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Flexcut Tool Company Inc. was established in 1986 in Pennsylvania with the name Falls Run Woodcarving. The company was an America-based custom carving shop and woodcarving school back then. In 1992, Flexcut started manufacturing innovative and new woodcarving tools to cater to the needs of modern hobbyists and professionals. In the very beginning, the brand commenced with only 4 different tool profiles and today, Flexcut is the leading manufacturer of over 300 products developed for the woodcarving market.


Flexcut focusses on designing the products with an intimate knowledge of woodcarving. The company shows an unwavering commitment to its customers with continuous improvements and innovation, delivering products that utilize cutting edge technology. Flexcut has never compromised with the quality of its products, making them preferable. Flexcut workers continue to add state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, helping them to concentrate on the details that result in the manufacturing and on-time delivery of user-friendly products.


A Brand that Understands the Beautiful Art of Wood Sculpture

Flexcut has employed skilled artisans who have an intense passion for the craft and a desire to exceed customer expectations. The Flexcut artisans work with their hands, brains, and heart in sync that helps them to drive the style and function of their unique tools. The company intends to constantly evolve, improve and perfect its products, streamlining the processes, and introducing the new, pioneering range of wood carved tools in the market. You can browse through the inventory of Flexcut for checking out high-quality wood carving toolscarving knives, gouges, and chisels for hand or power carving.


Impeccable Flexcut Sharpening Techniques

All the Flexcut tools are pre-sharpened at the factory to develop a highly polished razor’s edge, creating efficient and long-lasting cutting tools. The sharper edges of these wooden carved tools are accountable for their durability. The routine maintenance of these tools by Flexcut involves a periodical stropping on both sides of the edge with Flexcut’s patented polishing compounds. Products in the inventory come with an instruction manual that contains all the important information from how to use it to how to store it. Thus, Flexcut has become the prime choice of many beginners.


Looking into the Meticulously Crafted American-made Tools for Wood Carvers & Outdoorsmen through Flexcut Product Series


45 Degree Micro Parting Tool Series: The parting tools in this series are available in different sizes ranging from 1.5 mm - 4.0 mm. These are the gauging tools that help in focusing on the fine details while wood carving and miniature designing. These woodcarving tools are ideal for accessing tight corners and spaces for cleaning the ridges efficiently.


60 Degree Micro Parting Tool Series:  60 degrees V tools help the carvers and artisans to work precisely on fine details of sculpture such as a mouth and eyes. Many tools under the series are made 142mm long with blade size ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm. This parting tool can also be used to add textures to the details like hair, fur, and feathers.


90 Degree Micro Parting Tool:90 Degree Parting Tools feature a narrow V cut that easily parts through any wood channel. These micro parting tools feature different blade profiles ranging from 1.5 mm, 2 mm to 4 mm. These tools can be used as multi-functional gears assisting in carving out textures, fine details or can be used as chisels and gauge.


Beginners Wood Carving Sets:Wood carving sets are specially designed to cater to the needs of professionals and hobbyists. These sets feature carving blades made with high-quality carbon steel providing durability. The ergonomic wooden handles provide a comfortable grip, eliminating the chances of hand fatigue. These sets include different contents including Roughing Knife, Cutting Knife, Detail Knife, Flexcut Gold polishing compound, etc.


Carvin' Jack Wood Carving Series: This series includes an assortment of folding multi-tools that are manufactured to assist woodcarving artists. Carvin’ Jacks are made with hard carbon steel blades with hand-sharpened razor finish. The left-handed and right-handed tools in this niche ensure appropriate functioning in different directions. These pocket multi-tools include scores, straight gouges, hooks, chisels, and detail blades.


Chip Carving Knives: This series includes an assortment of short blade knives that can be used to make triangular cuts on the wooden sculptures and artwork. All the knives in this series feature small wood handles that ensure tight and firm grip with multiple control points to prevent unwanted chipping in delicate cuts.


Flexcut Compounds & Knife Rolls: This series of accessories offers you with a variety of reliable Flexcut compound and knife rolls that can be used to keep your carving tools safe. Most of the tool roll in this series feature 4-20 pockets, keeping your secure and undamaged. The attached corded tie string keeps the roll and knives tucked in place. Some of these roll pouches come along with Thermorun elastomer handle with visible tang end and lanyard hole for increased visibility, making them highly functional.


Deluxe Woodcarving Sets:  This category includes a range of wood carving sets featuring different kinds of carving tools and accessories. All the carving tools in these sets are made with high-quality carbon steel offering durability and strength. These sets can assist a beginner as well as the advanced level professionals and hobbyists.


Detailing Carving Knives Series:The knives in this range are known for its exceptional performance in close work and small details in the confined areas. All the knives in this series are made with precision designed machine-made blades ideal for hard cutting edge that stays sharp. Fine point edge of the Detailing Knives allows making narrow cuts while the straight edge blade can accommodate large cuts. The customers can rest assured as these knives are hand sharpened and tested to deliver excellent performance.


Draw Series Carvers: This series comprises of a large inventory of traditional woodworking hand tools that are commonly used to shave the timber piece to get the desired shape. These draw carving tools can easily remove large amounts of stock quickly with their flex around contours. Ergonomically designed handles of these carvers allow the user to work for long hours of carving without fatigue.


Hook Series Carvers:This series includes an array of hooked knives that are also known as crooked knives. These carvers are specially designed for cleaning stop cuts, making concave and convex shaving cuts. This series contains a wide array of left and right-handed tools, featuring durable metal construction for easy operation. All the knives in this series are deeply curved, offering a pointed edge to allow the user to work in confined spaces.


Flexcut Leather Strops: This series of leather strops offers an easy way for creating and maintaining carving tools with a sharp razor’s edge. The slip-strops in this series are molded to allow polishing and deburring in the confined wooden spaces. All the tools in this series are made with a Flexcut gold polishing compound for adhering to the strop by rubbing the bar on the strop’s surface.


Micro Chisel Series:Micro Chisel by Flexcut is used to define the fine details in the process of woodcarving. Most of these micro tools are used in carving and finishing miniatures with fine details. The chisels are also used for adding texture such as hair, fur, and feathers. These tools are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.5mm – 6mm.


Micro Skew Series: This series comprises of an array of wood carving knives that are used to provide vertical cuts in limited spaces. These are also known as the wood stabbing knives that are made from high carbon steel offering strength and durability.


Micro Sweep Series: These micro sweep tools are specially designed for the beginners as well as the advanced level professionals. Most of the tools in this series features razor-sharp blades, offering maximum control and smooth finishing. Stainless steel construction offers resistance to corrosion and rust.


Micro U-Gouge Series: U-Gouge tools are used to smoothen the details on the wooden carved miniature adding an extra fine detailing. The high-quality carbon steel blades help to accomplish fine carvings such as mouth, ears, hair, fur, eyes and other textures with ease. Most tools in this category feature ash handles, providing tight and firm grip, making it easy-to-use for a longer duration.


Pelican Knife Series: This series of knives is specifically used for slicing applications. The knives are made from ultra-thin high carbon steel, making it ideal to use in tough situations. The blades of these knives are narrowed for extra tight turning radius. The ash wood handles are faceted with multiple control points to offer user-friendly handling.


Profile Scrapers Series: This series contains impeccably designed scrapers that are used to smoothen uneven surfaces and carvings. The profile scrapers in this series are used to finishing applications, ensuring the elimination of any kind of roughness.


Sloyd Series Carvers: These are traditional tools that are used for serving multiple purposes including whittling, chip carving and marking designs for woodwork and handicrafts. The full tang construction of these tools offers maximum strength and durability. These carvers come packed in a leather sheath that keeps these in place.


Whittler Series Wood Carvers: This series comprises of a variety of flexible knives that are manufactured with edge holding steel, offering a smooth woodcutting experience. The sharpened edges of the blades deliver an excellent performance. The ergonomically designed handles ensure a firm grip, making them more desirable amongst beginners as well as the professionals.


Warranty Information

Flexcut warrants the products to be free of any kind of defects in material or the workmanship for the entire lifetime of the owner. If in case the products have any kind of manufacturing defect, then the buyer can send the tool along with a written explanation about the malfunctioning on the official address of Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. The buyer is also required to mention their complete address along with their names while sending the tool for replacement. The company is liable to pay the return shipping charges on its own expense. The company does not warrant its product against normal wear and misuse. Flexcut Carving Tools are not intended to be used as pry bars or screwdrivers. Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. will not repair or replace any products damaged due to misuse.


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