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A Lighter is a remarkable survival tool—very easy to carry, seldom thought about seriously, and without an expiration date. There are many lighter brands but few have been able to make an impression like Zippo. These lighters have a global following, used for every need, from lighting up a cigar to merely making a fashion statement. Yes, as weird as it may sound, some people carry Zippo lighters just for the cause of adorning some seriously stylish fashion accessory!

Why Zippo Lighters?

Zippo Butane Lighters are very durable, seldom reported for any type of malfunction. To ensure you have sufficient information about this niche of premium lighters, we would like to present some interesting facts:

  • Zippo Lighters ignite using the slightest spark. Even if you are near the depletion point of fuel or wick, the smallest cotton stuffing can do the job of tinder. Essentially, you get the assurance of lighting up no matter how challenging the circumstances are—something no other lighter brand can promise.

  • Zippo Lighters use a smartly designed wick that you can adjust to varying heights, ensuring you use minimal amount of fuel.

  • Zippo Lighters are very easy to operate with a thumb. A small, lightweight lighter, a Zippo doesn’t need too much space in your pocket.

  • Zippo Lighters burn the last drop of fuel without melting the plastic or creating the risk of an explosion.


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To ensure our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Lighters at the most affordable prices. Apart from Zippo, we deal in premium lighter brands like Pro tech and Case.

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