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Flexcut Carving Tools

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There's an old saying from Louis Nizer that goes something like this: "A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist." That is the essence of wood carving, and that's what drives the style and the function of Flexcut Carving Tools. No other activity achieves the peace and contentment that comes from wood carving, and no other collection of Flexcut wood carving knives brings you all the tools you need to elevate your art like the catalog from Knife Country USA.


Established in 1986, Flexcut started out as Falls Run Woodcarving, a specialty woodshop and carving school in Erie, Pennsylvania. Over time, the school began crafting its own limited series of knives for wood carvers across experience levels. The variety of offerings increased, and by the 1990s Flexcut Carving Tools emerged as a leading manufacturer of wood carving knives with over 300 styles and specialty tools to choose from.

The original and the best wood carving multitool.

Any decently sharpened knife can whittle wood, but the Flexcut Carvin' Jack puts an entire woodshop in your pocket. This bestselling jackknife is one of the first series of multitools designed explicitly for wood carving artists. Carvin’ Jacks are made with hard carbon steel blades and boast a hand-sharpened razor finish. The series is available with both righthanded and lefthanded configurations for proper cutting in front and opposite directions, while ergonomically designed handles allow you to enjoy long sessions of carving without early onset hand fatigue.

Each multitool includes scorps, straight gouges, hooks, chisels, and detail blades. Multitool kits also include a sharpening strop, polishing compound, and come with a handy leather belt sheath. Lightweight, compact, and portable, these carving tools are must-haves for any hobbyist or professional who knows that wood carving can happen anytime, anywhere.

Specialty Flexcut wood carving tools for any task.

Regardless of your skill level, Flexcut carving knives are designed for serious wood carvers with a deep appreciation of the craft. All knives, chisels, and palm tools feature ash handles and high-carbon steel blades. Flexcut specialty knives include tools like skewed detail knives, fine detail knives, radius knives, and hooked carvers. For the woodworker setting up his or her own shop, a Flexcut deluxe wood carving set will go a long way towards tackling any wood project.

You can also round out your shop kits with draw knives, knife rolls, polishing compound, and quality leather strops.

The Flexcut Carving Tools Collection at Knife Country USA: Just add wood.

Knife Country USA is more than a home for survival and camping gear. We're a place that helps craftsmen become artists by outfitting them with the very best tools to unlock the passion in their hearts. We're a family-owned megastore that treats customers like family, and here you join a growing community of collectors and enthusiasts who share a love for quality tools and equipment.


If you're putting together a new shop or are updating your carving tools, we are the people to talk to. We bring decades of experience in knives and cutting tools to every product we sell, and we excel at helping customers make better, well-informed choices about the knives and tools they purchase. We carry the complete range of Flexcut Carving Tools, including some hard-to-find items, and about the only thing missing from what we carry is the wood. All Knife Country USA purchases include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


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