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Denix Replicas Bullwhip Series by Denix Replicas

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Denix Replica Bullwhip Series consists of a selection of strong and durable whips produced from the finest materials. Bullwhips are traditional pastoral tools used to control livestock while working with them or in a competition. These bullwhips are still used in some parts. The Denix Bullwhip Series is made in classic style. They are mostly manufactured from top-grain or split hide faux leather. Denix 003 Large Top Grain Bullwhip, and 005 Split Hide Bullwhip Black are its top-selling bullwhips. Their braided construction gives it strength and high wear resistance. These bullwhips are produced by expert craftsmen in Spain. The bullwhips feature a hanging strap for safekeeping and comfortably fit in the hand for better grip. It is commonly used as a dress prop in medieval theme plays. It is a good buy as a piece of decor accessory and adds a countryside charm to the interior setting.

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