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The utility of knives as a tool was surpassed with the role of weapons in the World Wars I and II. This invited the attention of several cutlery brands, among them Mercator Knives. Its most popular model, Mercator K55K, added great relevance in the name of Mercator Knives. Founded by Heinrich Kauffmann, the production of Mercator Knives was on its peak during 1856 to 1995. However, these knives are currently manufactured by Otter-Messer. Mercator Knives  can be identified by their black paint and feature an engraved outline of a cat leaping.


Historical Significance of the Mercator K55K

Once acclaimed as the "weapon of choice among the older teenagers of the South Bronx”, Mercator K55K is often confused with a French Douk-Douk knife. Overtime, knife critics pointed out dissimilarities in the blade geometry for both, except for the folded-metal handle. This lockback emerged out as the most preferred pocketknife by German troops during the World War 2. 


Mercator Fixed Blade Knives: These knives are suitable to be used for digging, cutting, and many more tasks; they are manufactured using stainless steel blades making them rust proof. The strength of these blades and handles is commendable and withstands high compression and pressure. The functionality is superior and provides optimum protection to excessive wear and tear.


Mercator Folding Knives: The folding pocket knives by Mercator knives are manufactured to withstand high compression and distortion. The compact construction is ideal for the tactical as well as everyday situations. These knives can survive even after multiple roughest uses. The perfect finishing of the knives adds to the character while the handle is wide enough to provide a comfortable and secure grip in most of the demanding situations.


Mercator Lockback Pocket Knives: This collection of knives that is meant for the survival and recreational purposes to bring forth exceptional performance. These knives feature carbon steel or stainless blades and the handles come in black metal, copper and brass providing a sturdy grasp.


Mercator Black Cat Knife Series: This extremely popular lockback folding knife is available in stainless steel or carbon steel blades. The handles are black metal with a shackle and black cat logo stamped making them stand out. The Black Cat makes for an ideal EDC.


Mercator Brass Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured with brass handles with “OTTER” stamp and stainless bail with ring. The brass knives are alluring and desired by collectors.


Mercator Copper Knife Series: The Copper knife series consists of Mercator knives with copper handles. The luring color of the handles makes these knives a perfect fit for your collection. The blades are made of stainless steel meaning they are strong and resistant to rust.


Mercator Large Anchor Knife Series: The Large knives in this range feature sapeli wood or Grenadil black wood handles with an Anchor stamp. These knives are great for outdoors and around the house.


Mercator Scraping Tool Series: These tools are desired by artists typically in the wood carving field. The scraping tools feature carbon steel blades and cherry wood or beech wood handles.


Mercator Small Anchor Knife Series: Mercator offers their popular anchor stamped knives in a small version as well as the large catering to the varying demands of the people. The high-quality blades and handles are durable and survivable after excessive wear and tear.



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