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Create Your Own Masterpieces with Knife Making Supplies from Knife Country USA



Knife making is both an art and a craft that requires quality materials and tools to create functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing knives. At Knife Country USA, we offer a comprehensive range of knife making supplies to help you create your own custom knives, whether you are an experienced craftsman or a beginner. In this article, we will discuss the different types of knife making supplies available at Knife Country USA and their applications.


Types of Knife Making Supplies


  1. Knife Blanks: Knife blanks are pre-shaped, unfinished knife blades made from various materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel. They provide a solid foundation for your custom knife, saving time and effort in shaping the blade.

  2. Handle Materials: Handle materials are essential for creating comfortable and functional grips for your custom knives. We offer a wide variety of handle materials, such as wood, G10, Micarta, and bone, allowing you to choose the perfect material to suit your knife's purpose and aesthetic.

  3. Pins and Rivets: Pins and rivets are used to secure the handle material to the tang of the knife blank, ensuring a strong and stable connection between the blade and handle.

  4. Sheaths and Sheath Making Supplies: A quality sheath is crucial for protecting your custom knife and making it easy to carry. We offer sheaths in various materials, including leather and Kydex, as well as sheath making supplies like rivets, eyelets, and belt clips.

  5. Knife Making Tools: Crafting a custom knife requires specialized tools, such as files, sandpaper, grinders, and polishing equipment. Knife Country USA offers a wide range of knife making tools to help you shape, refine, and finish your masterpiece.


An Insight into Knife Making


We would like to share some of our knife making wisdom with our customers:


  • The blade is often the most important component to take into consideration. To get the design of your dreams, graph it first on paper. You can then narrow down to the style that you are looking to contruct. Once you know what your DIY Do-It-Yourself knife design is going to be you can shop our Knife Making Blanks Blades section to puchase the proper knife blank for your project.
  • You can be creative with your blade’s design, but make sure that its functionality and practicality remain unchallenged.
  • Decide on the blade’s tang length. It’s easier to opt for full tang construction as we carry more full tang knife blanks than push & rat tail tangs. An addition plus to full tangs as it is easier to attach handles and the knife's overall is much stronger.
  • By attaching two pieces of wood on both sides, you’ll be able to make the handles as thick or as thin as you prefer. Listed under our Knife Making Handles you will see a wide selection of handle materials.
  • Try to opt for stainless steel blanks if you want something that does not rust and needs less care after product. Or you can go for high-quality Damascus carbon steel blank that is harder than stainless and every Damascus Blank looks unique with it's layer ripples. All of our blanks are heat treated and come pre-sharpened (unless stated otherwise).
  • The blade’s thickness should be between 1/8 inches and 1/4 inches when casting your own blade. All the knife blanks that we sell are in between thise specs. 
  • Cut the metal into a rectangular shape and grind it as per the blueprint.
  • When finished with heat treatment, don’t waste time. Start sanding the blade using finer grits of paper.
  • Cut the handles into a desired shape, and drill for rivets later.
  • After inserting rivets, use a saw to make the final cuts and adjust the handle accordingly.     


Creating your own custom knives can be a rewarding and fulfilling hobby, allowing you to craft unique pieces tailored to your needs and preferences. At Knife Country USA, we are committed to providing a wide range of high-quality knife making supplies to help you turn your vision into reality. Explore our selection of knife making supplies today and embark on your knife making journey with confidence.

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