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Established in 2012, a Chinese knifing brand, Kizer has become of the premier knife manufacturers across the globe. Kizer takes pride in the materials they use and the designs they produce. Kizer imports the production materials from the USA and Japan. The brand has been regularly collaborating with custom knife makers. From the very beginning, Kizer is committed to design and manufacture world-class knives.

In 2016, Kizer introduced new models and made some innovative changes in the previous line. The company’s new product development has been fueled by collaborations with established knife makers. They have also collaborated with Ray Laconico for their Gemini series which has been one of the bestsellers. The enormous success of the new lines and old production ways have paved a way for Kizer to be one of the topmost sellers of knives and cutlery in international markets.


Kizer - Updated with Advanced Knife-Making Processes


Kizer promises to provide the customers with the high-performance gears at affordable prices. Each component in a Kizer product is precision machined and engineered to the finest tolerances. The high-end range of Kizer knives is made by following a defined knife manufacturing process that includes the use of high-tech machinery and technology. The brand used EDM machines to cut out the parts. The method is slower than ladder cutting but, it delivers satisfying quality. Kizer is one of the very few brands that use the expensive high-speed CNC milling machines for knife making process to deliver excellence.

The final fit, finish, and sharpness for each knife is achieved entirely by hand with irreplaceable craftsmanship of learned cutler masters. Kizer’s dedicated craftsmen honor the company’s long-term goal of making the best knives possible. The pioneering range of Kizer Knives includes a variety of pocket knives, fixed blade knives, multi-purpose knives, and accessories. Kizer knives cater to the needs of many chefs, hunters, collectors, outdoorsmen, and adventure enthusiasts.


An Exceptional Range of High-End Chinese Knives


Kizer Knife Accessories: This series comprises of an array of knife accessories and components. It includes a large selection of cutlery cleaners, toothpick, bottle openers, polishing cloth, cutlery pouches, screwdrivers, toothpicks, and bottle openers. The products included in this series are ideal for everyday use.


Kizer Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed blade knives manufactured by Kizer are perfect to use as EDC. This range of knives caters to the needs of many hunters, fishermen, trekkers, survivalists, and adventure enthusiasts. All the tactical knives included in this niche feature full tang construction, making them strong enough for handling tough tasks. AUS-8, VG10, and D2 tool steel are the most common varieties of steel used to make these fixed blade knives to ensure durability.


Kizer Folding Pocket Knives: This series of non-folding knives includes three types of knives that are operated with a spring lock mechanism – framelock, linerlock, and lockback knives. Most knives in this series have blades that are either sharpened using high-tech EDM wire cutting machines or handcrafted by cutler masters for added sharpness. Upgrade your pocket knife collection with these high-performance folding knives.


Kizer Traditional Pocket Knives: Kizer always surprises its customers with its product range. This series includes an array of knives that feature a traditional design. The white smooth bone handle gives these knives a vintage look. The AUS-8 stainless blade construction makes them ideal for rugged tasks. The features like nickel silver bolsters make them highly functional. The pocket knives in this series are manufactured and assembled in Russia.


Kizer Amigo Knife Series: manufactured using the state-of-art technologies, high-speed CNC milling machine, and EDM cutting tools. The AUS-8 stainless steel construction makes these knives impact resistant and allows them to withstand tough situations. The finger ring designs of these knives make them special by allowing the user to handle and operate them in any situation with easier access.


Kizer Bad Dog Knife Series: This is one of the most popular series manufactured by Kizer. This range includes an assortment of heavy-blade, sharp, and strong framelock knives. The knives are equipped with a responsive flipping action that makes them highly functional. Most of the framelock knives in this niche feature titanium handles that offer a stable and secure grip in all-weather conditions.


Kizer Barbosa Knife Series: This series of knives are lightweight, featuring a compact design, making them ideal for everyday carrying purposes. Barbosa knives offer a sleek tactical design from a reputed Danish knife-maker Mikkel Williamson, making these knives more special. The VG10 stainless steel and slim G-10 handles make these knives a must have.


Kizer Begleiter Knife Series: The knives in the Begleiter series can be a perfect accompaniment for your next adventurous trip. These knives are equipped with two-barrel spacers on either side of the elongated lanyard hole provide enough space for the blade to get deployed easily. This range of knives impresses many collectors across the globe. The pocket knives in this series are manufactured and assembled in China.


Kizer C01E Knife Series: This series presents you a selected array of folders with heavy-duty cleaver design from Chris Conaway of Sheepdog Knives. All the knives in this niche feature a sheepsfoot design blades made from high-grade CPM-S35VN stainless steel. The stonewash finish on these knives makes them resistant to wear and tear. With excellent wear resistance and edge retention, these easy-to-use knives deliver superior performance in tactile situations.


Kizer Chop Sticks: With its Chinese origin, Kizer has launched a wide range of chopsticks that are positioned as premium kitchenware or dining-ware items. All the chopsticks available in this range are made from durable materials to offer longevity. Some of the chopsticks feature Chopstick Capsules with the threaded cap that is milled with high-grade materials to make them more waterproof and corrosion-resistant.


Kizer Compodre Knife Series: This collection of Kizer knives include framelock pocket folding knives that work with an effective locking mechanism for easy deployment of the blade. Most of these knives are equipped with clip point blades that are perfect for tasks like piercing, cutting, smearing, and slicing. Strong titanium handles make them a must-have in your collection.


Kizer Corto Knife Series: This series presents an expanding range of heavy-duty framework pocket knives. The spring assisted pocket knives to feature a drop point blade that is made from CPM-S35VN steel, offering maximum resistance again rust and corrosion. Features like tip-up titanium pocket clipmake sure that your cutting tool is always close to your hand whenever needed.  


Kizer also includes some powerful and strong knife series like Kizer Bolt Knife Series, Kizer Caligine Knife Series, Kizer Gent Knife Series, and Kizer Croc Knife Series that boast impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched design.


Kizer Desert Dog Knife Series: This category features an assortment of linerlock pocket knives that are equipped with wide carbon fiber handle that is ideal for high strength tasks. The rugged construction of these knives makes them ideal for handling heavy-duty tasks even under hostile conditions. Anatomical features like lanyard hole, thumb pull, and deep carry pocket clip make these knives functional.


Kizer Dorado Knife Series:  This category comprises of an assortment of framelock and linerlock pocket folding knives. Most knives in this series are used by survivalists and outdoorsmen. The impressive features of these knives like G-10 scales over nested, skeletonized stainless steel liners offer a secure grip and comfortable handling. Thus, these knives are perfect to use for long hours. These knives are equipped with a durable nylon pouch that provides safety to the knife along with easy storage.


Kizer Dukes Knife Series: This series presents a classic collection of folding pocket knives that feature an extremely functional design. The responsive flipping feature of these knives makes it easier to use even for the beginners. Duke knives feature VG-10 stainless steel blade with a satin finish that makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.


Kizer Gemini Knife Series: In 2016, when Kizer collaborated with the famous knife maker Ray Laconico, Gemini Knife was developed. These are high-end spring lock knives that are equipped with VG-10 steel blades, making them highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The bead blasted titanium handle with an anodized titanium back spacer, blued hardware, and a steel lock bar insert adds to the functionality of these knives.


Kizer GPB1 Knife Series: Gray’s Pocket Brute 1 is one of the most important about series of Kizer Knives. The rugged construction with the John Gray design of these knives makes them ideal for purposes like cutting, chopping, splitting, and a wide range of daily utility tasks. These knives are also known as muscle knives that impresses many collectors and outdoorsmen.


Kizer GTI Titanium Knife Series: This series includes a variety of folding knives that are most commonly used by hunters. The classic hunting blades of these knives can be used for heavy-duty tasks. These hunting knives are tried and tested for maximum reliability for tactile and combat purposes. The knives in this category are made with CPM-S35VN stainless steel that makes them ideal for rugged use.


Kizer Gunhammer Knife Series: This range includes a variety of knives that are designed by the famous knife-maker Darrel Ralph. These knives feature heavily textured 3D machined titanium handles to provide high tensile strength. The Bowie style blade with framelock spring mechanism makes these tactical knives the perfect EDC.


Kizer Guru Knife Series: This series combines a variety of compactly designed EDC knives that are designed by Matt Degnan. The streamlined design with bearing pivot system makes these knives standout. The thumb stud on these knives allows easy single-handed opening.


Kizer Kala Knife Series: This series offers an assortment of linerlock and framelock knives that are made with a high quality VG-10 stainless steel to offer durability. Kala knives undergo an extensive process of distortion and compression. The rugged construction of these knives makes them ideal for rough use.


Kizer Kane Knife Series: This series comprises of a large selection of knives that are used for common everyday tasks. These knives feature some attractive handcrafted attributes. Kane knives are decked with stainless bolster for boosting the overall durability while others have features like a satin finish. The extended tang construction of these knives makes them strong enough to handle heavy duty tasks.


Kizer Kesmec Knife Series: These knives are known for their compact size, impeccable finish, and high-performance. Most of these knives use the simple framelock deployment mechanism. Features like the pocket clip and lanyard holes make them more functional and easier to carry.


Kizer Kyre Knife Series: The feature that makes Kyre Knives different is their S35VN stainless steel construction that ensures their remarkable strength and longevity. Satin finish and standard edge along with the extended tang give an extra edge to these knives.


Kizer Little River Bowie Knife Series: Most of these knives are manufactured in China with the use of 1095 high carbon steel. These knives have blades that are considered ideal for heavy-duty chopping tasks. All the knives in this series can be easily sharpened with good edge retention. Most of the knives in this niche feature a lanyard hole for attaching a cord for easy carry.


Kizer Maddox Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured with the highest-grade CPM S35VN stainless steel, making them resistant to wear and tea. The stonewash finish of these knives offers maximum resistance against rust and corrosion. The knives in this series come packed in camo nylon storage cases.


 Kizer Megatherium Knife Series: The knives in this category are specially designed with CPM technique – Crucible Particle Metallurgy. The high-grade materials used to make these knives ensure impact resistance.


Kizer Nomad Knife Series: Nomad Knives are featured with practical designs using the CPM technique. The stainless-steel clip point blades of these knives with extended tang make them a must-have for your survival, hunting or outdoor gear kit. Kizer Nomad Knives are supplied with accessories like CAMO nylon zippered storage cases.


Kizer Roach Knife Series: This series presents some of the bestselling knives manufactured by Kizer. Most of these knives are equipped with versatile blades that can be used for a wide range of cutting and slicing jobs. The simple liner lock deployment mechanism ensures negligible use for repositioning that saves time.


Kizer Rugiada Knife Series: This series comprises of a variety of folding knives that are designed for travelers, hikers, trekkers, survivalists, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The blade of these folding knives is comprehended with a flipper and thumb studs for an easy one-hand opening. 


Apart from these EDC knives, Kizer has an expanding inventory of high-performance knives designed with functional features. Praise worthy knife series like Kizer Hustler Knife Series, Kizer IFTL Knife Series, Kizer Intrepid Knife Series, Kizer Legion Knife Series, Kizer Maximus Knife Series, Kizer Rattler Knife Series, and Kizer River Cat Knife Series has made Kizer one of the top-selling brands in the world.

Kizer Salient E613 Knife Series: This series consists of a huge variety of fixed blade knives that are specially designed for outdoorsmen and adventure enthusiasts. The extended tang and sturdy construction of these knives make them ideal for using when hunting or in combat situations. Some of the knives in this series are specially designed keeping demands of military personnel in mind.


Kizer Siren 1 Titanium Whistle: Kizer whistles are famous for their multi-functional utility. These whistles are generally used in emergencies, catering to the needs of travelers, trekkers, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. All the whistles are available in this series made from titanium metal. They are easy to carry as they can be slipped into a keychain or can be worn around the neck.


Kizer SLT Knife Series: This series of tactical knives are designed by John Gray. With a slim profile design accompanied by an ergonomic construction, these knives can be your ideal accompaniment in hostile and combat situations. The non-slip grip of these handles allows you to use them for long hours without any hand fatigue.


Kizer Splinter Knife Series: This series includes an assortment of folding pocket knives that are designed in collaboration with Tom Cat Designs. These knives feature titanium handles that are contoured for a firm grip. The swedge on the spine near the tip of most knives make them ideal for tasks that involve piercing. Ceramic ball bearings allow for smooth opening with the integrated blade flipper.


Kizer Tigon Knife Series: This series of knives is perfect for tactical situations. These knives are equipped with milled G10 handles with a ribbed texture not only enhance the look of the knife but also optimize the grip for prolonged usage. Include Tigon Knives to your adventure gears/tool kit for experiencing high performance.


Kizer Tomcat Knife Series: Sleek and lightweight framelock knives in this series can be a perfect companion for outdoorsmen who are always out on an adventure. The stainless-steel blades with stonewash finish make these knives resistant against wear and tear. Dual thumb studs act like a one-hand opener allowing easy deployment of the blade. The compact design of these knives makes them easily fit into pockets.


Kizer Toro Knife Series: All the knives in this series are exclusively manufactured with the collaboration of Matt Diskin. Most of the knives in this series feature drop point blades that serve as a perfect tool for hunters, campers and survivalists. The Toro knives are famous for the double detent system that ensures secure closure. Browse through the selection of Toro Knives to pick the desired flipper.


Kizer Trifecta Knife Series: This series of knives are inspired by the impeccable designs of knife maker Matt Cucchiara’s trifecta flipper. The drop point blades with hollow grinds and swedge spine make these knives perfect for combat situations. Many knives in this niche are embellished with a machined, anodized dragon with stippled flare.


Kizer Urban Knife Series: The urban knife series comprises of a large selection of contemporary knives including fixed blade knives and pocket spikes. Most of the knives in this series come to have a 3D textured Micarta handles that offer a tight grip for prolonged usage.


Kizer Ursa Minor Knife Series: Kizer collaborated with the award-winning knife maker of this century Ray Laconico of LV knives to create a master piece named as Ursa Minor Knives. These linerlock folding knives feature a design that is inspired by the ergonomics of Gemini Knives with the harpoon blade style of Intrepid. One can comfortably use these knives for a long duration without fatigue.


Kizer Wakallu Knife Series: This is a premium range of knives manufactured by Kizer. These knives are known for their quality construction and streamlined design. The Wakallu folders have sharp-edged blades featuring an optimum length to handle most cutting tasks. This series mainly comprises of folders that can be used as EDC knives.


Kizer Wanderer Knife Series: This is a series of high-performance framelock knives that were introduced by Justin Lundquist taking inspirations from the famous knife maker, Bob Terzuola. These are custom made knives, featuring sleek blades that can tackle heavy-duty cutting tasks, making them ideal for hunting and camping.


Kizer Zambi Knife Series: These are uniquely designed knives with collectible structure and textured handles that resemble the bubbling skulls. The curvaceous design along with the attractive detailing on these knives make them highly desirable. The flow-through deign, a large flipper tab, and moderate jimping on the spine allow easy opening and closing of the blade. These knives serve as a treat for collectors and adventure enthusiasts.


Kizer Zugang Knife Series: The titanium constriction, utility framelock design and embossed writings make these Zugang knives stand out in their niche. The features like pivot thumb stud, titanium pocket clip and a lanyard hole make these knives extremely functional and easy to operate. You can browse through the inventory of Kizer Cutlery & Knives to explore the wide range of Zugang Knives.


Kizer Cutlery & Knives has manufactured more than hundred models of knives, each being different from the other. Other than the above explained few series there are many more high-quality knife series like; Kizer Sealion Knife Series, Kizer Seppia Knife Series, Kizer Shoal Knife Series, Kizer Sovereign Knife Series, Kizer Super Bad Knife Series, Kizer T2 Knife Series, Kizer Uprising Knife Series, Kizer UTE Knife Series, Kizer V3 Knife Series, and Kizer Velox Knife Series that are liked and appreciated by the customers all over the world.


Warranty Information

All Kizer products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. These products are old with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner of the product. Proper care and maintenance by the user are needed to ensure the knife will perform at optimum levels. Kizer is not liable to offer warranty to the products that are damaged due to loss, abuse, neglect, misuse, accident or improper blade sharpening. The customers are also informed that if repairs to any product is performed by any other source then Kizer, then it will void the knife’s warranty. Any disassembling procedure would nullify the warranty. If the owner wants a repair or replacement of their products, then the cost of postage will be their responsibility. The returned items would be analyzed by the Kizer professional team to check for repairable defects and the product will be replaced or repaired as per the company’s protocol.


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