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Browning Blackout Flashlights\Headlamps by Browning Knives

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Browning Blackout Flashlights & Headlamps: Illuminate Your Adventures


Welcome to our handpicked selection of Browning Blackout Flashlights and Headlamps, available exclusively at Knife Country USA. Designed for rugged outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hunters, and tactical professionals, the Browning Blackout series offers a range of lighting solutions that promise to brighten your path and your experiences in the great outdoors.


Superior Performance


When you opt for a Browning Blackout product, you're investing in outstanding performance and reliability. The Blackout Elite Headlamp (Model BR3345) offers up to 860 lumens with a beam distance of up to 170 yards, and multiple lighting modes to suit your needs. Need something a little more compact? The Browning Blackout Micro Headlamp (Model BR3346) delivers up to 500 lumens and offers an impressive max beam distance of 175 meters.




Crafted to meet the high standards of durability, these Browning Blackout Flashlights and Headlamps are water-resistant and impact-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use no matter the weather or accidental drops.




In a world where adaptability is key, Browning Blackout devices are more than just light sources. The Blackout Elite Headlamp also acts as a power bank to charge your other devices, perfect for long hikes or emergency situations. Both models offer high, medium, and low lighting modes, providing you the versatility to adapt to different settings.


User-Friendly Features


Designed for practicality, both models come with unique features like silent directional light adjustment, electronic lock-out switches to prevent accidental activation, and low battery indicators to keep you informed.


Cutting-Edge Technology


The Browning Blackout series employs cutting-edge technology like CREE XM-L LED for the Micro Headlamp, ensuring optimal light output and efficiency. Plus, the Blackout series offers green modes, which are less disturbing to wildlife—ideal for night hunting or watching nocturnal animals.


Recharge and Go


Never worry about running out of power. These flashlights and headlamps come with rechargeable batteries and USB cables, making them perfect companions for extended outdoor adventures.


At Knife Country USA, we stand by the quality and performance of Browning Blackout Flashlights and Headlamps. Combining rugged durability with high-end technology, Browning Blackout series stands at the forefront of lighting solutions. Don’t venture into the unknown without a reliable Browning Blackout by your side. Illuminate your path and elevate your outdoor experience today!

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