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The utility of knives as a tool was surpassed with the role of weapons in World Wars I and II. This invited the attention of several cutlery brands, among them Mercator Knives. Mercator Knives has carved a niche in the international knife market with the provision of high-grade and functional knives that are widely used for everyday or tactical tasks, in most extreme conditions. Amidst the wide range, the most popular model, Mercator K55K, added great relevance in the name of Mercator Knives. Founded by Heinrich Kauffmann, the production of Mercator Knives was at its peak from 1856 to 1995. However, these knives are currently manufactured by Otter-Messer. Mercator Knives can be identified by their black paint and feature an engraved outline of a cat leaping.


Historical Significance of the Mercator Knives

Mercator Knives are functional, robust, and simple designer knives that have managed to successfully offer numerous benefits for more than 100 years. Many of these knives were not designed to be used by the army, but the functionality and usage made these accepted by Emperor William's army as well. These are the traditional German pocket knives boasting slim handles with classic blade shapes that have not been changed for long and prove to be extremely functional in most tactical tasks. The most popular knife, once acclaimed as the "weapon of choice among the older teenagers of the South Bronx”, Mercator K55K is often confused with a French Douk-Douk knife. Over time, knife critics pointed out dissimilarities in the blade geometry for both, except for the folded-metal handle. This Lockback emerged out as the most preferred pocketknife by German troops during World War 2. 


Exploring The Wide Range of Mercator Knives Categories

Mercator Fixed Blade Knives: These are the highly functional and toughest fixed blade knives that are ideally designed to be used for cutting and digging purposes. These are manufactured using premium-grade and durable stainless-steel blades, that are rust-free and withstand high compression, distortion, and repeated strokes as well. With superior functionality, these knives offer excellent protection from everyday scratches and tears.

Mercator Folding Knives: These are the Folding Pocket Knife Series presented by Mercator knives, featuring knives that are designed and manufactured to withstand compression and distortion in most extreme conditions. These knives have compact construction and feature a minimal design with a unique frame lock and Lockback mechanisms. The blades are made with stainless steel blades and thus ideal for tactical and everyday use too. The blades with standard edges offer smooth and effortlessly cutting application in most of the tasks. The handles are made with premium-quality Brass, Sapeli Wood, Black Wood, Copper, and more.

Mercator Lockback Pocket Knives: These are the knives that are ideally designed for survival and recreational purposes and offer optimum performance in most of the toughest situations. These knives with rust-resistance carbon steel or stainless blades feature metal, copper, and brass handles that are wide and offer optimum grip while holding for too long in extreme conditions. The Mercator Lockback Pocket Knives are easy to carry and features a spine lock mechanism, which is at the bottom.


Browse Through The Mercator Knives Series

Mercator Black Cat Knife Series: This series includes the premium range of Lockback folding knife with the carbon steel blade and stainless-steel blade, which adds to the functionality and offers optimum performance. The unique thing is that these knives have the black cat logo stamped, making them different from others. These are the Germany-made everyday carry knives that are easy to close and have de-pressing lever at the back, perfect outdoor-friendly gear used for hunting and fishing.

Mercator Brass Knife Series: This series includes the finest range of brass knives that have the “OTTER” stamp and features the stainless bail with a ring, making it perfect for collectors too. These knives with time-tested design feature quality material and with the option of picking up the frame lock, Lockback, and band folding knives. The blades are made with carbon steel and stainless steel, adding to the performance and makes them perfect for long-lasting use.

Mercator Copper Knife Series: This series includes premium grade and durable knives featuring copper handles with a magnificent and classy color range. These are the lockback and the conventional folding pocket knives with stainless steel blades, that are sturdy enough to survive the extreme pressure and repeated strokes too. The blades are resistant to rust and offer exceptional performance over the years. The unique copper handles add to the functionality and make it much easy to carry as well.

Mercator Large Anchor Knife Series: This series includes premium large anchor knives with quality assured and durable sapeli wood or Grenadil black wood handles featuring an Anchor stamp. These are the knives ideally designed for outdoors and any of the tactical tasks, surviving the test of time. Mercator Large Anchor Knives Series includes the knives that are made to be used by mariners. These knives have straight blades, with unique wooden handles and make cutting the ropes and cables much easier.

Mercator Scraping Tool Series: This series includes the highly functional tools that are specifically used by artists in the wood carving fields. Featuring carbon steel blades, cherry or beech wood handles offering optimum durability and performance. These are easy-to-carry tools with long handles that are wide enough to fit in the palm for easy use. These knives with slim shape have stainless steel blades with fine polish and are sharpened twice, making these perfect for use for graphic applications, wood carving, scraping, and erasing purposes.

Mercator Small Anchor Knife Series: Another addition to the already existing range of knives that includes the small anchor knife series that features Mercator knives premium and mots popular anchor stamped knives and that too in a small version and a large version, catering to the varied requirements of people. These are the knives with high-grade blade materials and have sturdy handle material that offers excellent durability and perfect for use in different survival scenarios, even after roughest and toughest use.


Warranty Information

Each of the products at Mercator Knives is specifically manufactured and designed to be free from any kind of defect in the material or the workmanship. In case if there is any defect is found in any of the products then, the same product will be examined by a professional from the company and Mercator Knives then will repair or replace the same with a new item (only after complete examination and at their option). Some products can not be replaced owing to the limited availability of certain parts, in such situations, Mercator Knives will offer a recently manufactured item that is likely to match the defective piece. Another important aspect, in cases where the product has been found defective against normal wear or excessive misuse, then the product will not be covered under the warranty. The product range by Mercator Knives is not intended to be used as screwdrivers, chisels, pry bars, or hammers. The department can analyze the damage caused and can repair it at a reasonable fee.


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