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Schrade Viper OTF Knife Series by Schrade Knives

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Schrade Viper OTF Knife Series – Swift Action Meets Tactical Precision


At Knife Country USA, the Schrade Viper OTF (Out The Front) Knife Series is designed for those who demand quick access and reliable performance from their cutting tools. The Viper Series is a testament to Schrade's commitment to innovation and excellence, offering a selection of knives that are as swift as they are sharp, featuring an assisted opening mechanism that ensures blade deployment is fast and seamless.


The Viper OTF knives feature a unique mechanism that propels the blade out the front of the handle with a simple push of a thumb slide. The series is defined by its versatility, offering both double-edged dagger and partially serrated blade options. Each knife includes a safety lock, an integrated glass breaker, and a bead blast finish stainless pocket clip, marrying functionality with tactical efficiency.


Highlighting the Viper OTF Series from Schrade:





Knife Country USA is proud to offer the Schrade Viper OTF Knife Series to customers who value precision and speed. These knives are not just cutting tools; they're personal defense instruments, emergency glass breakers, and daily carry companions.


Whether you're a first responder, a tactical enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the practicality of a well-made knife, the Schrade Viper OTF Series has something to offer. Each knife reflects Schrade's dedication to quality and Knife Country USA's commitment to bringing the best in cutting-edge technology to our customers.


Discover the Schrade Viper OTF Knife Series on our website, where precision meets speed in the palm of your hand.

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