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Engage the World with Red Rock Engagement Backpacks from Knife Country USA


At Knife Country USA, we understand that every journey, whether it’s a trek through the mountains or a daily commute, is an engagement with the unexpected. That’s why we offer the Red Rock Engagement Backpacks series, expertly designed to provide the preparedness and adaptability you need to face every adventure head-on.


Red Rock Engagement Backpacks—Your Tactical Ally in Every Endeavor:


  • Red Rock Engagement Backpack in Black (RED80161BLK): Sophisticated in its simplicity and formidable in function, this backpack features a sleek black design. With a 34-liter capacity within its 14" x 18" x 9" dimensions, it’s crafted to hold all your essentials. The pack includes a detachable 6-liter butt-pouch, fully adjustable and contoured padded shoulder straps with hardened steel D-rings, and a padded back panel with a composite frame for support. It's hydration compatible, ensuring you stay refreshed on any mission.


  • Red Rock Engagement Backpack in Coyote (RED80161COY): Embrace the bold coyote brown that stands out in urban landscapes and blends into wild terrains. Like its black counterpart, this backpack boasts a robust 600D polyester construction, adjustable and removable waist strap with padding, and quick-release compression straps for load management.



Every detail of the Red Rock Engagement Backpacks is fine-tuned for efficiency and durability. The series is built for those who refuse to let their gear define their limits. The quick-release compression straps offer the flexibility to expand or consolidate your load, ensuring that your gear adapts to you, not the other way around.


Knife Country USA is for the go-getters, the trailblazers, and the tactical enthusiasts. Our Red Rock Engagement Backpacks are more than just carrying accessories; they are a statement of readiness, a commitment to embracing the challenge, and an embodiment of the warrior spirit.


With the Red Rock Engagement Backpacks, you're not just prepared for the journey—you are engaged with every step, every decision, and every moment. Visit Knife Country USA to equip yourself with a backpack that is as dynamic as your adventures.

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