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Beretta U.S.A. Knives

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Beretta U.S.A. Knives

Beretta Knives


Founded in 1526, Beretta is one of the oldest manufacturers of general use, gentleman's, hunting, and tactical knives. The brand also offers great quality firearms. With over 15 years of experience in the market, the company provides the finest quality knives and tools designed with precision and premium-grade materials. It has also introduced modernized manufacturing methods to manufacture quality and high-performing tools. The Damascus Knife is a stylish, hard, and flexible knife that the brand offers, which is better than the traditional iron knives. Over the years, the brand has carved its niche in the private sector, military, and law enforcement.


The sole aim of the company is to provide highly functional tools that are dependable and reliable. To ensure quality manufacturing of the tools, modern technologies and efficient traditional means of weapon designing are utilized. The company is currently running under the leadership of Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta and his sons, Franco and Pietro. They are fulfilling the demands of the 21st-century global market by utilizing years of experience and by upgrading themselves with the latest technologies.


More About Beretta U.S.A. Knives

The knives from the brand are manufactured with supreme-quality materials, be it the blades, handles, or sheath. The blades are constructed with Damascus steel, AUS-6 stainless, silver titanium, and 440C stainless steel for longevity and optimal performance. Most of the knives feature drop point blades, tanto blades, and gut hook blades.  The sturdy handle construction is the major highlight of the Beretta Knives as they feature different materials including Ram’s horn, smooth natural wood, Zytel, silver titanium, and mother of pearl with nickel silver bolster.


The Beretta line of products is manufactured in different countries including the United States, Italy, and Japan. The stainless knives are a work of expert craftsmanship. Each knife has aesthetic appeal and a great price-performance ratio. The excellent handles on the knives make gripping easier and allow the user to perform tasks with ease. For queries related to the warranty period or claims, you must mail your warranty registration card to Beretta USA Corp.


Beretta U.S.A. Knives Categories

Beretta Fixed Blade Knives: Browse through this series for sharp edge knives that are perfect for cutting, digging, hunting, and other general purposes. These knives are finished with stainless blades and strong fabricated handles. This knife collection includes top-notch designs that come from different parts of the world including China, Italy, and the USA. Beretta Fixed Blade Knives come in different sizes, from small handy blades to big tactical fixed blade knives. These knives are versatile and are also called survival knives, endowing hundreds of survival-related functions even in extreme conditions.


Beretta Folding Pocket Knives: The series includes knives with linerlock mechanism, lockback mechanism, frame lock mechanism, and more. These are daily use knives with varying blade construction and locking mechanism. The finest quality stainless steel blades have sharp cutting edges that perform the tasks with ease and perfection. The superb framelock mechanism provides a reliable lockup of the knives. The sleek design of the knives makes them easy to slip in the pocket, purse, camp kit, or backpack. With their practical designs, these everyday carry knives offer great strength, safety, and convenience to the user.


Beretta Lockback Pocket Knives: Explore the lockback pocket knives collection for satin-finished, reliable locking system-equipped knives.  These sleek knives can be easily carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack. The reliable locking system prevents accidents. These knives look stylish with a satin finish and come with standard edges. The complete knife range is designed with precision to offer strength, convenience, and safety. This series further includes checkered lockback knives, olivewood lockback knives, and gentlemen’s knives extensively.


Beretta Multi-Tools: This category of products includes tools that are ideal for tasks like cutting squares, opening bottles, and shotgun maintenance. These are tools with the capability to perform various functions. Beretta USA Multi-tools collection includes a vast range of equipment such as a knife blade, wood saw, scissors, can opener, bottle opener with screwdriver tip, auto-on LED, corkscrew, reamer with sewing eye, leather punch, nail cleaner, choke wrench, and many more. All these tools can be used for sanding, cutting, scraping, grinding, and polishing. The Multi-tools are highly portable and can easily be carried in a wallet.


Beretta Accessories: Beretta U.S.A. offers various accessories that are suitable for performing a variety of tasks. This category includes hats, gun socks, metal pens, cigar cutters, umbrellas, and other such items. The accessories are made in China and Bangladesh. The gun sock fits most shotguns and rifles. These accessories can be your perfect companion for an outdoor expedition.


Beretta Airlight Knives: The ergonomically designed airlight knives are manufactured with precision in Japan. These small knives are constructed with AUS-6 stainless steel and feature silver aluminum handles. The partially serrated blades are perfect for some of the heaviest cutting challenges. These knives flaunt linerlock mechanisms to ensure secure opening and closing of the blades.  All the knives have Beretta’s Sure Grip finish that assures a solid grip in any condition. The knives are complete with ambidextrous thumb studs and stainless pocket clips. They are extremely slim knives that are light-in-weight. Expect the knives to have skeletonized blades to ensure great dexterity. These knives are suitable for packaging, cutting ropes, and other small cutting packages. This line of liner lock knives can be clipped on jeans or tuxedo pants for convenient carry.


Beretta Bascula Knives: These steel folding pocket knives are mirror polished and feature a linerlock mechanism. The knives are made using 44C stainless-steel false edge blades and boast stainless engraved handles. These knives deliver excellent performance as cutlery pocket knives by offering ease of handling. What makes these knives so popular is their distinctive design, length, and colors. These multi-functional knives are extremely durable and ensure necessary comfort despite the intended use. The versatile design of the knives makes them an ideal fit for tasks while traveling, hiking, and more. These can also be deployed for tactical and emergencies.


Beretta Loveless Knives: Check out this product line for the most rugged hunting knives. The premium quality loveless-style knives are designs of the well-known designer, R.W Loveless. The exceptional design, length, and color are what make this range of knives stand out amongst the regular knives. These knives flaunt drop-point blades that are hollow-ground with a reinforced spine for extra strength and durability. The Zytel handles of these knives come with integrated finger guards for a secure grip during tedious tasks. These are manufactured in the U.S.A and come with tanned leather sheaths and stamped with the Beretta Trident logo. These knives can be concealed in deep pockets, and rollover belt loops to provide great knife security. The knives from this range are suitable for packaging, cutting ropes, and other small cutting packages.


Beretta Pouches - Bags - Backpacks - Cases: This product category comprises different kinds of bags. The range includes single and double mag pouches, tactical backpacks, and cases. Most of these bags are made in China and Pakistan. The zippers and excellent thread stitching make them reliable.


Beretta U.S.A Knives Series

Beretta Coltello Knife Series: The series includes compact knives that are perfect for everyday use. These knives are made in Italy with the finest quality materials for durability and reliability. The sleek design of the knives easily fits in a pocket, purse, camp kit, or backpacks. The sculpted bronze handle ensures an ergonomic grip while performing the task.


Beretta Gentleman Knife Series: The gentleman’s knives are made in Italy and are perfect for daily use. These are dressy public-friendly knives that are manufactured with a focus on both design and quality. The compact design makes them pocket-friendly. The stainless-steel blade and ebony wood insert handle, ensure its high performance. This series includes knives that are purely small, simple, and stylish.


Beretta Shotshell Knife Series: The shotshell knives are unique folding knives that are perfect as a gift for a knife collector or knife design admirer. These knives feature AISI 420 stainless steel blades that assure outstanding performance. The standard length of the blade is 1.97 inches. Such knives have a plastic handle that replicates a shotgun shell. These Beretta Shotshell Knives are made in Italy and are available in different handle colors.


Warranty Information

Beretta USA Knives are warranted to be free of defects. If the products are damaged by the misuse, then no replacement would be made. However, in rare cases, the replacement or repair can be done only after approval from the repair department. As per the company’s policies, some of the products cannot be repaired due to the unavailability of the item or raw material. The knives and other products by Beretta Knives are not to be used as or with chisels, hammers, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


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