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Rite Edgeis one of the finest knife brands around. Rite Edge knives are made using premium materials, matchless craftsmanship, and a compact design that fits easily into your pocket. Knife Country USA carries a wide array of Rite Edge knives, from Rite Edge pocket knives to convenient skinning knives and more. When it comes to the purchase of an affordable yet high-quality knife, Knife Country USA is your go-to place.


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From convenient and slender pocket knives to serious skinners for big game hunters, our selection of Rite Edge knives is designed to suit everyone. We offer three different variations of these popular knives to enable you to make a more informed purchase:

  • The Mini Hawkbill Pruner with horn handles is a knife that you can be proud to display in your collection. 3 inches long, this Pruner knife is available with multi-colored wooden handles.
  • When choosing from a selection of Rite Edge pocket knives with bone handles, variations like the Large Texas Toothpick with red bone handle can’t be ignored. This sharp Rite Edge pocket knife is perfect for your collection as well as everyday usage.
  • Rite Edge Knives have always been dear to those who wish to carry multi-blade, foldable pocket knives in their pockets. The sharp two blades can easily fold into the handle, which can be wooden or synthetic. Rite Edge Trapper is one such popular knife to consider.

At Knife Country USA, you can feel confident about our genuine products and reasonable pricing. Our growing league of dedicated shoppers who understand the niche we specialize in are our most important asset. By regularly interacting with our customers, we continually improve our operations for a superior shopping experience.

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