoors.


Trekking through the Product Series by Red Rock Outdoor Gear


Red Rock Outdoor Assault Pack Gear: The series offers backpacks that have substantial storage, comfort, and are customizable. Expect the bags to have expanding compartments that have 28 liters storage with built in dividers and zipper pockets. The reinforced padded mesh shoulder straps, waist strap, and a sternum strap that makes these comfortable to carry as you trek.


Red Rock Outdoor C1 Tactical Sling Gear Series: The series is recognized for the best rifle slings available. Constructed using nylon webbing, these slings are designed for ambidextrous firearm operations. The slings have adjustable length and wide elastic webbing for additional comfort. They have stainless steel HK hooks and D-rings and have rapid 2-in-1-point conversation.


Red Rock Outdoor Face Paints: Red Rock Gear offers an array of camouflage accessories to ensure that you have exceptional hunting experience. The colors are easy to put on and remove. They allow you to hide your face. The paint colors have an ability to withstand any weather conditions and have no-run formula. These colors do not cause any skin irritation.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Camouflage Net Series: Red Rock Outdoor Gear stands apart for its camouflage nets. They have three-dimensional leaf-cut design that ensures concealment with a full, natural look. The nets have military style mesh backing and reinforced edges that make these nets durable.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Deployment Waist Bag Series: Explore the series for waist bags with polyester construction. These bags have large adjustable waist strap to secure them around the waist. These can be stowed to be used as MOLLE attachments. The main compartment of these bags are basically large utility pouches with CCW pockets and magazine loops. There are two external utility laser-cut MOLLE pouches that are attached beside the main compartment and are detachable.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Diplomat Backpack Series: The backpacks under this series can store utilities that you require for up to three days. Expect the packs to have primary compartment with wrap-around zipper that opens completely to get easy access to quick-release gear straps and a gear mesh. The second compartment has admin organizers and divider sleeves for notebooks, pens, knives, flashlights, or radio. The back panel has a zipped panel to store laptop or a hydration bladder.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Fire-Starter: The series offers a range of fire lighting equipment. The fire-starters work well in all climates and are suitable camping gear. They help in igniting wood, paper, dry-leaves, or dry grass. These igniters work even in wet conditions.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Suit - Ghillie Parka Series: The Ghillie suits and Ghillie Parkas are designed keeping the minimalist in mind. They include hip-length jackets with built-in hood that is constructed using polyester and have ghillie material that give the suits full coverage. The snap closure front in the jacket ensures easy on and off. The parkas include stuff sack and with shoulder strap. They are grab-and-go items that ensure full concealment.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Mavrik Backpack Series: These bags are extremely spacious and are ideal for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities. the backpacks have foam padded walls that ensure there is no damage to the stocked-up material. They have zippered utility pockets on each side that allow you to keep the essentials handy.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear MOLLE Series: Red Rock Outdoor Gear MOLLE Series offers products constructed from polyester. The products are ergonomically designed to leak-proof. The backpacks of this series have bite mouth piece and four MOLLE connection straps on the back panel. The series also includes MOLLE plate carriers that have highly adjustable straps and quick-release buckles on waist straps.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rambler Sling Pack Series: The series includes backpacks that are rugged and versatile. The range includes medium-sized sling bags made from polyester fabric. The bags feature anti-theft zipper system and a single padded strap that is designed for carrying on the left shoulder. The bags flaunt hydration compatible design and include internal pockets to organize small accessories.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack Series: Explore the series for a wide range of concealed-carry packs that are suitable for carrying outdoors. These sling packs feature ambidextrous shoulder strap that make carrying them easy while keeping the essentials handy. The main compartment can easily fit in tablets.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Shemagh Head-Wrap Series: The series includes cotton-made head wraps that are marketed for their versatility. These can be used as head gears, neck warmer and safety gear. These head gears work well to protect face from the sun. They can also be used as hand towels and napkins.


Red Rock Outdoor Hydration Pack Gear Series: Explore the series for backpacks that can accommodate tablet or laptop, clothing gear, and other outdoor survival essentials. The bags of the series feature a triple-safe bite guard. The sternum, waist strap, and shoulder straps help to secure the backpacks.  


Red Rock Outdoor Large Assault Pack Gear Series: Red Rock Outdoor Large Assault Pack Gear Series include backpacks that are perfect for bug-out or every day carry bags. The polyester construction bags have four expanding compartments with built-in internal dividers and zippered pockets. They have adjustable reinforced padded mesh shoulder straps, waist strap, and a sternum strap that distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders and waist for extreme comfort.


Red Rock Outdoor Rebel Assault Pack Gear Series: The series includes backpack with PVC lined polyester construction. These packs have four expanding compartments that provide up to 20 liters of storage. The internal dividers and zippered pockets are built-in the three largest compartments. Expect the backpacks to have mesh padded back panel with Velcro top closure that can hold up to a 2.5-liter hydration bladder.


Red Rock Outdoor Recon Sling Pack: Explore the series for PVC constructed sling backpacks. They feature adjustable sling strap with quick-release. These shoulder packs have quick access concealed carry compartment. Featuring four storage compartments, the packs help you organize the essentials carefully as you travel.


Red Rock Outdoor Riot Sling Pack Gear Series: The sling pack series is appreciated for its storage capacity. Boasting polyester construction, the pack has fully adjustable and contoured back strap with quick release buckle and collapsible bottle pockets.


Red Rock Outdoor Sidekick Sling Pack Gear Series: Explore the sling pack series for PVC lined construction. The bags boast lightweight construction and has soft mesh back panel that contours to hip for a fitting carry. Expect cross body adjustable strap for hands-free carry. The bac panel access serves as a potential concealed carry compartment. There are three external utility pouches that are perfect for a phone, pistol clip, pepper spray, or first aid kit.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear aims to provide utmost customer satisfaction with its products. The products manufactured by the brand are free from defect in terms of material and workmanship. The products come with a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase during which the product can be exchanged due to manufacturing defect. However, the clause stands null in case the product is damaged due to misuse or abuse. The manufacturer is not responsible for extended wear and tear.


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