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Effective. That's the number one word to describe ESEE knives. Started 20 years ago by the founders of Randall's Adventure & Training and first developed for Peruvian special forces, ESEE knives go beyond the hype surrounding so many brands of survival equipment and focus on what works. From the jungles of Peru, to the deserts of Iraq, to the mountains of Afghanistan, ESEE knives perform better when it counts. If the mission depends on the quality and the design of your gear, then you want the tools that are trusted across the board by law enforcement, military, and special forces communities.


With hundreds of versatile and situational knives to choose from, our collection of ESEE equipment includes the tools you need to meet your specs, whether it's bushcraft or straight self-defense. You can take to the wild with blades like the ESEE Izula, considered by many to be one of the best fixed survival and rescue blades in the world, or always come prepared with accessories like industry-leading sheathing options. ESEE-manufactured sheaths can be easily used with a high-tech tactical rig or worn simply on your belt.

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In addition to combat-ready knives, ESEE is one of the top providers of professional gear for serious survivalists and back country course students. Every piece of ESEE gear has been tried and tested in the real world and has been used on RAT expeditions. The people who design ESEE knives are the same people who have depended on them in the field, and all ESEE products are backed by an awesome no questions asked warranty. Whether in war or in the wild, an ESEE knife is a perfect companion. Don't go out without one.

A name that's built on survival.

ESEE takes its name from "Escuela De Supervivencia, Escapar, Evasión" (The School of Survival, Escape, Evasion), an elite course started by the Peruvian air force, who partnered with survival trainers Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin in the late 1990s. The two instructors used their experiences to begin designing, in Jeff's words, "Simple, ugly knives that work." From ultimate tools like the LTMACH Machete to the military survival school-inspired ESEE 5, ESEE blades are designed to get the job done. Period. If you want pretty, then you'll probably want to look somewhere else. For the rest of us, they say that once you go RAT, you never go back.


Diving into the Esee Brand by Series:

ESEE Advanced Survival Gear: ESEE Knives Advanced Survival Gear Series comprises uniquely designed advanced survival kits that are ideal for pilots, motorists, outdoorsmen and world travelers. This Advanced Series includes easy-to-use survival gears, ranging from fire kits to survival fishing kits. 


ESEE ArrowHeads: The Series of Arrowheads by ESEE is one of the creative assortments of the brand. Lightweight and compact, these arrowheads are essential outdoor accessories when it comes to trekking, rock climbing or camping. Best suited for hunters, survivalists, and outdoorsmen, the functional arrowheads can be lashed to a branch, used as an arrow, or can be attached to a stick to use as a knife or spear. 


ESEE Avispa Folding Pocket Knives: Avispa Series by ESEE Knives includes a variety of framelock folding pocket knives that are lightweight and easy to operate. 


ESEE Camp Lore Knives: Designed to meet the demands for traditional, basic, bushcraft knives, the Camp-Lore Series was invented by ESEE Knives. The series has a variety of simple, traditional, fixed blade designs that have been field-proven for years. These fixed blade knives are equipped with carbon steel blade—durable enough to be used for multiple purposes like cutting, chopping, and splitting. 


ESEE Candiru Knives: The series includes fixed blade knives with skeletonized handle, carbon steel blade, belt sheath, survival card, lashing holes, and other valuable features. The durable and protective sheaths molded Kydex or nylon construction, lashing hole, and belt loop not only provide security to the blade but also offer the convenience of carrying.


ESEE CM6 Combat Tactical Knives: The joining of Tactical and Practical making this knife at home in the American forests or the battlefields around the world. 11 1/8" overall. 5 7/8" black powder coated 1095 carbon steel blade etched Chestnut Mountain Proving Grounds, Marion, NC. Blade features sharpened upper swedge which enhances penetration. Canvas micarta handles. Black Kydex sheath with adjustable tensioner, clip plate, paracord, and cord lock. Sheath hardware: 4 each - screws, rubber washers, and barrel nuts. Designed by Terrill Hoffman.


ESEE Imacasa Machetes: The Imacasa Series of ESEE Knives includes a selection of machetes that are designed to be used for a variety of purposes like gardening, farming, self-protection, high-force chopping, and more. These machetes are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists who may encounter unpredictable challenges during their journey. 


ESEE Izula Knives: Izula Series is one of the popular collections of ESEE. The name of the series has come from the meanest and nastiest ant of Peru jungles. The knives under this series are famous as bullet ants. These fixed blade knives are 6.25 inches overall. Offered in a wide varity of handle options included skelitionized, micarta and paracord wrapped. 


ESEE Junglas Knives: The Junglas Fixed blade is the largest of the fixed blade knives manufactured by ESEE. At 16.5 inches overall with a 10.375 inch blade the knife is a monster. The Junglas Series by ESEE Knives serves the outdoor enthusiasts with an assortment of fixed blade knives, Molle panels, and knife sheaths. The outdoor lifestyle accessories are sturdily manufactured to perform well even in challenging situations. 


ESEE Laser Strike Knives: At 10 inches overall with a 4.875 inch blade the Laser Strike Series includes an assortment of fixed blade knives with a variety of designs. These knives are designed to offer enhanced durability to be used in various outdoor activities like camping, hammering, and trekking. These multi-purpose fixed blade knives come with carbon steel blade, offering effortless performance in cutting and chopping tasks. 


ESEE Model 3: At 8.25 inches overall with a 3.875 inch blade. Model 3 Series includes an assortment of easy-to-use fixed blade knives, designed with attractive colors. These outdoor lifestyle accessories are ideal for a vast range of outdoor activities like camping, trekking, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing. These fixed blade knives have a carbon steel blade construction, sharp top edge, full extended tang, canvas micarta handles, lanyard hole, glass breaker pommel, clip plate and a thumb ridge.


ESEE Model 4: At 9 inches overall with a 4.5 inch blade the ESEE Model 4 is the next size up from the Model 3. With all the same features as the 3 the 4 is just larger in scale. Call this the medium version we as the model 3 is the small. 


ESEE Model 5: At 10.875 inches overall with a 5.25 inch blade these Model 5's are considered the "Large" version in the Model series. These knives feature carbon steel blades, full tang construction for added strength, glass breaker extended pommel and micarta handles. 


ESEE Model 6:At 11.75 inches overall with 5.75 inch blades. These Model 6's are teh extra large version. ESEE Knives Model 6 Series comprises the most practical and perfectly manufactured fixed blade knives and sheaths. Offering a high-durability, the ESEE knives’ tools feature superior construction, lightweight design and accurate outputs. Most of the ESEE knives are made in USA and consist carbon steel standard edge blade, offering high-resistance to abrasion and edge holding capability. These ESEE outdoor knives mainly include powder coat finish, full or extended tang, canvas micarta handles with a divot, compatible sheath, cord lock, boot clip and clip plate. 


ESEE Passports: ESEE Knives Passport Series covers uniquely designed passport cases that are suitable for any traveler or adventure enthusiast. 


ESEE Tertiary Push Dagger Knives: ESEE Knives Tertiary Series features a variety of push dagger fixed blade knives that are commonly used for hammering, fishing, trekking, hunting or camping purposes. Available in a compact design, these push dagger knives are designed to comfortably fit in hand. Equipped with powder coated T-shaped handles, the tertiary knives offer a firm grip for easy handling. 


ESEE Venom Knives: Another popular series by ESEE is the Venom collection. Started with the Venom Green Izula, the brand expanded their line of venom green knives. The fixed blade knives have high carbon steel construction with powdered coat finish, making them resistant to corrosion, thus contributing to long-lasting performance. 


ESEE Zancudo Folding Pocket Knives: 4 inches closed. ESEE Knives Zancudo series includes a range of frame lock folding pocket knives that are equipped with a secure locking mechanism. These knives are designed and manufactured in Taiwan and China. The series includes pocket knives with D2 steel construction that offers mild corrosion resistance. Most of these frame-lock folding pocket knives feature lanyard hole, thumb ridge, standard edge blade and thumb stud. 


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