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Lockback Folding Pocket Knives

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Lockback knives aren't just popular, they're the definitive design for EDC blades. They're what most of us think of when we think of traditional pocket knives, and humanity has been relying on them for over five centuries. The lockback pocketknife is so important, in fact, that we think no one should ever leave the house without one. And that's why we've put together one of the best collections of lockback knives ever assembled. Whether you're new to knives or a seasoned collector, if you just "need a knife," then this is the collection for you.

A classic lockback knife operates using a spine mechanism on a backspring that snaps into the blade's heel when opened, preventing the blade from accidentally closing while in use. Unlike linerlock knives, where the release mechanism is part of the handle's lining, the release button of a lockback knife is usually towards the back of the handle.

A tradition of strength and safety.

While they aren't as quick to deploy as assisted opening knives and aren't "always on" like fixed blade knives, lock blade styles are the workhorses of the knife world. No other tool perfectly balances portability, convenience, and strength, and no other tool is better to have on hand in a pinch.

While the locking pocketknife has been in use for generations, the lock blades at Knife Country USA are anything but old-fashioned. While we proudly offer loving homages to traditional blades (that also happen to be virtually unstoppable), we also offer some of the most innovative bladelock knives on the market today. Tradition and quality always work together in this collection.

The lockback knife brands you can depend on.

At Knife Country USA, we don't invest in thrills, we invest in quality. We partner with the most elite brands in the industry because nothing you depend on as much as a knife should ever be left up to chance. Here you'll find all-time bestsellers from top brands like Puma Knives, Case Knives, Buck Knives, Spyderco Knives, and many, many more. If you're gearing up for your next adventure, then you should also check out our extensive collections of survival gear and outdoor equipment.


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What brands are manufacturing lockback Folding Pocket Knives?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top ten brands that are manufacturing lockback Folding pocket knives currently.


  1.  Al Mar Lockback Pocket Knives
  2. Bear & Son Lockback Pocket Knives
  3. Boker Lockback Pocket Knives
  4. Buck Lockback Pocket knives
  5. Case XX Lockback Pocket Knives
  6. Cold Steel Lockback Pocket Knives
  7. Elk Ridge Lockback Pocket Knives
  8. Frost Cutlery Lockback Pocket Knives
  9. Joker Lockback Pocket Knives
  10. Outdoor Edge Lockback Pocket Knives

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