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Denix Replicas has been manufacturing the replicas of weapons since 1967 in Ciutadella De Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). DENIX manufactures small moments of history, by producing the replica of those weapons which contributed to various phases of history. Denix Replica lead the manufacture of high-quality replica weapons complying with European regulations to obtain reliable and safe replicas of historical weapons. DENIX is a strong exporting company that works in more than 40 countries together with a strong network of official distributors. Denix is a collector of historical weapons with more than 300 products.


A Team That Focuses On Intricate Historic Details

Denix Replicas manufactures an exact copy of firearms, modern or antique guns, swords, knives, letter openers, miniatures and many more that were part of the world history ranging from weapons used during different historical phases such as the Renaissance, the French Revolution, discovery of America and the rifles and revolvers that led to American and World Wars.


A Range Of Products That Reminds Of History

Denix is a magnificent collector and a hoarder of historical weapons, having a web catalog with more than 300 products, from which one can discover the stories and characters behind each replica. Denix catalog includes swords, whips, revolver, knives, letter openers, and other historical weapons. They also have a series of a wide variety of replicas of Machine Gun, Mini Canon, Pistol Replicas, Replicas Axes, Civil War series, etc.

A Huge Inventory of Replicas of Axes, Guns, Pistols, Revolvers

Denix Replicas Axes: This series includes some of the famous battle axes that were prevalent in history. These battle axes involve functionality in their designs having a sharp cutting edge, a wooden handle with an extended peace pipe. From tomahawk battle axes to those with ornate handles, from bearded battle hatchets to those with handles of varying girth.

Denix Replicas Fixed Blade Knives: These fixed blades, also known as sheath knives are stronger than other knives as they have tang which extends the blade inside the handle for a robust design. A Bowie knife is a fixed blade featuring a cross guard and clip point. These Bowie knives have a wooden handle with a brass guard and come with a protective leather sheath.


Denix Grenade Replicas: Complete replica includes head, ring and spool assembly. It is safe and non-functional. These Grenade Replicas come in bulk packaging.


Denix Pistol Replicas: Denix reproduces replica pistols, made in wood and metal, with simulating the mechanism of loading and firing. These are intricately made non-firing pistol replicas. The locks on the replica firearms are mechanically functional but are completely safe and harmless.


Denix Replicas .357 Magnum Series: These revolvers are famous for smooth stroke and solidly built. These series have high polish nickel finish barrel with composition handles. Comes with authentic size and weight having a functional lock mechanism.

Denix Replicas .45 Government M1911 Series: These pistols are made of metal with plastic grip. They have black finish zinc die-cast-metal construction which adds durability and makes them appear authentic.

Denix Replicas 1873 Frontier Pistol Series: These weapons are made using metal, plastic and faux ivory. These pistol series have rotating drum mechanism and simulated firing.

Denix Replicas 19th Century Series: Ensuring workmanship at par with the best in the world, each of these pistols is designed in sync with the actual size/weight of the original. Care has been taken to sustain the antique finish in each replica of the 19th-century pistols. Other inclusions are crossbones embellishment and incorporating a steel barrel with the skull.


Denix Replicas 45 Peacemaker Series: These revolvers are designed with mechanical cylindrical barrel to hold or rotate bullets to fire them one after another. These copies of edged weapons have mechanically functional locks and wooden grip. These appear authentic because of the grey gunmetal finish.

Denix Replicas Axes & Hatchets: Denix offers an impressive range of replica axes that appear conventional as well as durable. These series complement a massive range of swords and other historical weaponry.

Denix Replicas Baby Philadelphia Series These mini pistols were used by women as they were small in size and light in weight which could be carried easily in their purse as a stocking gun. The original design of these guns held a single round of fire and needs to be reloaded again.


Denix Replicas Billy The Kid Series: Billy The Kid Boxed Set with Walnut Finish and Hidden Hinges. It comes with a hand-made wood box with walnut finish and hidden hinges. These replicas are intended for collection, display, and decoration only. 

Denix Replicas Brown Bess Series: Brown Bess Musket Replica is featured with Antique Nickel Silver Finish and barrel. These have wood stock with brass fittings. Comes with 20 1/4" overall bayonet.


Denix Replicas Bull Whips: Bullwhips are single-tailed braided whips that are used to control livestock. These are flexible, braided and tapered which create small sonic boom when thrown accurately. These braided leather whips also have a hanger strap that could be hung over a nail or hook. The cord of these whips can be replaced when worn out.

Denix Replicas Buntline Special .45:  Featured with traditional wood grip and lock, these handguns are available in different barrel lengths. The focus has been given to sustain the antique finish. 

Denix Replicas Civil War Series: Replicas of these Civil War Series are made up of high-grade wood, metal, carbon steel, brass, leather, and alloys. Replicas of revolvers, rifles, knives, belt buckles, badges, canons, leather articles, and carbines come under this series. Some of these are designed with scroll and sailing ship artwork and some feature antique brass finish frame and cylinder engraved on the body.

Denix Replicas Coach Series: Double Barrel Coach Shotgun comes with an antique black finish steel barrel. Realistic, time-worn look and working parts just like the original. Made up of hardwood stock. One can thumb the top locking lever to the side and the gun breaks open like the original would for loading.

Denix Replicas Collectible Posters: Denix has a series of Old West Collectible Posters with a great touch of traditional western style. Printed on antiqued parchment paper and with a fine finish, these posters are securely rolled in a plastic sleeve.

Denix Replicas Confederate Series: Made with high-quality metal, wood and alloy material, these replicas are made with accurate details. There is a diverse range of Confederate weapons in this series.

Denix Replicas Deer Hangers: Denix Replicas Deer Head Hanger Brass comes with metal construction. Made with antique brass finish and is constructed through metal, these are great decorative pieces with aesthetic vibes.

Denix Replicas Dueling Pistols Series: Made of metal and wood with simulated loading and firing mechanism these are single-shot black powder pistols. These dueling pistols feature a wood stock and an engraved lock and butt cap. They come in identical sizes and weight.

Denix Replicas Flintlock Series: The Flintlock is a series of ignition firearms. These non-firing pistols, rifles, and revolvers are made of wood, metal, and alloys with fine prints. They are embossed with a blunderbuss and have a trigger guard.

Denix Replicas Gun Holster: Made with stiff and strong materials, Replica Holster appears authentic and attractive. One can find multiple options under these series. These guns are complemented with shell loops and designed like leg-tie to fit army revolver series pistols.

Denix Replicas Lewis & Clark Series: Lewis & Clark Napoleonic are featured with Antique Gray finish barrel and hammer. These are Cavalry Pistol Replicas made with brass trim.

Denix Replicas Mini Cannon: These Miniature Desk Cannon are built with brass construction and cast metal.

Denix Replicas Old West Series: Made from high-quality metals, alloys, and wood, these imitating weapons series by Denix contains an assortment of large padlocks, jailer’s keys, handcuffs, leg cuffs, posters, rifles. 

Denix Replicas Pirate Series: This series includes replicas of weapons used by famous pirates. Many of these classic pirate collectibles feature a wood stock decorated with skull and crossbones with steel finish barrel. There is a huge collection of pirate style swords under this series.


Denix Replicas Revolver Series: The imitation weapons are made with metal, alloys, plastic, and wood with a traditional rotating drum mechanism. Denix revolver series have handguns, bullets, and holsters under their range.

Denix Replicas Riflemen Series: The Riflemen Carbine Replica comes with Blued Finish Barrel. They are wood stock and forearm with blued trim.


Denix Replicas Russian Series: With an octagonal-to-round blue barrel, the Russian Series of replicas feature engraved stimulated brass receiver, ivory grip, and eagle handle. These are complemented with removable magazine clips and feature a wooden stock with finish fittings. 

Denix Replicas Sub-Machine Gun Series: These replicas are made with high-grade zinc, metals, wood or plastic handles which gives them a more realistic appearance. Featured with pistol foregrip, the Sub-Machine Gun Series comes with folding stock and removable magazines.

Denix Replicas Thompson M1928: Military Submachine guns are imitated by Thompson M1928 Series. The imitated sub-machine guns are featured with wood stock, black finish metal trigger, and barrel.


Denix Rifle Replicas: The locks on the Rifle replica firearms are mechanically functional but are completely safe and non-fire able, requiring no federal license to buy, sell or possess them. They have a removable magazine clip and moveable trigger and bolt.

Denix Sword Hangers: A huge range of sword and gun holders come under this category of Hanger Series. These holders can be mounted on the wall to display the sword and guns. The gun hangers provide a safe mounting of high-grade replicas.

Denix Replicas Warranty

Every Denix Replicas product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Denix Replicas will repair or replace with a new item any Denix Replicas product that is defective. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Denix Replicas will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

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