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Imperial Schrade Traditional Pocket Knives by Schrade Knives

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Knife Country-USA is always on the lookout for brands that are dedicated to the cause of making beautiful, durable knives. This includes pocket and utility knives apart from some that are a collector’s pride. One of the most popular brands at our online mega-store is Schrade Knife—regarded among one of the most dexterous types of pocket knives, easy to open / close and very safe to carry.


Exploring Schrade Knives

The new range of Schrade Knives has become the topic of debate among knife collectors who argue about whether these are classic knives or contemporary knives that merely use traditional designing. No matter on whose side you are, a Schrade Knife is expected to last for decades. In fact, the one you buy from Knife Country could become an heirloom, passed on to your next generation!


Know Your Knife: Imperial Schrade Knife

Perhaps, you are confused about Imperial Schrade Knives, not sure whether they represent a unique type of knife or a knife brand. Let us help you understand what Imperial Schrade Knives are all about and how to pick the best ones for your collection.


Schrade-Knives is one of the more established knife manufacturers. Its’ leading product has been the classic Schrade Knife that we spoke about in the beginning of this discussion. The Imperial Schrade Knife is essentially a line of knives created by this manufacturer to ensure that it can engage more sales by reducing the prices. This includes various types of Schrade pocket knifes, small trappers, and pocket knives with two blades. This range also includes some four-blade, multi-dimensional knives.


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At Knife Country-USA, we have a growing collection of Schrade Knives. Some of the products are being updated on this online store as you read this! We constantly add to our inventory to ensure you are not short on choices when trying to locate your favorite knife. Our emphasis is to empower consumers like you with information. This is why our product listings carry brief, accurate information.

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