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Elk Ridge Saws by Elk Ridge Knives

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Elk Ridge Knives began its journey in 1982. Elk Knives feature a wide variety of tools that can be used for domestic as well as outdoor purposes. The manufacturing firm has a categorical collection of multi-products that cater to different requirements during hunting, domestic, tactical and various outdoor situations. Elk Knives is known for skilled craftsmanship and its smart added features.

The Elk Saws Series has a huge variety of saws and knives that can serve a lot of multipurpose tasks during your outdoor excursions. These knives have different kind of blades including gut hook and saw blades that can be used for skinning, cutting or as tactical weapons when the need arises. The knives also have thumb slots that help in a great grip. These knives have aluminum handles that add durability and helps in increasing the toughness of the knives. The handles have Elk Ridge logos carved on them. The stainless pocket clip helps in safe storage while you travel. The lanyard hole available can be used for tying the knives on the user wrists or neck. One can surf through a huge variety of different knives that can cater to various tactical purposes through Elk Ridge Series.


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Knife Country understands that contemporary lifestyles demand more precision-oriented tools or equipment that is easy-to-carry whether it is navigating across the haze of urban commute or finding the way in the wilderness. This is why Knife Country takes special care to diversify its range of survival gear that goes beyond the options preferred by seasoned shooters, game chasers, or hunters. Many EDC options at Knife Country are about making everyday life easier. This means tools that are compact to carry and effective enough to help during emergencies. Many multi-tools at Knife Country have been trusted by research professionals, long-distance travelers, trekkers, campers, climbers, mountaineers, outdoor explorers, or those who often come across environments that threaten survival, as a part of their professional profile.

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