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Denix is counted among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of weapon replicas. The company has been designing replicas of pistols, rifles, cannons, swords, gun holders, badges, and a lot more, since 1967. Denix Replicas are made in Ciutadella De Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). The brand strives to bring forth remarkably identical replicas of weapons that comply with European regulations, allowing users to obtain safe, non-functional replicas of their favorite historical weapons. Denix holds a strong customer base across the globe and is currently operational in more than 40 countries. The brand collects historical weapons to create exact replicas which are thereafter sold through a network of official distributors.


A Team That Focuses On Intricate Historic Details

Denix is a magnificent collector of historical weapons, with a vast product line, from which one can discover the stories and characters behind each replica. Denix catalog includes swords, whips, revolvers, letter openers, and other historical weapons.

Denix has a web catalog of more than 300 replicas, inspired by the weapons used in different historical phases such as - The Renaissance, The French Revolution, The discovery of America, The conquest of the American West, The American Civil War, The First and Second World Wars. The brand offers a range of rifles, revolvers, antique guns, letter openers, grenades, and a lot more.


Get Doubts about Denix Replicas? We Resolve Them For You…

Denix specializes in creating identical replicas of historical weapons, intended for collection and decorative purposes only. The replica guns, pistols, revolvers, and other firearms are not made to fire and cannot be altered for firing. Some of the components of the pistols might look functional, such as stimulated barrels, removable magazines, brass receivers, rotating drums, functional locks, but cannot be made to fire real rounds or attain a cutting edge. One of the best ways to shop for Denix Replicas is through its product categories and series, this way, users can find weapons dedicated to a particular era or historical phrase with ease. Some of the most popular Denix replicas models include – Denix Replicas .357 Magnum Series, Denix Replicas 1873 Frontier Pistol Series, Denix Replicas Revolver Series, and Denix Replicas Flintlock Series. 


These realistic imitation firearms are legal in most of the states and don't require any licensing until otherwise stated by the local laws. Each Denix replica is made with different materials to intricately mimic the details and attributes. However, some of the most common materials used in the manufacturing of Denix replicas are wood, metal, alloys, antique brass finish, nickel silver finish, and more.


Product Categories That Reminds Of History


Denix Replicas Axes: The category consists of replica axes that were highly popular among medieval warriors. These battle axes feature long wooden handles with steel axe heads. From revolutionary war tomahawks to battle axe hatchets and peace pipe replicas with a ceramic bowl, you can find all this and more in the collection.


Denix Replicas Fixed Blade Knives: Comprises of fixed blade knives, featuring carbon steel clip point bowie blade, wood handle, brass guard, and pommel. A majority of the Denix Replicas bowie knives come with leather sheaths featuring brass fittings that assist in worry-free carry.


Denix Grenade Replicas: The category comprises a range of grenade replicas such as Pineapple Grenade Replica and more. It features a non-functional grenade with a ring, spoon assembly, and head.


Denix Replicas Collectible Posters: Comprises of a series of Old West Collectible Posters, printed on antiqued parchment paper. Carrying a fine finish and touch of traditional western style, these posters are a great choice for any collector and connoisseur. The Denix Replicas collectible posters come securely rolled in a plastic sleeve.


Denix Replicas Badges: This category consists of a vast selection of popular badges such as 112N Eagle Marshal badge, 109 US Deputy Marshal badge, 22101 Sheriff badge, 103 US Marshal Replica badge, 5101 Gold Sheriff badge, wooden display box for badges, set of badges with plaque and more.


Denix Replicas 18th Century Flintlock: The category covers a diverse range of authentic non-firing flintlock replicas, intended for display, decoration, and collection only. It includes a 1077G 18th century flintlock pistol, 1103L pirate flintlock, and 5300 flintlock replica. Some of the pistols feature simulated mechanisms of loading and firing and come equipped with silver accents for a truly authentic look.


Denix Replicas Gun Holster: The series comprises a range of gun holsters that were often used by sheriffs, hunters, and pirates to hold their firearms or revolvers. These holsters features tooled Spanish leather featuring leg-tie and shell loops that grants them a truly authentic look. These holsters were designed to fit any army revolver series pistols.


Denix Replicas Holsters: Explore the vast collection of lion sword/gun holders, single right draw holster, leather sword belt, double draw holster, union civil war pistol holster, leather cartridge belt, and various other products from that era.


Denix Replicas Thompson M1928: Comprise of an assortment of Thompson firearm replicas featuring metal barrel and trigger. These imitated guns feature removable magazines, stimulated mechanisms for firing and loading wood stocks, and metal attachments.


Denix Swords & Hangers: The category features a variety of gun/sword hangers, gladiator sword replicas, masonic ceremonial sword replicas, wood stands, gun hangers with fleur de lis, wooden display box, bullet gun sword hangers, and more. All these are intended for display or decoration purposes only. These holder replicas can be mounted on the wall to display the sword and guns, providing a safe mounting stand for high-grade replicas.


Denix Replicas Mini Cannon: It includes 422 miniature desk canon featuring a cast metal and brass construction. These mini civil war canons are a fantastic choice for display and decoration. The category also includes an antique brass finish cannon barrel mounted on a wood plaque, the display model of Louis XIV Cannon.


Denix Pistol Replicas: Consists of carefully designed pistol replicas that were prevalent in the olden times.  The category includes a selection of Thompson M1928 replica in a black finish, 18th-century pirate flintlock replica, 1238 Russian flintlock pistol, 808 pistol display stand, Italian Percussion pistol, and various other non-firing pistol replicas.


Denix Rifle Replicas: The category caters to all the rifle enthusiasts, collectors, and real-life users, who take pride in owning replicas. It includes an intricately designed 1105 US WWII assault rifle replica, Kentucky long rifle replica, 1873 western rifle replica, 54 rifle bullet replica, 1036 French rifle replica, and more.


Denix Replicas .357 Magnum Series: The series consists of the .357 caliber Python revolver and various other guns. These replicas are designed with a keen eye for detail, replicating all the intricate details and authentic weight and size of the original gun. Made in Spain, these guns are not made to fire, and can be owned by anyone.


Denix Replicas .45 Government M1911 Series: The series covers a realistic-looking, non-firing replica of the .45 caliber pistol and various other models. The M1911 pistol replicas are made using die-cast metal and come packed in a sturdy storage case with carrying handles.


Denix Replicas 1873 Frontier Pistol Series: The series comprises non-functional replicas of various popular Frontier pistols such as the 1873 peacemaker revolver, western frontier pistol, 1873 lever-action replica, 1107G 1873 peacemaker revolver, and more. A majority of these pistols have rotating drum mechanisms and are made with plastic, metal, and faux ivory.


Denix Replicas 1911 Pistol Series: Explore the large range of 9316 M-1911 pistol replicas, 1312 automatic pistol replica, automatic .45 pistol, and more. A majority of these non-firing 1911 pistol replicas feature a simulated mechanism for firing and loading, detachable barrel, functional safety buttons, and removable magazine.


Denix Replicas 19th Century Series: Combing exemplary workmanship with superior quality materials, these pistol replicas would make a perfect display accent. These 19th-century pistol replica models boast a high resemblance with the original models and have been made in sync with the actual weight and size of the original weapons. The faux ivory grips, automatic broom handles, antique finish trim and barrels, grooved grips, are some of the accents that lend them a truly authentic look.


Denix Replicas 45 Peacemaker Series: This series comprises authentic revolver replicas, intended for collection and display. The replica firearms have been carefully created to imitate the original models. A majority of these flaunts an antique or nickel-plated finish and wooden handles. Other products in the series include .45 caliber bullets, .45 revolver bullets in brass or silver finish, and metal construction.


Denix Replicas 9mm Series: Discover the range of non-firing Beretta 9mm Pistol replicas, featuring metal construction and plastic grips. A majority of these pistols feature a stimulated firing mechanism. The series also includes 9mm bullet replicas featuring brass finish and metal construction.  


Denix Replicas AK-47 Series: The series focuses on replicas of the AK-47 firearm and its accessories. It comprises authentic 1086 Russian AK-47 replica, AK-47 bullet replica, and AK-47 magazine clip replicas. No designed for real ammunition, the firearm replica features wood stock with black finish fittings and trim.


Denix Replicas Baby Philadelphia Series: Explore the collection of 1018G Baby Philadelphia Derringer firearms. These authentic, non-functional guns feature wood stock with nickel silver barrels, fittings, and trim. Intended for decoration purposes only, the single-shot derringer features a working percussion firing mechanism. The original firearm was used by John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Lincoln in the year 1865, which makes it a popular choice among collectors.


Denix Replicas Billy The Kid Series: The series consists of Billy The Kid boxed set featuring hidden hinges and walnut finish. Intended only for display and decoration, these wooden boxes are truly a collector’s delight.


Denix Replicas Bullwhip Series: The series covers a massive range of split hide bullwhip, top-grain bullwhip, and more. Designed with a keen eye for detail, these bullwhips are made using imitation leather, Spanish leather, and top grain tan leather. These single-tailed braided whips feature hanger straps that assist in a fuss-free display or wall mounting.


Denix Replicas Buntline Special.45: This category comprises Buntline Special .45 firearm replicas, available in antique metal finish or nickel-silver finish. These handguns are available in traditional wood grip, faux ivory grip, and different barrel lengths.


Denix Replicas Civil War Series: Comprises of detailed replicas of firearms, canons, buckles, pistol holsters, war limber, revolver, sabre letter opener, and other equipment that as a user during the civil war. The Civil War replicas are available in wood, metal, carbon steel, brass, leather, and alloy construction.


Denix Replicas Coach Series: The series covers double-barrel coach shotguns. Boasting a time-worn, realistic look, these firearm replicas would make a perfect addition to any collector’s kit. These shotguns feature antique finish steel barrel and hardwood stock and would break open for loading, just like the original one.


Denix Replicas Dueling Pistols Series: It covers a range of Italian and British dueling pistols, featuring an identical weight and size to the original ones. The British dueling flintlocks feature a simulated brass barrel, full-length wood stock, trigger guard, and an embossed butt plate. The 1013 Italian dueling pistol features a wood handle and pewter finish barrel.


Denix Replicas Flintlock Series: This series focuses on Russian flintlock pistol, French flintlock pistol, 1309 revolving 3 barrel flintlock, 1063 Napolean flintlock pistol, 237L ladies flintlock replica, and more. These non-firing revolvers are available in an antique finish to mimic the original ones.

Denix Replicas French Series: Consist of French Rifle featuring bayonet. These non-firing replicas with metal mechanism come equipped with wood stock with brass accents and the unsharpened bayonet which doesn’t lock in place.


Denix Replicas German Series: The series covers German battle axes and German military daggers. The axe replicas feature cast metal unsharpened axe heads with nickel silver finish accents and wood handles. The dagger replicas feature a silver metal scabbard, mirror finish unsharpened metal alloy blade, antique finish alloy handle with a white imitation pearl inlay.


Denix Replicas Letter Opener Series: Check out the large selection of letter openers and letter opener stands. The series comprises of 3066 crusader sword, sword napoleon, pirate cutlass, mini sword letter opener stand, 3045 fantasy sword letter opener, 3099 letter opener stand, and a lot more.


Denix Replicas Lewis & Clark Series: The series explores the range of cavalry pistol replicas, featuring wood stock, brass trim, antique finish barrel, and hammer.  


Denix Replicas Luger Series: The series consists of a 1145L Lugar artillery model, 1144L parabellum luger replica, and 59 luger bullet replicas. These non-firing firearm replicas feature metal construction, wood grips, removable magazine, stimulated mechanism of loading and firing. The replica bullets boats a brass finish metal construction that lends them an authentic look.


Denix Replicas M1 Carbine Series: The series focuses on M1 Carabines and their accessories. Choose from the range of M1851 navy revolver replicas, M1A1 Carabine paratrooper, rifle bullet replica, and M1 Garand bullet replicas. The rifle bullet replicas will not fire but boast a brass finish metal construction that gives them a realistic look.


Denix Replicas Old West Series: Made using top-quality metals, alloys, and wood, the Old West Series by Denix contains an assortment of jailer’s keys, handcuffs, and rifles. The Old West lever action is a revolutionary firearm that has been featured in various western movies. It was used during the Civil War and the American Frontier.


Denix Replicas Pirate Series: The series comprises of range weapons, which were used by famous pirates. It comprises of 1094G pirate boarding blunderbuss, 18th-century pirate flintlock, 4198 Redbeard pirate sword replica, and 9127 French pirate cutlass. Intended for display and collection, these rifles and swords boast identical sizes and weights. Many of these classic pirate collectibles feature a wood stock decorated with skull and crossbones with steel finish barrel.


Denix Replicas Python .357 Revolver Series: The series comprises of 1062 python revolver .357 magnum, 6304 python revolver, 1051 python revolver, and other .357 magnum firearms models. A majority of these non-firing replicas feature metal barrels and rotating drums, plastic grips, stimulated mechanism for firing and loading.


Denix Replicas Revolver Series: These non-functional, imitation weapons are made using metal, alloys, plastic, and wood. Featuring historically accurate details, these non-firing weapons look like just the original. A majority of these rifles have rotating drum mechanisms and mechanically functional locks.


Denix Replicas Riflemen Series: The series features 1069JW Riflemen Carbine replicas featuring metal barrels, wood stock with brass accents, stimulated firing, and a loading mechanism.


Denix Replicas Russian Series: This series of replicas feature 1086 Russian AK-47, 1238 Russian Flintlock pistol, and 1112 Russian WWII Makarav pistols. Based on the model, these Russian firearm models feature engraved simulated brass receiver, ivory grip, eagle handle, removable magazine clips, and wooden stock with finish fittings. 


Denix Replicas Sub-Machine Gun Series: The series covers a diverse range of 1029 Thompson replicas, 1313 M3 sub-machine grease gun replicas, German WWII submachine gun replicas, and various other firearm models, intended for collection and display. Based on the model, these replicas are made using high-grade zinc, metals, wood, or plastic handles which gives them a more realistic appearance. Most of the sub-machine guns feature folding stock and removable magazines.


Denix Replicas Walther Series: Explore the range of automatic pistol replicas and 31 Walther PPK pistol replicas. These non-firing pistol models feature a nickel finish metal body, black plastic grips, and removable magazine.


Warranted Against Defects

Denix Replicas believes in providing the best quality products to customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the products in case of normal wear and misuse. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Denix Replicas will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. This is to be noted that Denix Replicas products are intended to be used only as decoration, display, or collection.


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