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Flexcut Carving Tools

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Flexcut Carving Tools


Flexcut Carving Tools was established in 1986 in Pennsylvania with the name Falls Run Woodcarving. The company was an America-based custom carving shop and woodcarving school back then. In 1992, Flexcut started manufacturing innovative, easy-to-use wood carving sets to cater to the needs of modern hobbyists and professionals. The brand commenced with only 4 different tool profiles, which have now expanded beyond 300 products, creating a larger customer base across the globe.


Flexcut focusses on designing next-gen products resulted from great knowledge and experience in woodcarving. The company shows an unwavering commitment to its customers with continuous improvements and innovation, delivering products that combine cutting-edge technology with intelligent designs. Flexcut Carving Tools works with a team of professionals and skilled artisans who have an intense passion for the craft and a desire to deliver state-of-the-art products that exceed customer expectations.


Resolving Your Doubts About Flexcut Carving Tools

Flexcut Carving Tools has become the prime choice for printmakers and woodcarvers across the globe. The brand offers a pioneering range of wood carving tools, roughing knives, beginner wood carving sets, and more, and intends to constantly improve, evolve, and innovate its product line to deliver high-end handcrafted carving tools to serve the demands of artists and sculptors. Flexcut Carving Tools are made by skilled tradesmen in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. Some of the most recommended wood carving tools for beginners are Flexcut Radius Knife, Flexcut Detail Skew Knife, Flexcut Cutting Knife, Flexcut Mini Draw Knife.


Flexcut uses top-grade carbon steel to manufacture razor-sharp wood crafting tools and carving knives for artist communities. A vast majority of these carving tools feature easy-grip wooden handles with multiple control points for hassle-free use. Flexcut Carving Tools can be sharpened using a gold compound, which applies like a crayon, making it easy to maintain a sharp edge for all tools and knives.  


Flexcut Knives Product Categories

Flexcut 45 Degree Micro Parting Tool: Comprises of gauging tools that assist in finer detail, and are widely used for miniature designing and wood carving. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 4.0mm, these micro parting tools with razor-sharp carbon steel blades are a fantastic choice for accessing tight spaces and corners for efficiently cleaning the ridges.


Flexcut 60 Degree Micro Parting Tool: Commonly used by carvers, artisans and sculptors, these micro parting tools are great for adding textures as well as finer details such as fur, hair, feathers, mouth, and eyes. These micro parting tools with carbon steel ranging blades from 1.5mm to 4mm and wooden handles.


Flexcut 90 Degree Micro Parting Tool: Featuring narrow V-cut and different blade profiles, ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm, these micro parting tools are designed to precisely cut through any wood channel. The multi-functional tools are ideal for fine detailing, carving textures or can be used as gauges or chisels.


Flexcut Beginners Wood Carving Sets: Specifically designed to cater to the demands of artisans, professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts, these wood carving sets consist of a range of tools such as Cutting Knife, Roughing Knife, Detail Knife, Flexcut Gold polishing compound, and more. Most of the tools in the set feature carbon steel blades and wooden handles that make them an ideal choice for detailing and carving.


Flexcut Chip Carving Knives: Featuring small wood handles with multiple control points, these short blade knives offer a sure and firm grip that helps in achieving precise cuts, reducing the chances of chipping. These chip carving knives are great for making triangular cuts on sculptures and wooden art pieces.


Flexcut Compounds & Knife Rolls: Designed to keep the carving tools in a good working condition and safe from damages, knife rolls are available in a range of designs and sizes. Flexcut compounds can be applied like a crayon. These compounds are formulated with a blend of titanium oxide and aluminum that help in retaining the sharp edge.


Flexcut Cutting & Roughing Knives: Most of these knives feature a straight blade with a rounded point that assists in efficiently removing heavier stock. Flexcut cutting knives feature wooden handles and razor-sharp edges that offer optimum control over each cut, allowing for easy maneuverability. Flexcut cutting and roughing knives are carefully designed to meet the demands of professional wood crafters and hobbyists.


Flexcut Deluxe Wood Carving Sets:  Includes an assortment of carving tool sets, designed to serve a variety of needs. Most of the carving tools sport high-carbon steel construction that offers superior durability. Ideal for beginners as well as professional wood crafters, the Flexcut wood carving tools feature easy-grip wooden handles that provide the necessary control, helping in achieving precise cuts every time.


Flexcut Detailing Carving Knives: Designed to deliver outstanding performance in a range of tasks, Flexcut detailing carving knives feature high carbon steel blades which are capable of retaining sharp edge for longer. Most of these knives are equipped with ergonomic wooden handles that offer a positive grip, making them ideal for performing narrow cuts and fine detailing.


Flexcut Leather Strops: Featuring a gold polishing compound, the Flexcut leather strops are designed to keep the knife blades sharp. Ideal for stropping, these tools offer an easy and convenient way to maintain carving knives. Most of these leather knife strop feature flat and sturdy construction that allows for easy operation. 


Flexcut Wooden Blanks: A great choice for beginning your carving journey, the Flexcut wooden spoon blanks sports a basswood construction that can be carved easily. Suitable for hobbyists as well as advanced professionals, the wooden blank is great for carving spoons.


Flexcut Knives Product Series


Flexcut Draw Series Carvers: these traditional woodworking hand tools are commonly used for shaving timber pieces and removing large amounts of stock. Most of the Flexcut Draw Series carving tools features contoured wooden handles that help in reducing fatigue, allowing for hassle-free use.


Flexcut Carvin' Jack Wood Carving Series: Consists an assortment of folding multi-tools, designed to serve the requirement of sculptors and woodcarving artists. Flexcut Carvin' Jack Wood Carving Series includes pocket tools featuring hand-sharpened carbon steel blades. The series comprises right-handed as well as left-handed tools such as hooks, scores, straight gouges, chisels, and detail blades, serving varying requirements.


Flexcut Hawthorne Knife Series: These ultra-sharp knives are a great choice for outdoor sports, hunting, and general tasks. Based on the model, the Hawthorne knives sport a full tang, lanyard hole, and flat grind blade. The knives in this series are available in a choice of green micarta handle, G-wood handles, Zebra wood handle, G-10 handle, and red coral handle.


Flexcut Hook Series Carvers: Commonly known by the name of crooked knives, the Flexcut Hook Series multi-tools are ideal for making concave cuts and convex shaving cuts. The series consists of left-handed and right-handed tools with pointed edges and deep curves. Most of these knives sports aluminum handle with wood inlay for easy maneuverability.


Flexcut Micro Skew Series: Consists of an assortment of micro tools and knives that lets you create precise vertical cuts in limited spaces. Equipped with high carbon steel blades, Micro Skew knives resist general wear, and boast excellent strength that makes them suitable for stabbing jobs as well.


Flexcut Micro U-Gouge Series: Ideal for fine carvings on wood and miniatures, the Flexcut U-Gouge tools feature top-quality carbon steel blades that boast exemplary durability. These micro-tools are a great choice for fine detailing and can be used to accomplish precise textures and lines for creating hair, fur, eyes, mouth, and more. Based on the model, these tools feature ash handles that provide performance grip, reducing hand fatigue.


Flexcut Profile Scrapers Series: Comprises of impeccably designed scrapers, commonly used for carvings and smoothening uneven surfaces. The Flexcut Profile Series scrapers are great for finishing applications and help in efficiently removing an unevenness or roughness.


Flexcut Radius Hook Knife Series: Most of these spear point hook knives sports a cherry wood handle that provides a comfortable grip, serving as a great companion for spoon carvers. The series consists of small radius hook knives and variable radius knives with sharp spear-point blades that get into tight spaces, making it easier to carve a vast variety of bowl shapes.


Flexcut Sloyd Series Carvers: These multi-purpose tools are used for a range of tasks such as chip carving, whittling, and making distinctive designs on handicrafts and woodworks. Most of the Flexcut Sloyd Series carvers sports a full tang construction that provides maximum strength. These multi-purpose carvers come in a leather sheath for protection against general wear and safe carry.


Flexcut Whittler Series Wood Carvers: Consists of a vast variety of flexible knives featuring edge-holding steel blades that excel in woodcutting tasks. Most of these easy-grip wooden handles provide a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue that makes them a fantastic choice among beginners, professionals, and hobbyists.


Warranted Against Defects

Flexcut Carving Tools believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Flexcut Carving Tools products are not intended to be used as pry bars or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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