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Established with a mission to connect knives markets, CMB focuses on designing and manufacturing knives. For the past ten years, the CMB group has been dedicated to offering knife OEM services to businesses. The company has achieved market value and better products, as well as customer recognition, by adhering to the highest manufacturing standards and technical quality assurance. CMB MADE KNIVES, a new brand, was introduced in 2020. It is based in Guangdong, China. It continues to introduce new designs and products. The brand is reputed for cultivating ideas for growth.

All you need to know about CMB Made Knives

CMB Made Knives creates the most durable and dependable knives that are both effective and accurate, making them a suitable complement for outdoor jobs. The brand has created an array of knives in collaboration with designers like Tiguass and Jelly Jerry Design. Every CMB Knife is made with high-quality materials and pays meticulous attention to detail. Explore the space for knives like:

  1. Kisame Knife: CMB Made Knives' Kisame is a medium-sized pocket folder with a Micarta handle that is ideal for everyday wear. It has a black stonewashed harpoon-style blade that combines the practicality of a regular Tanto with finesse to create a highly useful and unintimidating instrument. The blade is black stone finished and composed of K110 steel. Tiguass collaborated on the design of the knife.
  2. Hippo Knife: This knife is made from D2 steel and has a black finish. Its handle is made from G10 material and sports a black stainless-steel clip. The Hippo features a liner lock mechanism for smooth deployment of the blade in case of use. It has a copper ceramic ball bearing for an effortless opening.
  3. Prowler Knife: Explore the space for designer pocket knives! The Prowler is designed by Jelly Jerry Design which exhibits a blade constructed from M390 steel with wire drawing. The blade is honed to have a hardness ranging between 59 and 60 HRC. The handle is crafted using 6AL4VA Titanium and has a bronze surface. The knife is distinguished for its frame lock mechanism.
  4. Spear Knife: Spear Knife is a recent addition from the knife brand. This knife is composed of CPM-S35VN stainless steel and features a simple edge with a stonewash finish. It has either titanium or a carbon fiber handle and sports a wire drawing. The Spear has a frame lock mechanism for seamless blade deployment when in use. It includes a copper ceramic ball bearing that makes it easy to open.
  5. Knight Knife: The Knight's blade is made of M390 stainless steel and has a black finish. The blade has been honed to have a hardness of 59 to 61 HRC. The sandblast coating of the handle is made of 6AL4VA titanium. The incorporated 6AL4VA titanium allows it to be readily fastened to the pocket. The wire lock system on the knife sets it apart.
  6. Blaze Knife: This knife has a sandblast and satin polish and is made of D2 steel. The handle is composed of G10 and features a stainless steel clip. The Blaze has a liner lock mechanism that allows the blade to be deployed smoothly in the event of a fight. It includes a copper ceramic ball bearing that makes it easy to open.

The knives are applicable to be carried on camping trips, hiking, outdoor expedition, and mountaineering. They are vouched for corrosion-resistant blades. All the pocket folders are practical and attractive.

CMB Made Knives Warranty

One of the most reputed knife companies in the world is CMB Made Knives. The brand values its customers and strives to give the best knife-related solutions. It assures any production flaws in terms of material and workmanship. To replace the malfunctioning knife, you can purchase a new one. If you use the knife for something other than its original purposes, such as a scalpel or a hammer, the guarantee will be void. If you make any changes to the knife's original concept, you will not be eligible for a replacement. This is a situation when the brand can make a difference. Make sure the knife has not been overused or broken before replacing it.

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