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Starting a fire is one of the most important activities to survive outdoors. As easy it seems, starting fire in a camping, survival or other extreme environments could prove to be a challenging task without the proper tools. It is where Exotac Fire Starters come to play. The company is born out of the combination of technology and creativity. Based in Buford, Georgia, the brand was started by a Purdue Engineering graduate who had a passion for all things man and nature.


The Survival Fire starters by the brand are some of the most user-friendly fire starters available in the game. They help manage through some of the most critical situations. They offer the much-needed warmth in the cold conditions, offer sight in the dark woods and help filter the water. It is for this reason Exotac Fire Starters are popular among the outdoor enthusiasts.


A Deeper Glance into Exotac Fire Starters


Exotac Fire Starters is a privately-held, family-owned business that started with a vision to design extraordinary, high-quality, and unique outdoor and urban gear. The company started producing some of the most innovative fire starters and cases without compromising on the quality. The products are not mass produced, but in small quantities which allows the scope for improvement.


Following is the list of fire starters offered by Exotac Fire Starters:

  • nanoStriker
  • nanoStriker XL Titanium
  • polyStriker
  • polyStriker XL Titanium
  • fireRod
  • Matchcap
  • CandleTIN
  • TinderTIN


These fire starters play a significant role in helping manage survival outdoors. These started are commonly used by hikers, campers, trekkers, and outdoorsmen. The lighters offer great number of strikes and last long. They are constructed using some of the most durable and the strongest materials that are resistant to abrasion and are waterproof. The Georgia-based manufacturing firm stands apart from the contemporaries for its unique lighter designing ideas and techniques.


Diving Deeper into the Product Series Offered by Exotac Fire Starters


Exotac Fire Starters candleTIN Series: The series offers a variety of natural wax candles. The Candle Tin features three wicks in each candle that burn with two different wick burn rates and two sizes. The high burn candle can be used to dry out tinder, boil water, or warm an emergency blanket. On the other hand, the slow burn candle, also known as heat survival candle, this candle is durable and reusable with a screw lid. The candle is used for cooking, warmth, light and dry out tinder.  


Exotac Fire Starters fireROD Series: The series includes a plethora of fire starting tools that can be carried in a knife sheath Ferro loop. The series includes ferrocerium rods that help the outdoorsmen to start the fire instantly. The fire rods are replaceable and resistant to any kind of wear and tear. Lightweight and simple in design, these fire starting gears have storage for tinder or water purification tablet. The fire-starting rod can work up to 10,000 fire-starting strikes.


Exotac Fire Starters Firesleeve Lighter: The series offers waterproof lighter cases. The cases protect the fire starters when submerged in water, enabling it to function well. The case is designed to protect the gas button to be pressed accidentally. The lighter cases ensure that the lighters perform exceptionally even in the harshest conditions.    


Exotac Fire Starters MATCHCAP Series: The series includes indestructible and waterproof match cases for storing matches, red phosphorous striker, and other fire-starting materials. The products are an innovative solution for packing separate match strikers. The MATCHCAP can carry all sizes of matches from standard strike-on-the-box to NATO lifeboat matches and stormproof matches as well.


Exotac Fire Starters nanoSTRIKER Series: The series includes plethora of fire starting gears that are ultra-small in size and are self-contained. They feature unique all-in-one design that allows putting all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package. The Nano fire strikers are made using lightweight anodized that adds to the durability and strength. The striker gives 3000 fire-striking per rod.


Exotac Fire Starters PolySTRIKER Series: The series includes a variety snap-in striking tools. The strikers of this category feature an innovative design that enables them to snap into handle. They are made from recyclable ABS plastic that provides strength and durability. The ferrocerium rod is 3/16 in. in length and works well even when it is wet. The tools and striking handles are connected with lanyard to ensure both parts are always present.


Exotac Fire Starters tinderTin Series: The tinderTin Series offers a variety of fatwood shavings that are known for their resin content. The lighter strikes quickly, burns hot, and is resistant to wind and moisture. The lighters feature waterproof survival tin that deliver superior performance in emergency situation. These Tinder tins are reliable assisting tools for the campers and hikers traveling through forests or dark woods.


Exotac Fire Starters Tinder zip Series: The Tinder Zip Series includes tinder zipper pulls that play a crucial role in emergency situation. The zipper pull has a lightly inflammable core that is easy to ignite. The zipper offers about 60 burns per zipper pull. Waterproof, it can ignite fire in any environment and is vital tool for campers, hikers, and adventure enthusiasts.


Exotac Fire Starter products are free from any manufacturing defects. The owner warranties against the products it offers. However, in case of a manufacturing defect, the product is open to repair or replacement with a new one. But the warranty policy stands nullified in case the fire starters are misused or become worn out. In case of misuse, the manufacturer will charge reasonable fees to repair the product.


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