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Schrade Knives is a result of the merger of five forerunner companies, including the Schrade Cutlery Company, founded in 1904 and the Imperial Knife Company, founded in 1916. Schrade Knives is a popular and recognized American tools manufacturing company that caters to most professionals, outdoorsy men, travelers, hunters, and fishermen. Schrade Cutlery Company had its roots in the New York Press Button Knife Company, formed in 1892 by George Schrade.


Schrade offers an exclusive product catalog that is manufactured in different countries across the globe including China, Taiwan, and the United States. The brief product range includes fixed blade knives, folding knives, shovels, axes, machetes, tom hawks, knife sharpeners, scissors, and batons. Every product ensures quality construction, high functionality, and durability.


Proudly Known for its Long Heritage of Traditional Knives

Schrade is a trustable and reliable name in the knife manufacturing and selling industry. The company has a long heritage in developing some of the best-selling pocket knives including Old Timer Scrimshaw Set and Uncle Henry Knife Series. The company assures quality construction, great ergonomic and innovative designs. The brief product range is tested at every production procedure to ensure strength, robustness, and longevity. Famous knife makers and designers including Felix, Michael Miranda, Albert M. Bae, and Henry Bae contributed in designing some of the product lines for Schrade. The pocket folding knives are a major highlight of the Schrade Knives as they are appreciated globally for their sleek design, great functionality, and ergonomics. Schrade pocket knives are available with different assisted opening mechanism including liner lock, frame lock and lock back. Not just these, the Schrade axes and machetes too have a separate fan base.


Uses Sturdy Material That Withstands the Test of Time

Schrade Knives is popular for its material construction that boosts strength, durability, and performance of the products. The knives feature high-quality blades made from the finest material including high carbon steel, stainless steel, Cr17 high carbon and black powered coated titanium. Similarly, the handle construction is done from heavy-duty material like rubber, synthetic fiber, polypropylene, textured titanium, Delrin, stag bone, celluloid, and carbon fiber. Other than knives, products like knife sharpening kits with multiple grit stones, folding metal clamp with multiple slots for angles are also offered by Schrade.


Exploring the Product Catalog of Schrade Knives

Schrade Knives works diligently to produce the finest-quality knives, knife sharpeners, machetes, Ferro rods, scissors, and batons. Every product is manufactured from quality material to ensure great functionality and high durability.


Schrade Folding Pocket Knives: The series offers a wide array of folding knives with reliable and trustable assisted opening/closing mechanism. The knives display great robustness and quality construction. Schrade Framelock Pocket Knives are made from high-grade carbon steel and stainless steel. Most knives have titanium coated stainless handle that offers a comfortable grip for prolonged use. The frame lock locking mechanism offers a secured and reliable lockup to the blade and removes chances of accidental opening.


Schrade Linerlock Pocket Knives are equipped with thumb studs and high carbon steel blades. The liner lock mechanism allows the user to have a single-hand operation and the blade securely lock up to the handle.


Schrade Lockback Pocket Knives are available in different sizes and designs. These foldable pocket knives come with stainless blade and offer excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion.


Schrade 1st Response Knife Series offers ergonomically designed with unique blade construction. Most of these knives feature partially serrated blades perfect for chopping, cutting, and bush crafting tasks.


Schrade Assisted Opening Knives are available with different blade construction including tanto blade, spear point blade, drop-point blade, and double-edged dagger blade. The series also includes pocket knives with lightweight aluminum handles and rubberized inserts for a comfortable grip. 


Schrade Barlow Pocket Knives are compact in size and offers great ergonomic feels. These pocket knives feature different blades ideal for a variety of tasks. Most folding knives feature Brown composition handles which provide a sturdy and comfortable grip.


Schrade Boneyard Knife Series offers partially serrated drop point blade knives. These knives feature ergonomically-designed handles with different eye-captivating artworks.


Schrade Canoe Pocket Knives have two blades in one compactly designed knife. These knives are known for their sturdy handle construction done using a material like stag bone, celluloid, and Brown wood.


Schrade Congress Knives feature four sharp blades including drop-point blade and spear point blade. The knives also have nickel silver bolsters and Imperial inlay shield. 


Schrade Copperhead Knives are high-on-ergonomics with their unique design and structure. These knives feature different blades including gut hook blade, fully serrated blade, and drop-point blade. The Copperhead knives have snake skin textured rubberized handles which offer comfortable and tight grip.  


Schrade Folding Hunter Knives are known for their unique composition and design. These knives feature different numbers of blades depending upon the model. Most of these knives have Sawcut Delrin handles that boost the ergonomic feel and adds to the sturdiness of the knives.

Schrade Landshark Knife Series offers sharp drop-point blade knives with partially serrated edge (depending upon the model) ideal for prying, scraping, filleting and cutting tasks. These knives feature aluminum handles which offer optimum comfort for prolonged usage.


Schrade M.A.G.I.C. Knife Series offers hand-handled knives with dual action assisted opening mechanism. The knives feature drop point blade, clip point blade, tanto blade, and partially serrated blade. The M.A.G.I.C knives have liner lock assisted opening mechanism for single-hand operation. 


Schrade Fixed Blade Knives: The series offers hard-handled, practically-designed fixed blade knives including Schrade’s best-selling Old Timer 2014 Scrimshaw Set. The series includes different knives including combat knives, gut hook knives, dive knives, neck knives, and boot knives.


Schrade Frontier Knife Series offers knives that are coated with black powder and features 1070 high carbon tanto or drop point blade with a standard edge. Most of these knives have contoured black TPE handles with finger guard.


Schrade TPE Knife Series have ergonomically designed knives with high carbon steel made blade. The standard edged blades are compressed with rubberized handles to offer maximum strength and durability to the knives.


Schrade Water Rat Knife Series offers knives made from high-quality Cr17 high carbon stainless steel with the double-edged multi-functional blade. The blunt tip of the blade is perfect for prying clams and oysters. Some of these knives feature partially serrated or saw edges.


Schrade Axes & Hatchets: This series consists of different small and big axes and hatchets made from high-quality stainless head with a sharp cutting edge to offer precision in cutting jobs. The series includes machetes, combo of hatchets, double-sided axes and tactical hatchets. These multi-purpose axes and hatchets have TPR and glass fiber filled handles for a comfortable and soft grip.


Schrade Batons: The Schrade Batons series includes an exclusive range of accessories and security equipment including window glass breaker batons. These batons are manufactured from the finest-quality, abrasion-free stainless steel. These high-performing batons are available with a rubber casing and are perfect for survival and emergency situations.


Schrade Karambit Knives: The Karambit knives feature liner lock assisted opening mechanism that allows for single-hand operation. Most of these folding knives feature black finish stainless steel Karambit blade with dual thumb studs. The knives also have integrated finger ring and stainless pocket clip.


Schrade Knife Making Supplies: This includes a variety of knife manufacturing material including unsharpened blades, pocket clips, stainless folding blades, unpolished stainless steel, tweezers, handle material and multi-tools. These knife-making supplies are manufactured from superior-quality materials like stainless steel and wood, ensuring high-strength and durability for long-lasting use.


Schrade Knife Sharpeners: The series include multiple sharpening tools including knife sharpeners, sharpening steel, sharpening kits, double-sided sharpeners and sharpening stones. The multi-functional sharpening stones are equipped with braided paracord lanyards manufactured in the United States. These sharpening steels are available with leather belt sheaths which keep them protected from various weather factors like dust, moisture, and rust.


Schrade Machetes: Schrade Machetesare equipped with high-performance and non-corrosive stainless blades, ensuring superior strength. The machetes feature handle with finger choil and integrated guard for convenience.


Schrade Kukri Series features kukris made from high-quality 3Cr13 stainless kukri blade and textured rubberized handles.


Schrade Outback Series offers most machetes made from 400 stainless steel black powder coated blade. These machetes are available in black polypropylene handles and belt sheaths.


Schrade Scissors: These scissors have a sharp edge and are made from the finest-quality stainless steel. Some of these scissors are available with unpolished, unsharpened stainless scissor blades with nail nick. These scissors have satin finished stainless, derlin stag or smooth POM handles.


Schrade Shovels: The series offers ergonomically-designed folding shovels made from premium-quality 1055 carbon steel with sharpened edges. Most of these shovels are available with black polypropylene T-handle, aluminum inner tube and nylon belt sheaths.


Schrade Tactical Pens: Schrade offers multipurpose, smartly-designed tactical pens with a pointed tip that can be used as a perfect tool for self-defense. These everyday carry pens can be used as a PDA stylus or a normal pen. Most of these pens are also equipped with survival whistle, glass breaker, striking plate tip and a knife sharpener in the end cap.


Imperial Schrade Traditional Pocket Knives: This series consists of traditionally designed Schrade pocket knives that feature different locking mechanism. These pocket knives have different blade construction done from materials like high carbon steel or stainless steel. The handle construction is a major highlight of the series as a material like stag bone, derlin stag, aluminum, and stainless steel is used in the manufacturing.


Schrade Extreme Survival Knife Series: These survival and tactical knives feature button lock mechanism that offers a quick and easy opening to the knife. The sturdy construction of these knives ensures high-performance and durability. Most of these knives have Black aluminum handles that provide a comfortable and sturdy grip to the user.


Schrade Multi-Functional Knife Series: The multi-functional knife seriesincludes Black Arkansas tactical sharpening stone manufactured in the United States. These sharpening tools also feature braided paracord lanyard to be used during extreme life-threatening situations.


Schrade Old Timer Knife Series: Old Timer Scrimshaw Set with stainless steel construction is one of the best-selling series of Schrade Knives. The set consists of different folding knives with serrated sheepsfoot blade, clip or spear point blades and sturdy handle construction. Most of these knives are compressed together (the handle and the blade) using high-quality stainless bolster.


Schrade Phantom Series: The ergonomically-designed knives feature double-edged blades with the quality stainless-steel construction. Most of these knives feature nylon-filled glass fiber handles that offer a firm and reliable grip to the users for handling long hours of tasks. The series features multi-functional knives that are outfitted with needles, fishing hooks, split shots and fishing line in the handle.


Schrade Snowblind Knife Series: The series offers a variety of mini machetes and fixed blade knives. These knives are available in different blade styles to fulfill all outdoor needs including hunting, fishing, and traveling. Most of these Snowblind knives feature skinning or gut hook blade with synthetic handle composition.


Schrade Uncle Henry Knife Series: The everyday carry, folding pocket knives are easy to use and maintain. The blades of these knives get securely deployed and the locking mechanism ensures no accidental opening. These fixed blade knives allow the operators to perform heavy-duty tasks as the extended tang construction gives an added leverage of putting an increased striking force. The ergonomically-designed handle construction assures prolonged comfort and sturdy grip.


Schrade Viper OTF Knife Series: The Viper Out The Front Knife Series offers an extensive range of pocket folding knives with different assisted opening mechanism. Most of these knives feature partially serrated double-edged dragger style blades perfect for cutting, bush crafting, hunting, and fishing jobs. The everyday carry knives have titanium nitride finish that adds to the durability and grooved aluminum handles with integrated glass breaker provides a sturdy and reliable grip for prolonged use.



Schrade Knives strives to make the highest quality knives and other products. The company provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If the problems arise with the product, just return and it will get repaired (if the issue is genuine). The company doesn’t provide the warranty to the cases where the product is misused or out of their normal wear. Schrade products are not meant to be used as or with hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers.


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