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Baladéo Knives


Baladeo has been manufacturing hiking and camping accessories since 1995. The in-house designers make sure each product looks exclusive and is of exceptional quality. The Baladeo trademark belongs to Coriolis of Bagnolet, France. Coriolis is also known for their Deejo Knives brand. Baladeo knives and tools have proven to be reliable companions for every adventure enthusiast. Crafted with resilience considering both craftsmanship and environment, the Baladeo brand is a prime choice all over the world. Some of the Baladeo Knife designs that are appreciated across the globe are diving knives, climbing knives, pocket knives, multi-function knives, and mushroom knives.


The rigorous inspection and quality checks make each of the products that go out of the warehouse to be of premium grade. Baladeo products are thus preferred by the complete community of enthusiasts, backpackers, explorers, globetrotters, and perennial travelers. Tool designers of this knife-manufacturing brand consider functionality, i.e., size, weight, comfort, handling, grip, and aesthetics without compromising the essential elements of their products. The knives are handcrafted with both traditional and modern materials for developing unique, and efficient cutting tools. Their zeal to manufacture a quality product ALL THE TIME forces professionals to pay attention to the manufacturing process from the primary design sketch compilation to the production of the products. With this approach, this brand delivers the finest quality knives even after decades of use.


What Makes Baladeo Knives Different?

The majority of knife models from Baladeo are made in China. Their knives are manufactured or hand-crafted with traditional materials including horn, wood, and high-grade stainless steel. For providing versatile designs modern materials like resins, plastics, and nylon are also used in the construction. The strict quality controls at every production phase make each delivered knife efficient. The super light accessories are fun and practical; hence, you will definitely enjoy them and find them useful in critical situations. At Baladeo, the aim is to create minimalist pieces that are streamlined yet extremely strong and durable to satisfy professional mountaineers or individuals who enjoy challenging adventure tours.


The modern knife steel is one of the most supreme quality materials, but every metal corrodes through time. Hence, joints and springs should be oiled occasionally for easier opening and closing, to prevent rust and lessen wear. If you are using the knife under humid conditions or near the ocean then do wipe the blade frequently with an oil-moistened cloth. If the blade gets wet, then do dry it immediately. Moreover, if the blade comes in contact with salt water then rinse it immediately with tap water, dry it, and apply a light coat of oil. Furthermore, great strength is assured with high-grade stainless steel used in the manufacturing process. The polycarbonate, plastic, or wooden handles allows for a comfortable and secure grip. Each knife leaves the workshop only after qualifying the set quality standards.


Explore Baladeo Knife Categories

Baladeo Fixed Blade Knives: Baladeo Knives brings you a collection of fixed blade knives, which are specially crafted for outdoor applications like camping, fishing, hunting, and trekking. Baladeo fixed blade knives feature a sturdy construction for long-lasting use. You can easily carry fixed blade knives while traveling, you can keep them in your backpack, bag or on your belt. Fixed blade knives are more versatile and can be utilized during combat situations or for performing survival tasks like splitting, cutting, digging, and hammering. Baladeo fixed blade knives are available in multiple designs with a colored rubberized aluminum handle, stainless steel handle, or wood handles, each with different shapes and sizes of blades.


Baladeo Folding Pocket Knives: The folding pocket knives feature stainless blades with a firm grip, comfortable handles. These Pocket Knives are compact and designed for easy carry. Whether you need an everyday tool or a lightweight knife for adventure tours, a Baladeo Folding Pocket Knife does it all. With excellent performance and durability, it has become professional knife users’ favorite. The folding mechanism reduces the chances of accidents that may take place while taking out the knife for use. The modern design of these knives allows for smooth slicing and cutting. Constructed with the finest quality steel with expert craftsmanship make these knives are durable and reliable companions in the hour of need.


Baladeo Keychains: The Keychain series is one of a kind. Designed for adventure activities, the series includes rope tighteners and tent lines. The rope tighteners tighten tension, and secures ropes without tying knots. This reduces the hurdle of tying and untying knots of the ropes. Explore the series for Colonel Keychain Carabiner Key Holder with leather. The keyholder has leather and painted steel tactical snap shackle and omega shackle. They easily work with smaller openings and rest flat in pockets. They are available in size- 6 ¼ in. x 1 ¼ in. x 3/83 in. and for carrying smaller items like keys and attaching to zipper pulls. The key chains are perfect for attaching to a belt loop or a backpack to carry larger items. These carabiners make activities like trekking, camping, and fishing easy. Explore the series for keychains with black and brown leather.

Baladeo Multi-Tools: Baladeo Multi-Tool Series includes an assortment of tools, offering a 7-function Multitool, 9-function Multitool, 12-function Multitool, 18-function Multitool, 21-function Multitool, and 22-function Multitool. The tools in this series include bottle openers, punches, small blades, flat screwdrivers, can openers, saws, cutting pliers, knife blades, universal pliers, scissors, and wire cutters. Some of the multi-tools also feature a hole for a lanyard while others may feature a keyhole for attaching a Keyring. Baladeo Multi-Tool knives are counted as a must-have outdoor accessory for mechanics, travelers, hikers, and campers. All the tools from this series come through in a practical pinch and are available for trouble-shooting. These multifunctional tools find their place in any situation like in a glove compartment, on a belt, in a drawer, or under a cycle saddle.



Baladeo Scissors: The Baladéo Scissors series includes a collection of high-performing tactical weapons that are designed with precision to assist users engaged in adventure activities including hunting, camping, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, and more. The multi-tool scissors have stainless steel blades that make them corrosion-resistant. The sturdy material is durable which makes it a preferable choice for most tactical users. The multipurpose scissors have rubber handles that ensure a non-slip and secure grip. The scissors feature a manual opening mechanism that prevents accidental injuries. These tactical tools are lightweight and easy to carry while traveling for outdoor adventure activities. These scissors can be accommodated in travel bags, sling bags, or even carried in a pocket. The scissors have sharp edges that can cut through tough materials like fabrics and can be used as a protective weapon in uncertain situations. The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionalities makes these tactical tools the perfect choice to gift to real-life users, collectors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.


Different Knife Series by Baladéo

Baladeo Barrow Knife Series:  Baladeo Knives Barrow Series offers an assortment of multi-functional knives that feature sturdy construction and compact size. All knives under this series are ergonomically designed with handles, offering a comfortable grip. From “multi-functional tools” to “7-functions tools” and uniquely designed knives to “12-functions tools,” this series offers a wide range of outdoor lifestyle products. These tools include a bottle opener, punch, small blade, flat screwdriver, can opener, saw, cutting pliers, knife blade, universal pliers, scissors, and wire cutter.


Baladeo Basecamp Knife Series: Baladeo Knives Basecamp Cutlery Set Series features a collection of cutlery sets that includes fork, knives, and spoons, which are specially crafted to be carried while traveling, camping, hiking, or fishing. Basecamp Cutlery Set Series is different from the regular cutlery sets because of its unique features, the spoons and forks in this set are designed with inbuilt “can opener” and “bottle opener.” Serrated knives in this series can be utilized for performing multiple tasks like cutting, splitting, and peeling during emergencies. The knives in this series are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and come with a pouch for carrying purposes.


Baladeo Birdy Knife Series: Birdy series knives are known for their simplicity and great functionality. The ultra-lightweight folding knives conveniently fit inside a bag or pocket, or snugly in your hand. Made with high-grade stainless steel for strength and durability. These folding knives are available in a variety of colors like red, blue, and black. The excellent plastic handles help in the identification of specific knives and prevent cross-contamination. Usage of 2Cr13 stainless steel blade featuring a satin finish enhances the functionality of the Baladeo Birdy Knives. The keyring with the knife makes it super easy to carry and pass on further.


Baladeo Colonel Keychain Carabiner Key Holder Series: The keyholders by Baladeo feature leather and painted steel tactical snap shackle and omega shackle. These are available in black and brown leather options. Usage of professional-grade materials in crafting the keychains extends their lifespan. Moreover, the Colonel Keychain Carabiners are reliable companions for travel enthusiasts or daily use.


Baladeo Laguiole Knife Series: Baladeo Knives includes an amazing collection of the Laguiole Knife Series that features cutting-edge design and functionality. Laguiole Knives are premium quality traditional Occitan pocket-knives, which originated in France and were first manufactured in a small village of “Laguiole”. Laguiole is a specific shape of traditional knives, Baladeo Knives Laguiole Series is an assortment of pocket knives with an iconic bee engraved on them. Knives from this series feature a compact size that looks beautiful on any table, ergonomic handles with precisely sharp blades make these knives outstanding.


Baladeo Mushroom Knife Series: As the name suggests, Baladeo Mushroom Knives are the go-to tools while picking up mushrooms. The folding knives boast a 420 stainless steel curved blade that is durable and a high-performance delivering tool. While a firm grip during the task is ensured with the zebra wood handle. This collection of traditional knives includes unique knife designs with wild boar brushes. Designed for performance and durability, the knives are available both with and without brushes. The specialized tool is ideal for use in removing dirt, a pair of thorn-removing tweezers that nests in the handle, and a secure nylon sheath for safe carrying.


Baladeo Papagayo Knife Series: Baladeo Knives Papagayo Series features a collection of multiple types of knives, including closed linerlock knives, folder Lockback knives, Serrated Blade Lockback Knives, framework knives, and kids Lockback knives. The knife’s blades in this series are manufactured using premium-grade stainless steel and some feature titanium coating. From knives with wooden handles, TPE plastic handles to stainless steel, each knife is unique and features a compact size. Baladeo Knives Papagayo Series knives can be carried as EDC knives, they can also be used for performing tasks when you are camping, hiking, traveling, or stuck in a tactical situation.


Baladeo Security Knife Series: Designed for emergencies, the Baladeo Security Knife’s carbon fiber style gives it a finished look. Security series knives can perform various functions including window breaker, bottle opener, and belt cutter/rope cutter. The 420 stainless steel half-serrated blades with titanium coating last long. Its excellent design allows for one-hand opening, closing along with a liner lock system. Aluminum, G10, or stainless steel handles are easy to grip and of high strength. The attachment and pocket clip makes it easier to carry without the risk of accidents.


Baladeo Terroir Knife Series: Alliance of robustness and simplicity makes Baladeo Terroir Knives stand out. The traditional pocket knife has a stainless steel blade, which is highly durable and dependable. While the acacia tree wood handle allows the knife to be held conveniently. Baladeo folder opens with a nail nick and utilizes a non-locking slip joint mechanism. The lightweight knives slip joint design stays in place firmly when in use and can house when closed in the attractive handles. Brass pins and liners on knives ensure that the knife continues to perform for several years.


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