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Denix Replica Walther Series includes a life-like replica of a vintage P.38 automatic pistol and PPK pistol. These replicas are sure to add value to any weapon collection. These are non-firing replicas which means it has all the features and details like a real pistol but it is not functional, one cannot fire shots from these pistols, it is just for show. Both the P.38 automatic pistol and PPK Pistol have metal construction with a black plastic grip that remains wear-resistant and offers extended durability. The PPK pistol has a removable magazine while P.38 has a functioning slide but the clip does not move. These features enhance the fun of playing with the pistol and give a better understanding of how they function in actual conditions. These pistols were semi-automatic pistols developed by Carl Walther GmBH as the service pistol of the Wehrmacht at the beginning of World War II.

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