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Headquartered in Morgan, UT, Browning Knives has continued to cater to the varied requirements of people from different professions across the world. The brand was established decades ago under the guidance of John Moses Browning. His vision of excellence, quality, and reliability has continued to date. The company has surpassed various milestones and outperformed in delivering quality products inclusive of fixed blade knives, apparel, frame lock, and lock back browning knives, flashlights keychains and so much more. Initially, the aim was to set benchmarks with the provision of qualitative and innovative products. And till today, the company has been excelling in presenting high-quality products to its customers.


John Moses Browning: Birth of "The Greatest Firearms Inventor the World Has Ever Known"

January 23, 1855, marked the birth of John Moses Browning. He is known to be "the greatest firearms inventor the world has ever known", owing to his finest designs and innovations. John Moses started working at his father's store and repair shop, where the legacy of Browning Knives began. It was then when some people recognized his innovative approach with which he designed his first gun, the "Single Shot". A few years later, the single gun became the Model 1885; at this stage, the gun was sold to Winchester. Not just this, the invention of the Single Shotgun was followed by the development and invention of the legendary Winchester rifles and shotguns. His contribution benefitted the real-life knife users, shooters, hunters, and outdoorsmen. The inventions continued with a great pace throughout his life and he continued to design the extraordinary firearms till his last day.


Everything You Need to Know – Browning Knives

Known to be the best among knife collectors and enthusiasts, Browning knives are strong and reliable for your tactical and everyday needs. Having forged a great friendship and partnership with the illustrious knife designer and maker, Russ Kommer, Browning knives have successfully expanded and reached new heights in both, quality and functionally. Browning knives combine economic value with premium materials to deliver tactical and everyday tools that are both easy to use and maintain. Popular vintage and collectible knives are a must-have for every collector. With an inventory that includes replacement blades, flashlights, tactical knives, kitchen knives, ear protection, and much more, Browning Knives is a proud USA-based brand.


Turning the Pages of History

1878: John Moses began working on his first single-shot rifle

1879: Application for a patent on the single-shot rifle was filed. This was granted a patent no. thereafter

1883: Visit of Mr. T.G. Bennett, Vice-President and General Manager of Winchester Repeating Arms Company to Ogden, Utah Territory. Winchester bought the Single Shot that became the Winchester Model 1885

1886: Patent No. was granted on a lever-action repeating shotgun. This was the Winchester Model 1887, the first successful repeating shotgun

1889: Designing of first models to employ the expanding gases behind the bullet to operate the action started

1890: John Moses filed a patent dealing with the gas operation

1891: Patents for two separate automatic gas-operated guns were filed

1892: The first patent on the Colt Model 1895 Automatic Machine Gun was filed. During the Spanish-American War, the name "Browning Peacemaker" was earned

1895: Filed patent application on a first semi-automatic pistol

1897: Contract between Fabrique Nationale and Browning was signed; 32 calibers semi-automatic pistol for markets outside the US

1902: Fabrique Nationale was granted exclusive world rights for manufacturing and selling the auto-loading shotgun

1910: Patents filed on a 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, which served as the official United States military sidearm for almost 75 years

1923: Patent application filed on a 9mm locked-breech, short-recoil, exposed-hammer semi-automatic pistol. John M. Browning's last pistol development

1931: Superposed shotgun introduced into the Browning Arms Company line

1951: J.M. & M.S. Browning Company liquidated. Browning Arms Company became an importer with wholesale functions

1965: Association with Miroku Firearms in Japan initiated

1966: Archery accessories added to the line

1994: BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) introduced


Innovative and High-Quality Products Product Line by Browning

Browning Approach Knife Series: Featuring n assortment of knives designed to cater to diverse needs and applications, this Browning Approach Knife Series hosts knives with tanto blades to survive in the most testing tactical situations. A selection of liner lock knives, Lockback pocket knives, and other outdoor tools make up the series, with tan housing, the Browning logo, and an integrated rail key for a detachable key ring that can also be used for mounting on rifles, pistols, and shotguns. The high-quality material of the blades ensures long-lasting use in almost any situation.


Browning Aquaforce Knife Series: The Aquaforce Series works on the simple liner lock folding mechanism. These self-defense knives are manufactured using premium-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and withstands high compression. The knife handles are made using polymer and impart great strength to the complete knife body. Browning Aquaforce Series Knives are designed with a black finished stainless pocket clip. They are very useful for self-defense with three spike tips on base and a larger strike tip on the lid.


Browning Bar Military Knife Series: The Bar Military Knife Series includes knives that are reflective of the military vibe and aura. These high-performing knives effortlessly create a flawlessly military feel, featuring stainless-steel drop point blades to deliver ultimate protection against abrasion and corrosion. Operating on a simple lock-back mechanism, the knives in the collection will deploy within seconds to help you battle any life-threatening, hunting, camping, trekking, or fishing activities with help of their combat properties. 


Browning Black Label Flashlight Series: Make sure you are equipped to conquer any situation with the premium flashlights in the Browning Black Label Flashlight Series. Made to mount weapons such as rifles, pistols, and shotguns, the flashlights have two built-in white LED lights and a 5mR laser to ensure ideal visibility in the dark and other low-light situations. They allow visibility of up to 22 yards and feature integrated rail keys and detachable keyrings. An easy-to-use push on/off button is made accessible at the back of the housing.


Browning Black Label Knife Series: The Browning Black Label Knife Series is an assorted range of knives, throwers, and headlamps. The products in this series are perfect to be used as survival tools that can be carried while camping, trekking, and hunting. The waterproof headlamps from this series are made with aluminum that works best in the pitch dark. The throwers are designed specifically for professional hunters across the world. Browning Flashlights are portable battery-powered lights that can be used by hunters and shooters during camping, trekking, or hunting.


Browning Blackout Flashlight Series: Offering premium portable, battery-powered lighting solutions, the flashlights in the Browning Blackout Flashlight Series are ideal for hunters and shooters. Ideal for low-light conditions, the flashlights emit a clean beam to provide illumination from a distance. They are made with the latest technologies and feature lithium batteries for better power and battery life. Battery brightness and runtime can be adjusted according to preference, with multiple colors and LEDs for diverse situations.


Browning Buckmark Knife Series: The Buckmark Knife series features an assorted range of sharpeners, hunting knives, and display knives, designed exclusively for outdoor activities such as camping and hunting. The hunting folding knives in the collection feature a stainless-steel blade that can easily be deployed with the help of ambidextrous thumb studs. The material ensures maximum durability to survive the toughest situations. The series includes the Buckmark cap light that is designed to offer a hands-free illumination option with low-intensity green and white LEDs.


Browning Bush Craft Knife Series: Designed to offer versatility for many tasks such as cutting, digging, splitting, hunting, hammering, and more, the Browning Knives Bush Craft Series showcases a range of fixed blade knives. The knives in the series are constructed with stainless steel drop point blades that are tough enough for any survival task but can easily be sharpened on a stone. With a pronounced index finger groove, the handles of the knives are perfectly sized to offer a comfortable grip.


Browning Cayman Knife Series: Helping you with cutting, digging, chopping, and tactical tasks, the Browning Knives Cayman Series features knives made with stainless-steel drop point blades. They can be used as everyday knives, along with assisting outdoor survival requirements. Designed with double injection polymer molding, the knives do not only make a statement addition to your knife collection but also offer a firm grip. The Browning Cayman Knife Series feature textured, rubberized inserts make the knives easy to hold along with adding to their durability.


Browning Crack Down Knife Series: The Browning Crack Down Knife Series features the finest quality knives that are specifically designed to cater to the varying demands of knife users across the world. This series includes premium-grade crackdown liner lock-assisted opening knives with 440A stainless drop point blades. The material induces commendable strength and the ability to endure high pressure and compression. The Crack Down knives have impeccably designed edges; the thickest part, i.e. the spine, supports the knives to make the perfect stroke without losing the grip. The spine extends to meets the tip of the blades; this helps to penetrate smoothly into the hardest surfaces without getting splitting.


Browning Crossfire Flashlight Series: Helping navigate in low-light situations, the Browning Crossfire Flashlight Series features an exclusive Browning design. The flashlight makes an excellent little tactical and everyday use accessory with the added feature of a USB port. The USB port makes the portable flashlight easy to charge, just as you would charge any phone. This ensures long-term use, eliminating the need for replacement. It features multiple, high, low, and strobe brightness settings, along with having a waterproof body for versatile outdoor use for hunting, shooting, camping, and more.


Browning Decoded Knife Series: Browning Decoded Knife Series has massive ranges of liner lock knives that include the Decoded Linerlock Assisted Opening knives. These knives are made using premium grade 440A stainless blades that induce commendable strength and the ability to withstand the highest degrees of compression and distortion. The Decoded knives in this series are meant to be used for tactical and everyday utility purposes. The G-10 handles are wide and sturdy enough to ensure that the user has a good and seamless experience in most tedious situations.


Browning EDC Knife Series: As the name suggests, the Browning Knives EDC Series features a liner lock folding pocket knives that are designed for everyday carrying. With the perfect body to cut, chop, slice, peel, open envelopes or bottle caps and so much more, the knives in this series are made with an advanced side spring lock mechanism for easy deployment. These premium EDC knives feature stainless clip-point blades with aluminum handles. The knives can perform heavy-duty tasks with much ease and the Browning EDC Series Knives are manufactured in China.


Browning Epic Flashlight Series: The Browning Epic Flashlight Series features unique headlamps. The tactical accessories are water and impact-resistant for convenient use in the toughest outdoor conditions. The elite headlamps feature high, low, soft, white, green, and flashing modes to allow versatile use as per the situation. The light direction can easily be adjusted. The headlamps in the series feature a soft elastomer head plate with a pad along with a nylon head strap for comfortable use. The stylish camp housing is ideal for camping, trekking, hunting, and outdoor tactical activities in low-light conditions.


Browning Eradicate Knife Series: Featuring excellent manual folding knives, the Browning Knives Eradicated Series is designed and often used for rescue purposes. The knives in this Eradicated series use linerlock mechanism system, which is one of the most popular locks among folding knives. With a side spring, the lock function offers easy opening and closing without having to reposition the knife. Most knives in the collection feature stainless steel and drop point construction Tanto blades to deliver superior resistance against rust and corrosion. Each knife has a black synthetic material handle, along with thumb studs and a pocket clip for the perfect grip and ease of use.


Browning Featherweight Knife Series: Make a statement addition to your knife collection with a premium knife from the exclusive Browning Featherweight Knife Series. The collection hosts a stunning collection of mirror-finished, 9Cr stainless-steel drop point blades. With a wooden handle, the knives fit into your outdoor activities perfectly, ideal for cutting, chopping, slicing, and tactical tasks. The knives are equipped with a leather belt sheath for easy access and carry.


Browning Hell's Belles Knife Series: The Browning Hell's Belles is a series of manual folding knives, offering a perfect blend of modern and contemporary design. The knives of Hell Belles Series feature a lock back mechanism, making them traditional lock back pocket knives that are easy to carry for everyday use. The spring to snap blade opening prevents the blade from accidental opening, with stainless steel, drop point blades to resist corrosion and rusting. The blade is designed with a laser cut-out that offers a firm grip for a better hold along with extra strength.


Browning Hell's Canyon Knife Series: The everyday pocket knife series includes lightweight knives with standard edges. The knives in this series work on the lock back mechanism. The blades are purposely molded to survive under high compression, with dramatic tones that impart a classic look. The folding knives in the collection are built with perfect drop point blades, with aluminum finish handles. Whereas, the premium fixed blades have laser-cut handles and standard edge finish blades, making the knives suitable for hunting and other outdoor activities such as cutting, digging, or chopping.


Browning High Noon Spotlight Series: Featuring a line of spotlight flashlights designed for providing a clear view in low-light tactical, combat, or everyday situations, the Browning High Noon Spotlight Series offers compact accessories with precise construction. Manufactured with ultra-durable polymer material and the latest light source technology, the spotlights in the series offer overall excellent performance. Waterproof systems and switched offer durability, with an inbuilt folding stand for multiple, hands-free positions. The long-distance beams of the flashlights make them an ideal tool for hunters, shooters, and outdoorsmen.


Browning Ignite Knife Series: Primarily designed for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, the knives in this Browning Knives Ignite Series features premium-grade fixed blade knives. Offering high-tensile strength and excellent durability to assist you in any tough situation, the Ignite Series knives feature blades made with high-grade stainless steel. The drop point blade designs deliver long-term use, along with the most precise cuts each time. The knives in the collection are equipped with a protective polymer sheath that has an integrated fire-starting flint to help you in survival situations, while lanyard holes allow an easy and convenient carry.


Browning Long Haul Knife Series: The Long Haul Knife Series features premium quality folding and fixed blade knives that are designed for use by professional knife users, hunters, trekkers, and survival experts. Many of the knives have titanium-coated clip point blades for added strength and durability. With a rubberized polymer handle, the knives in the series offer excellent hold without causing strain to the user’s hands.


Browning Joint Venture Knife Series: Fashioned exclusively for tactical applications and heavy-duty tasks, the knives in the Browning Joint Venture Knife Series are perfect for taking along with you on your outdoor adventures and expeditions. The knives are made with 8Cr13MoV stainless clip and spey blades that have a premium, satin finish. The material ensures that the blades of these knives are strong enough to endure extreme pressure without distorting. With a brown jigged bone handle that offers a comfortable grip, while the whole body ensures equal weight distribution for perfect handling.


Browning Knives Whitewater Series: Featuring a wide collection of fillet fixed blade knives, the Browning Whitewater Series Knives are made to withstand and thrive in wet conditions. Known for flexibility and delicacy, fillet knives offer a precise cut every time. The knives in this series are fashioned with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with a perfect balance of flex for delivering excellent fillet cuts. Polymer handles feature soft, textured grip inserts to provide a secure wet grip in any condition. The knives in this collection are suitable for being used as hunting knives and are preferred used for removing bones and skin from delicate meat.


Browning Wihongi Knives Series: The Wihongi Knives Series showcases a range of high-performance fixed blade knives, foldable knives, and an axe that have been designed with premium materials. The Maori warrior tribal blade motif is a defining feature and complements the knife body. Many of the knives are made using stainless material, which is suitable for tactical situations. Accompanied by interchangeable G10 and carbon fiber handle inserts, the blades of the knives are tough enough to withstand abrasive conditions.


Browning Mammoth Knife Series: Assisting you with everyday requirements and heavy-duty tasks, the Browning Mammoth Knife Series is designed for the toughest situation. Made with stainless steel and equipped with a linerlock mechanism, the knives in this series are portable and extremely easy to open and close. The steel thumb stud and drop point blades enable knives to stand up against corrosion, abrasion, and rust.


Browning Microblast Flashlight Series: Whether you are planning to go hunting, camping, hiking, or just your everyday routine, the Browning Microblast Flashlight Series offers the perfect companion for you at night. With a sleek and compact design, these lights can be mounted on the brim of your hat or can be strung onto your keychain. The flashlights in the series are water-resistant and are equipped with USB charging ports, while the silent hinge adjustable tilt feature allows the user to adjust the lamp as per requirement.


Browning Mountain Ti Knife Series: The Browning Mountain Ti Knife series features high-quality blades made with durable 440-A stainless steel to let you cut in style while maintaining durability. The knives in the series have dual-coated handles with premium titanium for a firm grip and easy use. Laser Cut stainless steel handles make each knife highly robust and rigid, perfect for any adventure trip.


Browning Night Seeker Light Series: The lights in the Browning Night Seeker Light Series are designed to illuminate any dark or low-light area without any manual switching on/off. Once mounted on the bill of the cap, the water-resistant lights will assist you in outdoor conditions. The lights are equipped with USB ports which can be used to supply the AC power to phones or any other device when you are out on any expedition. Multiple levels of brightness allow the user to see under different conditions.


Browning Prism Knife Series: The flexibility, durability, and easy to deploy structure of the knives in the Browning Prism Knife Series makes the inventory a great choice for everyday use. The compact design of the knives in the series allows easy carrying for diverse use wherever you take them. The Prism series are known for their stainless-steel-built blades which are finished with a premium satin finish. The handles are fashioned with anodized aluminum to provide a thickness for the perfect grip, while the various designs are sure to make a statement addition to you your knife collection.


Browning Night Gig Elite Light Series: Making tactical tasks, outdoor activities, and other adventures easier during the night, the Browning Night Gig Elite Light Series is perfect for hiking, trekking, camping, and more. with a headband style, most lights in the collection are made for hands-free use to offer maximum convenience while multitasking. The lights feature different LED colors, runtimes, beam distances, and nylon headband designs for you to pick as per requirement. 


Browning Patriot Knife Series: Add a premium knife from the Browning Patriot Knife Series to your collection for a superior cutting experience every time. The knives in this series feature lockback and linerlock mechanisms for easy deployment and secure closure, while black stonewash finishes stainless blades offer not only excellent durability but also a classic flair. The knives in the series feature lanyard holes for easy carrying and accessibility.


Browning Primal Knife Series: The Browning Primal Knife Series features various combinations of knives and tactical tools along with multi-tools, saws, knife sharpeners, and folding knives. Fashioned with premium quality materials, the tactical tools and accessories boast high durability and are made to stand up to corrosion and rusting. Some of the unique bone saw in this collection have curved handles for easy use. Rubberized polymer handles in black, grey, brown, and tan options offer an ultimate grip for secure holding and use.


Browning RGB Light Series: Made to assist you in low light conditions or the dark of night, the Browning Knives RGB Series showcases premium cap lights and flashlights. The lights in series feature a pair of high-intensity LEDs for long-distance vision, with a wide view, LED for maximum peripheral vision. A red, green, and blue RGB LED enhances night vision for complete functionality, with various modes for versatile use. The rugged polymer construction of the flashlights in this series ensures durability in the toughest tactical applications.


Browning Second Chance Knife Series: Make a statement addition to your knife collection with a high-quality knife from the Browning Second Chance Knife series. The line of exclusive knives features a Damascus steel drop point blade fashioned with cutting-edge technology for the finest cutting, slicing, chopping, and other tactical or combat tasks. The knives in this premium collection are designed with ebony wood handles and zebrawood handles to enhance the visual appeal as well as durability, with staghorn bolster accents for a bold look.


Browning Shock N' Awe Series: Split kindle at base camps, hack your way out of crashed helicopters, split wood or battle any challenge that comes your way with the exclusively designed axes from the Browning Shock N' Awe Series. Showcasing an array of axes with ultimate black label tactical blades, the series features blades forged with high carbon steel for superior performance. The axes in the series are designed with curved penetration spikes, single-piece spike pommels, hand-wrapped nylon paracord handles for the perfect swing and excellent performance.


Browning Speedloader Knife Series: This series features fixed blade knives, linerlock knives, LED headlights, saws, and other outdoor accessories to keep you up to date on the cutting trends. Designed to offer the best performance as the perfect hunting knives due to their tactical model, quick-change blade design, versatility, the knives in this collection sure add a great look to your hunting attire. Some knives are designed with liner locking mechanisms, while some have hidden tang, creating a diverse series overall. The series also offers replacement blades to let you use your favorite knives for as long as you want. .


Browning Storm Front Knife Series: Hand forged with premium-grade carbon and steel blades, the knives in this Browning Storm Front Knife Series have the most incredible, precise -razor cutting edges. With fixed blades that are fashioned with hidden tang extended into the handle, storm front knives offer excellent strength and durability. Fixed blade knives can be used as a hunting weapon, and are ideal for cutting, digging, preparing food, splitting, and more. Each knife is equipped with a leather belt sheath that provides protection and allows easy carry.


Browning Trak Series: Featuring hand lights to help you navigate even in dark and low-light conditions, the Browning Knives Trak Series are perfect for tactical, combat, and general applications. The hand lights in the series are USB rechargeable and portable for easy carrying where ever you go. The small hand-held LED flashlights are designed with bezel adjustments and rugged aluminum bodies to deliver durability and a robust structure.


Browning Visual Effect Knife Series: Not only for the finest cutting techniques every time but also for a stunning statement addition to your knife collection, the Browning Knives Visual Effects Series includes a wide collection of liner lock folding pocket knives, mammoth tooth knives, and more. The premium knives showcased in this series host mirror-finished stainless drop point blades for a flawless effect. They feature mammoth teeth, pocket clips and tusk handles for maximum user convenience with each knife. The Browning Visual Effect Knife Series can perform general cutting activities or even heavy-duty tasks in the great outdoors.


Browning Outdoorsman Axe: The Browning Outdoorsman Axe series has been developed by Ross Kommer, who ensured the durability of each axe in the series by using premium grade materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel. The axes in this series comprise curved handles with sleek and compact modeling to provide an excellent grip while striking. Perfect for cutting wood, digging, and lifting, the axes make a great option to carry along while going camping, hiking, trekking, and more.


Browning Fixed Blade Knives: The knives in the Browning Fixed Blades Series are suitable for digging, cutting, and many other heavy-duty tasks. The range features a variety of knife blades including 7Cr17MoV, VG10 stainless steel drop point blades, and Wharncliffe blade to deliver the finest performance while cutting, along with adding to the life of knives. The blades are made to endure high pressure and compression to aid you in all sorts of outdoor activities.


Browning Folding Pocket Knives: The Browning Folding Pocket Knife series is inclusive of Browning Framelock Pocket Knives, Browning Linerlock Pocket Knives, Browning Lockback Pocket Knives, and Browning Specialty Lock Pocket Knives. The knives in each collection are fashioned with materials such as stainless steel to withstand corrosion and abrasion, along with offering superior performance. Each line has a varied locking mechanism with different handles, each allowing a firm grip.


Browning Axes & Hatchets: The Axes & Hatchets series includes a wide variety of premium axes. The wide array of axes is made using the finest quality steel to perform varied tasks with ease and comfort. With a wood composite handle, the axes in this series deliver superior durability and are made to withstand high compressions to aid you in the toughest application. The axes in the series help maximize striking power for the best results every time.


Browning Flashlights: This is the most popular Browning flashlight series. The products included in his collection are survival tools that work well in low light conditions and pitch dark. The outer housing of the flashlights is waterproof, made using premium quality polymer. The tactical flashlights in this collection are extremely durable with excellent lumen power, compactly designed and battery powered for ease of portability and handy carrying wherever you need to take them.


Browning Traditional Pocket Knives: Also known as the Jackknife, the Browning Traditional Pocket Knives feature high-performance tactical knives. These knives are designed to offer the ability to perform best while carrying out daily tasks. The knives in this series have pen, skinner stainless steel blades that resist corrosion for longer use. The blades of these knives completely fit inside the handle that becomes easier to carry, while still easily deployable.


Browning Saws & Tools: The Saws & Tools series by Browning includes the finest range of products made to offer high tensile strength and durability. The tools and saws in this series are equipped with two replacement blades with push/pull capability. High carbon steel used in this series withstands high compression and distortion. The rubber handles are wide and comfortable to carry out tactical tasks. Browning Saws and Tools are lightweight, compact, and can easily be carried anywhere.


Browning Replacement Blades: This series includes a wide assortment of replacement blades including partially serrated drop point, modified tanto, bird and trout, caper, and gut hook, serrated modified sheepsfoot, and standard utility blades. Many of the blades are made using the finest quality ceramic, stainless steel, and carbon steel material. These blades can be used to replace the old, dull blades to let you keep using your favorite knives for as long as you want.


Browning Fillet Knives: Designed exclusively for specific fish-filleting applications, the Browning Fillet Knives are designed with a combination of traditional methods and the latest cutting-edge technology. Most of the fillet knives in the series are fashioned with premium 420 J2 stainless fillet blades for the most precise result every time. blades are hardened and heat-treated to offer maximum durability while textured handles and non-slip polymer grips provide a secure hold.


Browning Kitchen Knives: Fashioned to assist with everyday tasks, Browning Kitchen Knives are exclusively designed to assist you with kitchen-related applications. The kitchen knife collection features partially serrated blade knives, fillet knives, carving fork, diamond sharpener, and chef’s knives with different blade lengths and thickness for diverse use. Designed with professional knife users and chefs in mind, the kitchen tools are made to cater to varying, fast-paced kitchen demands and everyday use.


Browning Pro Hunter Series Flashlights: Making the perfect tools for camping, hunting, fishing, trekking, and other such outdoor activities or tactical use, the Browning Pro Hunter Series Flashlights features an assortment of lightweight LED flashlights to assist you on adventures. The lights in the series are fashioned with a black polymer body with a matte aluminum lens ring, along with being compact and high-intensity. They have various LED light options in multiple colors and modes, including a red-green-blue LED that provides a clear view even in the dark of night.


The Browning Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Browning Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Browning Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Browning Knives product that is defective. The company will not warrant the products against normal wear or misuse. The products are not to be used as chisels, hammers, pry bars, or screwdrivers that can hamper the performance of the products. The products at the company will be repaired only after checking the availability of parts, else the currently manufactured product will be furnished that matches the product sent for repair.


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