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The collection covers a massive range of sheaths, designed to fit a host of knives and bladed tools. Choose from an assortment of belt sheaths, and back sheaths. Depending on the model, the knife sheaths feature lashing holes that add to the functionality. Most MOLLE back sheaths include adjustable handle retention strap as well as flaps which can be easily slipped over the pommel of the compatible bladed weapon or knife and carefully secured tightly with the paracord or cord lock, which makes it relatively easy to carry. A majority of the sheaths include built-in belt loops and MOLLE straps that add to the user's convenience. Some knife sheaths are made with khaki nylon material with doesn't fray easily, while most other boats have a sturdy molded plastic construction that makes them resistant to elements and abrasive factors. Users can choose from the wide color options, size, and knife sheaths design, based on their preference and requirement.

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