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Founded in 1982, Master Cutlery has the broadest range of edged tools and related products that are crafted for work, outdoor recreation, and domestic use. The manufacturing company has a categorical assortment of multi-brand/ multi-products that cater to the tactical, hunting, survival, and other outdoor needs. The brands by the firm include Elk Ridge, Survivor, TAC-Force, Femme Fatale, Perfect Point, and more.


Elk Ridge Knives by Master Cutlery is specifically designed for true outdoorsmen. The brand offers a unique range of quality knives, axes, and machetes that are value for money. These tools are perfect for hunting and exploring the wild. The brand includes a variety of fixed blade knives and folding knives that are available in all types of appearances– from camo coatings for the hunting appeal to permanently concealed to beautifully natural and synthetic handles.


Tools Designed to Tame the Wild

The Elk Ridge tools are simple tools that can be easily deployed whenever you require them. The outdoor knife brand is primarily developed for serious, avid, and professional hunters. These knives are crafted using 440C stainless steel and are a sophisticated range of products for hunters. These knives offer value for money. The high-performance knives maintain quality standards and offer precision in the field.

Elk Ridge Knives include an array of knives like Elk Ridge Ballistic Series. The knives of this series include classic liner lock knives with assisted opening blades for fast and easy deployment and feature an extended tang for strength and flexibility. The Traditional Pocket Knife Series by the brand is precisely curated for mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts.


Elk Ridge Knife Assortment: An Overview


Elk Ridge Axe Series: The series includes an assortment of tactfully designed rescue axes. The axes are ideal for outdoor activities and emergency situations. The axes have a high-quality stainless-steel blade that is corrosion resistant and has a sharp cutting edge. The handles are partially wrapped in paracord for easy grip. The axes are widely used by hunters, trekkers, campers and travelers in combat and hostile situations. The axes of the series feature Camo-finished axe head, synthetic handles, and extended full tang blade with oxygen wrench cutouts.


Elk Ridge Folding Pocket Knives: The knife series includes a unique range of folding pocket knives that feature unique locking mechanism that ensure easy and fast deployment. The knife assortment includes:

  • Elk Ridge Assisted Opening Knives: The assisted opening knife series includes an array of simple and easy-to-use tools that are built to be on-task whenever required. These pocket knives have liner lock folding mechanism. Made from stainless-steel, the knives feature different handles made of materials like Pakkawood, Rainbow Titanium coated finish, camo-finish aluminum handles, and more. The assisted opening makes one-hand deployment easy. Light-in-weight and compact, these knives are perfect for hunting, skinning, slicing, etc.
  • Elk Ridge Framelock Pocket Knives: This series offers a range of knives that feature razor-sharp stainless-steel drop-point blade that deliver exceptional performance when it comes to precise cutting and chopping tasks. The inlay shield adds to the utility and provide extra protection. The knives also feature a sturdy pocket clip that makes it easy to carry the knife.
  • Elk Ridge Linerlock Knives: The series is a counted among the most popular knife categories. It includes an assortment of folding pocket knives with soring lock mechanism. The locking system ensures easy deployment of the blade during a critical situation. The knives usually feature thumb studs at the sides of the handle to offer a secure grip. The knives have razor-sharp stainless-steel clip point r drop-point blades.
  • Elk Ridge Ballistic Knife Series: These are some of the most popular knives offered by the brand. They feature strong coiled spring on the handle that propels the blade after pressing the trigger. The knives have blades with extra sharp edges for effective usage.
  • Elk Ridge Survival Knife Series: It primarily includes framelock and linerlock knives. These folding knives have side spring lock that allows the deployment of the blade with one hand. These knives are widely preferred by hunters, campers, preppers, scouts, and backpackers.
  • Elk Ridge Lockback Pocket Knives: The series includes a plethora of classic American Knives that exhibit unique locking system that involves spring or spine. One of the most reliable tools, these folding knives feature drop-point blade for precise cutting and slicing. The handle material usually includes Pakkawood and burl wood, while there are some knives with aluminum handles that offer firm grip.
  • Elk Ridge Traditional Pocket Knives: Features lightweight and compact pocket knives that are easy to carry. The knives sport slot and tab mechanism that allows for disassembly into Spey blades, eating utensils and openers. The blades are constructed using stainless-steel that ensures strength and resistance to wear and tear. The knives are available in clip point blade, Spey blade, Guthook blade, and drop point blade.
  • Elk Ridge Trapper Knives: The series includes a range of knives with two 440 stainless-steel blades. These compact knives are ideal for outdoor activities.


Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Knives: The series includes knives with full length extended tang for better strength and accessibility of the blade. The stainless-steel construction makes the knives durable and resistant to wear and tear. The knives are available in different handle designs including aluminum handles with camo finish, brown, rich grain wood handles, textured rubberized handles, burlwood handles, orange handles and more.

  • Elk Ridge Professional Knife Series: includes a wide variety of axes and knives that are widely used as survival tools. The series has fixed blade knives made from durable material. The axes in the series feature stainless-steel head and a handle wrapped with paracord for tight and firm grip.
  • Elk Ridge Upswept Knife Series: includes fixed blade knives are designed for multiple purposes. The knives are ideal for hunting, survival, combat, and more. These knives are used for defense purposes and self-protection by campers, hunters, trekkers, adventure enthusiasts and survivalists.


Elk Ridge Tools and More: Features an assortment of axes, knives, and fore starters that are manufactured precisely for self-defense. The tools are lightweight and durable to use. The outdoor gear is reliable to be used in different survival situations like protecting against a wild animal or the goons while you are traveling or camping.


Elk Ridge Machetes: This series includes a wide variety of fixed blade machetes constructed using stainless-steel blade with different types of handles including Micarta handles, rubberized FRM handles and more.



The knives by Elk Ridge Knives are free from manufacturing defects. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. However, Elk Ridge Knives does not warrant against normal wear or misuse. It is to be noted that these knives are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of damage or misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repair services.


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