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Since 2012, Kizer Knives has been a pioneer of high-end Chinese Knife manufacturers. They strive to deliver the best knife designs, which has resulted in Kizer collaborating with a lot of custom knife makers. With innovation and quality as top priorities, the brand provides premium blade knives. The brand does not believe in shortcuts or circumvent, everything from concept to design, and design to manufacture, every step is taken the hard way. To move forward, in 2016, Kizer introduced new models and made changes in the existing products. The new high-end knives have been designed in collaboration with well-known knife makers like Ray Laconico for the Gemini series. The enormous success of the new lines and old production ways have paved a way for Kizer to be one of the topmost sellers of knives and cutlery in international markets.


The R&D members work directly with the designers as the company has its R&D Lab just 50 meters away from the manufacturing line. Combination of precision machinery, the smooth integration allows the brand to improve and innovate. The cutlery company is ISO 14001 certified and uses an international environmental management system for its day-to-day practices. The final fit, finish, and sharpness for each knife are achieved entirely by hand with the irreplaceable craftsmanship of learned cutler masters. Kizer’s dedicated craftsmen honor the company’s long-term goal of making the best knives possible. The pioneering range of Kizer Knives includes a variety of pocket knives, fixed blade knives, multi-purpose knives, and accessories. Kizer knives cater to the needs of many chefs, hunters, collectors, outdoorsmen, and adventure enthusiasts.


Complete details about Kizer Cutlery & Knives

Kizer provides strong knives by importing the production materials from the USA and Japan. Their high-performance knives making starts from the R&D Lab, which is an International Engineering Lab. The Kizer R&D Centre has a complete industrial line, updated software, state-of-the-art CNC machinery, a cutting-edge 3D printing lab, and an on-site testing lab. The Kizer Knives are thus made with precision machining, the finest materials, and the best of heat treatments. Most of the knives by the brand are made in China. There is a Kizer Knife for everyone, whether you are looking for an EDC knife to beat up or a fancy knife for special occasions. 


The Kizer blades are made with only the best materials including S35VN steel, titanium handles, and frames. For increasing the lifespan of your pocket knife, you must occasionally oil the joints and springs with a drop or two of oil. This also helps in the prevention of rust and lessens wear. For maintaining the knife in a damp climate, you must wipe it with an oil-moistened cloth now and then. In case the blade is too wet, it must be dried thoroughly. The product line by Kizer Knives includes Folding Knives, Fixed-Blade Knives, Kitchen Knives, Slipjoint Knives, and Tools. The brand provides the finest quality knives as their gears are tested from the Amazon Rainforest to the Sahara Desert and are thus trusted by the bold and brave.


Kizer Knife Categories

Kizer Knife Accessories: The Knife Accessory series by Kizer contains everything from knife sharpening accessories, cutlery cleaners, bottle openers, toothpicks, cutlery pouches to polishing cloth. Screwdrivers, toothpicks, bottle openers are also available in stainless construction with a stonewash finish to offer a lightweight and durable use. You may also explore scratch-less cutlery polishing cloths to keep your blades, automobiles, jewelry, and tools shining. The series offers a variety of Peccary Tools that include a miniature bottle opener, a scraper, metric hex wrench, flat head screwdriver, nail puller, and a lanyard hole. These tools and knife accessories are ideal for everyday use, collection, and can also be gifted to someone who is a knife enthusiast or collector. Browse through the expanding range of Kizer knife accessories and find the perfect utility tools for your toolbox.


Kizer Fixed Blade Knives: The Fixed Blade Series by Kizer includes an assortment of tactical knives that are perfect EDCs for hunting, fishing, trekking, self-defense, and survival. Stainless Blades with full tang construction are mostly made of AUS-8, VG10, and D2 tool steel to offer a sharp edge. Knife blades crafted by experts are completed with stonewash, satin, black, or grey titanium finish. Fixed blades are assorted with ergonomic handles in different textures to provide a secure grip even in most challenging situations. An integrated guard between the blade and the handle makes sure your hands do not slip on the blade edge. These reliable and handy workaholic knives have a sharp penetrating tip making them suitable for carving and chopping tasks. Choose your best fit from the available size range and added features such as a braided lanyard, finger ring, false edge, and compatible sheath.


Kizer Folding Pocket Knives: The Folding Pocket Knife Series includes three types of knives that are operated with a spring locking mechanism- framelock, linerlock, and lockback. Most of the foldable knives in the series have blades that are sharpened using high-tech EDM wire cutting machines or handcrafted by cutler masters for additional sharpness. Kizer Knives takes pride in its commitment to the design and manufacturing of world-class knives. Expect some of the knives to have S35VN stainless clip blades with a stonewash finish. The clip point allows the blade to plunge relatively easily into many surfaces. Some other knives bear Wharncliffe blades with dual thumb studs. Expect this Kizer series to have a varied range of handles including G-10 handles and titanium handles. The unique locking mechanism keeps the knives from closing accidentally. Some of these knives feature a lock back locking system that keeps the blade secure when in use. It makes one-hand opening easy. The handles of these knives offer a secure and comfortable grip for the most strenuous tasks. The Linerlock folding pocket knives can be used for cutting threads or wires, opening packages, slicing and peeling fruits, carving food, skinning and filleting, or as a concealed self-defense weapon. Explore the series for locking pocket knives that are perfect for everyday carry.


Kizer Traditional Pocket Knives: The Traditional Pocket Knives series includes pocket knives that are easy to fold into a handle. This gives the knives a very compact shape, making them perfect to be kept in a pocket. What makes these traditional knives popular among knife enthusiasts is their compact size and razor-sharp blade. Also known as “jack of all trades”, the knife can be used for an array of functions including opening an envelope, cutting twine, performing a tracheotomy, or self-defense. Explore the series for Gent folders that have a perfectly centered blade with a rounded spine, a curved plunge line, and an attractive stonewash finish. The compact knives can be used for cutting, thanks to their solid edge retention. The blades are rust-resistant and tough. Expect the knives to have a practical handle design that is a combination of excellent contouring and a balance point. They feature titanium pocket clips which makes them easy to carry.


Kizer Chop Sticks: Kizer presents a wide range of Chop Sticks that are made in China—the regional specialty in crafting these products is easily visible. These are not the usual supermall type of chopsticks but positioned as premium kitchenware or dining-ware items. The cutlery chopsticks featured here are more durable than you can imagine. Some are sculpted with extremely durable materials like titanium. Chopstick Capsules along with the threaded cap in some options here are milled with the best materials to make them more waterproof and corrosion-resistant. The use of features like a padded drawstring pouch underlines the attention to detail. The emphasis on strong construction in these Chop Sticks is visible with the use of anodized finishing.


Kizer Cutlery & Knives Series

Kizer Amigo Knife Series: Manufactured using the finest raw materials, Kizer presents the Amigo Knife Series. The knives are fabricated using state-of-the-art technologies, high-speed CNC Milling machines, and wire EDM cutting tools. Knives featured in the Amigo series are versatile, damage-resistant, and made using optimum AUS-8 stainless, which performs extremely well despite humid conditions. The use of D2 tool steel increases the performance rate of the knives & tools. An additional advantage with the finger ring that makes it easier to handle and operate in any situation with easier access. With G-10 handles (made with high-pressure fiberglass laminate), these knives provide excellent grip immediately. Amigo Series Knives are available in different colored handles with excellent functionalities.


Kizer Apus Knife Series: The Kizer Apus Knife was designed by Henar. These flaunt satin-finished blades and blasted titanium handles with carbon fiber scales. This series has some of the best front flipper knives with a slim, modular design. The tip-up pocket clip allows for a convenient carry. An amazing grip over the knife is ensured as the spine of the blade has two sections of jimping. The knives are tough and durable, as high-quality CPM-S35VN is used for blade construction. These EDC Pocket Knives are perfect for use in your outdoor adventures, fishing, hiking, etc.


Kizer Assassin Knife Series: This knife series is a result of a collaboration between Kizer and Knife Designer, Carlos Elstner. The usage of premium quality CPM-S35VN for making the blades ensures their long shelf life. These Assassin Knives are tough and have a powerful cutting edge. You can see them on various straight knife daggers. These knives feature a satin-finished clip point blade and a titanium handle. To ensure the user can easily carry them, knives include a tip-up pocket clip and a lanyard hole. This EDC Pocket Knives can be used for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc.


Kizer Aztec Knife Series: The Aztec Knives feature 4.5-inch (11.43 cm) D2 tool steel blade for strength and durability. A firm grip while using is assured as the knife has a black sculpted G10 handle. The Aztec Fixed Blades also feature a lanyard hole, full tang, and brown leather belt sheath. With quality materials and precision, the Kizlyar Aztec Fixed Blade is made in Russia with expert craftsmanship.


Kizer Barbosa Knife Series: Barbosa Series by Kizer lets you explore its variety of folding pocket knives. These pocket knives are light in weight and are compactly designed to be your best outdoor companion and an ideal EDC. The Kizer Barbosa offers a sleek tactical design from a reputed Danish knife-maker Mikkel Williamson. Slim G-10 handles provide a firm and secure grip with a stainless-steel liner lock for dependable blade lock up. The blade flows naturally from the handle and is made of high-quality VG-10 steel that is known for its peak sharpness and extensive strength. With a strong cutting edge and reliable edge retention, the folding knives can be used for tactile and survival purposes. Blade flipper opening and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip offer fully ambidextrous use. The extended tang construction allows you to use these knives with increased force leverage and the lanyard hole lets you extend them with a cord, making them easy to spot. Explore the expandable series for selecting a reliable pocket knife for your outdoor expeditions!


Kizer Begleiter Knife Series: Begleiter, as synonymous with its name, the series offers you the best companion for your outdoor escape runs. The collection of Kizer Begleiter is known for its everyday carry folders that are designed with a slim, easy-to-carry profile. The titanium-coated blade and reliable stainless linerlock mechanism make them highly functional. Compact in size when closed—these pocket knives open to a full-length knife just like the non-folding ones. The ergonomic G10 handles and a convenient open-built design adds to the functionality of these folders and offer a secure and firm grip for easy handling. Two barrel spacers on either side of the elongated lanyard hole provide enough space for the blade to get deployed easily. A colored cord can be extended through the lanyard hole for increased visibility making them easily approachable in emergencies.


Kizer Bush Knife Series: A Bush Knife is GTI designed full-featured outdoorsman tool. The full-flat ground blades make this series of knives ideal for light chopping, slicing, and game preparation. The camp chores are easily tackled with the contoured handles. These drop knives have a squared-off spine to throw sparks on a flint on cold nights. Kizer manufactures this series of knives by utilizing high-tech wire EDM machines to cut the parts. Although it is a slower process, the exceptional quality of the product makes it worth the wait. The final fit, finish, action, and sharpness of each knife are achieved by hand while implying the amazing craftsmanship developed by generations of cutlery masters.


Kizer C01C Knife Series: The Kizer C01C Knives feature a wide blade made from 154CM stainless steel with a satin finish. A firm grip and ease of use are assured with the G-10/G-10+Carbon handles. These blades deploy easily on a small ball-bearing pivot and lock up solid. This mini knife collection offers an amazing combination of tactical functionality and a refined appearance. The tip-up pocket clip makes this ideal for everyday carry. You can use these in outdoor knives for removing splinters, opening packages, stripping wire, cutting zip-ties, etc.


Kizer C01E Knife Series: C01E Series allows you to browse through a range of folders with a heavy-duty cleaver design from Chris Conaway of Sheepdog Knives. The large sheepsfoot style blade of these knives is made from high-quality CPM-S35VN stainless steel with a stonewashed finish. This makes the folding knives highly resistant to corrosion and ensures exceptional tool life. The pocket knives also feature a ball-bearing pivot for swift, responsive blade deployment. When the blade is opened, it locks up solid to avoid accidental injuries. Contoured titanium handle scales offer a stable and secure grip along with a resilient build. With excellent wear resistance and edge retention, these easy-to-use knives deliver superior performance in tactical situations. Extended tang construction makes the C01E knives offer increased force leverage for heavy-duty tasks. A sturdy pocket clip and nylon zippered storage pouch provides safety to the knives and makes them easy to take along.


Kizer Catshark Knife Series: As the name suggests, this series of knife designs are inspired by a lovely animal: a catshark. These lightweight catshark knives feature N690 steel blades for anti-rust performance and a comfortable G10/ titanium handle. The Kizer Blades includes the design of a pry bar and screwdriver. With a pry bar, screwdriver, lanyard hole, and bottle opener, you can make these knives a part of your everyday carry for outdoor activities or open express packages, and dinners. The multifunctional pocket knives are generally used for EDC tasks, fishing, hunting, camping, and gifting to someone who adores knife designs.


Kizer Clutch Knife Series: Kizer presents Carlos Elstner-designed Clutch Knives for everyday carry. For easy carry and use, these have a thin profile. The upswept sheepsfoot blade has a magnificent belly for slicing. The EDC Blade smooth inlays sit flush against the titanium of the handle. With the flipper, the opening is easier for these knives. The pivot features ceramic ball bearings for a super smooth blade action. There is also a steel insert on the lockbar to prevent lock stick and wear. The Clutch Carbon Fiber design knives are completed with a 3-D milled titanium pocket clip (right side tip-up only).


Kizer Contrail Knife Series: The Kizer Contrail is designed by the knife maker, Justin Lundquist. These knives feature a satin-finished 154CM steel blade that is a modified sheepsfoot style. The utilitarian cutters have a non-threatening appearance. The G-10 handle scales and backspacer have milled ridges for enhancing your grip. These are finished off with a lanyard hole and a tip-up pocket clip. The Chubby EDC Pocket Knife collection is perfect for use in hiking, outdoor, fishing, etc. The everyday carry knives stylish appearance makes them a perfect gift for both men and women.


Kizer CyberBlade Knife Series: CyberBlade is a little EDC with a sharp tanto blade, skeletonized titanium frame, thumb stud, and glass breaker feature. These knives are designed as a backup tactical blade for use with gloved hands. CyberBlade is a hard tactical knife with a large thumb slot/purposeful stud, angular handle shape, and placement of the blade relative to your hand. The blades are made with the finest quality CPM-S35VN stainless steel for high strength and longevity. The satin-finished blade looks amazing and is equally sharp enough for delivering excellent performance in heavy-duty jobs.


Kizer Domin Knife Series: With Kizer Domin Knife, the EDC-utility is packed into a practical foldable knife. This Azo design is built to tackle everyday chores without breaking them. These models feature stone-washed blades. In addition, the handle is also outfitted with textured G-10 scales, stainless steel liners, and a G-10 backspacer with a lanyard hole. For tip-up everyday carry, the Domin comes with a stainless steel pocket clip. The flat ground VG-10 blade delivers smooth slicing performance. The dual thumb stud allows for one-handed deployment. The reversible pocket clip is included for right or left side everyday carry.


Kizer Dukes Knife Series: Made in China, the classic collection of Dukes Knives lets you glance through the framelock and linerlock knives that are high in design and rich in functionality. Equipped with G10 handles, these knives have milled ridges to offer a firm, no-slip grip in all weather conditions. The lightweight construction of these knives is enhanced with a responsive flipping action to add to the utility. Strong, essential, and functional in tactical environments, these flipper knives are the must-have in any EDC collection. Many of the Duke knives feature VG-10 stainless steel blades with a satin finish that makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. The titanium pocket clip provides the convenience of carrying. Explore the Dukes Series for an ideal folding knife for your trekking, camping, hunting, and other outdoor pursuits!


Kizer Feist Knife Series: Kizer Feist Knives have been updated as the titanium handle now has extra milling near the lock, which makes disengaging the lock bar comfortable. The folding cutlery now has a barrel spacer for keeping the weight down. There is a new detente ramp milled in around the pivot on the inside for making the action smoother. Browse through this knife series for finishing EDC tasks such as opening boxes, cutting tags off clothes, etc., and during camping, fishing, and hunting.


Kizer Fire Ant Knife Series: The Fire Ant Blades are timeless pocket knives with supreme-grade CPM-S-35VN Tanto blade and titanium handle scales. These Kizer Blades open with an anodized thumb stud and are secured by a rugged framelock. The powder-metallurgical blade steel is tough and wear-resistant. The blade offers outstanding edge retention all thanks to its uniform microstructure. This series Blade Knives features a 3D milled clip (tip-up) with a straight handle for a secure grip and pronounced ridge pattern.


Kizer Flashbang Knife Series: Flashbang Series by Kizer offers you a variety of linerlock and framelock flippers that possess an impressive design along with durable construction. The responsive flipping action with a ball-bearing pivot makes these Flashbang knives a solid addition to your everyday carry.  VG-10 stainless steel blade with a satin finish makes the handheld knives resistant to rust and corrosion. Many of the knives under the series are equipped with G10 handles that offer a secure grip even in wet conditions. Extended tang construction of these pocket folding knives lets you access them with increased force in heavy-duty applications. The sturdy pocket clip provides you the convenience of carrying while a durable nylon pouch offers safe storage. Glance through the Flashbang Series for a dependable EDC for your outdoor escape runs.


Kizer Flip Shank Knife Series: Explore this mini pocket knife collection for a tough CPM-S35VN steel blade that is only 2 inches. The Bowie Stonewashed surface provides enhanced edge retention, rust-proof, and toughness. You can use this Flip Knife for multi-purpose such as a package opener, emergency rescue, camping tool, or on outdoor adventures. The pocket-friendly blade can be opened by the flipper and thumb stud opener. These knives can be availed in the G10 handle and Micarta handle. These compact knives are perfect for use by people with small hands as well. Moreover, the lightweight and portable feature make Flip Shank Knife ideal for everyday carry.


Kizer Gemini Knife Series: Kizer Cutlery collaborated with Ray Laconico to introduce a popular series of framelock and linerlock folding knives, known as the Gemini Series. The Gemini knives use an effective locking mechanism for easy opening and closing of the blade. These folding knives are equipped with VG-10 steel blades that are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Maintaining the right balance of size, ergonomics, and construction, these Gemini knives are the must-have to your everyday toolkit. The bead-blasted titanium handle with an anodized titanium backspacer, blued hardware, and a steel lockbar insert adds to the utility of these knives. The milled titanium pocket clip makes sure your EDC knife stays close to your hand whenever you need it. The extended tang construction ensures increased force leverage and the lanyard hole allows you to extend the knife using a cord, making it easy to spot on time.


Kizer Genie Knife Series: Designed by Gage, the Kizer Genie is a sturdy flipper knife with an S35VN blade and carbon fiber handle. The included pocket clip makes these knives suitable for everyday carry and easy to get into and out of a pocket. You can easily open it with one hand with the thumb hole and front flipper. The stainless blade made of S35VN steel for edge retention can be used to finish EDC tasks like opening boxes, cutting tags off clothes, etc. A comfortable firm grip on the knife is assured with a titanium/carbon fiber handle. The blade further deploys easily on small ball-bearing pivots and locks up solid.


Kizer Gent Knife Series: Manufactured with the assurance of lasting for generations, Kizer Gent Knife Series exemplifies how Kizer has evolved into a global brand by never compromising its standards for quality. Gent Knives are constructed with the best materials in the business like stainless steel blades that have much longer durability despite humid, wet conditions. Expect the blade edge resistance to much more than the average professional and kitchen knives available in the market. A big reason lies in not foregoing the traditional knife-making methods. The use of materials like Black TiNi (Titanium Nitride) for finishing explains why these knives continue to be durable beyond our imagination. The use of heat treatment and some legendary hardening processes further make Kizer knives the best in the business. The Gent knives by Kizer are known to have high scratch & peel resistance. The stainless blade pocket folding knives come with beautiful options like a bone handle with nickel silver bolsters.


Kizer Ginesis Knife Series: Sleek and modern Kizer Ginesis is designed by Gage and flaunts clean lines and very few sharp angles. The spear point blade has a grind that matches the tone of the rest of the knife. Made with CPM-S35VN stainless steel, the blades offer great edge retention and wear resistance. These frame lock knives handle a carbon fiber inlay with a grooved texture, which looks stunning visually and ergonomically secure. These stylish every day carry EDC pocket knives are perfect for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc.


Kizer GPB1 Knife Series: Gray’s Pocket Brute 1 series by Kizer is an assortment of everyday carry pocket knives. The rugged knives with the John Gray design are perfect for cutting, chopping, splitting, and a wide range of daily utility tasks. Often called muscle knives, most of these hand tools feature a Wharncliffe style-plain edge blade made from CPM-S35VN Steel. The ergonomic handles of these knives are crafted from hard-grade titanium for perfect execution along with supreme finesse. POZI-head design of the knife pivot and lanyard slot add to the utility of these GPB1 knives. The knives of this series are equipped with a titanium pocket clip to keep the knife concealed in the pocket and keep them handy whenever you need them. From kitchen applications to harsh field tasks, GPB1 with a generous blade and perfect grip is a perfect companion for everyday users, outdoorsmen, knife enthusiasts, and collectors.


Kizer Gunhammer Knife Series: Kizer Gunhammer series includes an array of unique knife blades designed by the famous knife maker, Darrel Ralph. Gunhammer knives feature heavily textured 3D machined titanium handles with high tensile strength. The tough titanium frame of the handles provides a firm grip with bare or gloved hands. Most of the knives in this series have CPM-S35VN steel blades that offer a rough cutting edge with proven edge retention. The blade flipper is contoured to offer an ambidextrous knife that can be used efficiently in critical tactical situations. The bowie-style blade in a gray sculpted handle works with a  framelock mechanism for single-handed opening and closing and to prevent accidental closures. These folding knives feature a sturdy pocket clip, offering the convenience of carrying and dual thumb-stud openers for a quick draw. Kizer Gunhammer is a proven versatile tool for EDC, survival, hunting, outdoor utility, or defense purposes.


Kizer Guru Knife Series: Guru series by Kizer Cutlery is a range of compact and highly functional EDC knives designed by Matt Degnan. These knives feature sheep’s foot-shaped steel blades with a sharp cutting edge to deliver professional-grade performance. Titanium 6AL4V grade handles are available in milled or plain frames to choose from. The ergonomic handles feature a reinforced steel insert for a reliable frame locking mechanism. The hefty knife in a standard streamlined look and bearing pivot system offers a smooth blade opening and closing. Most of the Guru Knife is outfitted with a thumb stud that sits on the blade and allows single-handed knife opening without injuring your hand. The diverse knife range lets you explore the knives with a flipper-assisted opening. These closed-packed knives with a unique and solid construction are a great folder for everyday carry, hunting, and other adventures.


Kizer Hunter Knife Series: The Kizer Hunter is an EDC folding knife designed as per the classic hunting fixed blades. These Justin Gingrich designs are outfitted with a G-10 handle and a satin-finished 154CM steel blade. These steel blades offer a tough blade edge that resists corrosion and wear. A Hunter Knife can be used for any difficult cutting task while being streamlined for subtle everyday carry. You can rely on this one for your outdoor endeavors as it has been tested thoroughly. The textured G-10 handle further provides an ergonomic grip. This series of knives also feature dual thumb studs and a reversible pocket clip.


Kizer Intrepid Knife Series: Intrepid Series by Kizer Cutlery is a range of high-caliber folding knives designed for an impressive performance in tactical situations. The knives of this series are designed by Ray Laconico. A combination of excellent handgrip and cutting power makes these knives reliable cutting tools. The frame lock knives of this series have VG-10 or CPM-S35VN stainless steel clip point blades with a cutting edge for all your tasks. Most of the knives feature either a matte finish titanium handle or a G-10 handle with a liner lock closing mechanism. Maintaining an outstanding blade to handle size ratio, these folding knives provide you with a sturdy tool in a compact design. These high-finish knives are equipped with a replaceable steel insert and a titanium pocket clip for ease of carrying. The ball-bearing pivot ensures a powerful action while using the knife in combat, hunting, or self-defense situations. Kizer Intrepid is a highly recommended knife series for survivalists, hunters, collectors, and everyday users.


Kizer Inversion Knife Series: Being true to its name, a Kizer Inversion has the edge on the back of the blade instead of the front. The titanium knife has a reverse-tanto blade that is made from CPM-S35VN with a stonewash finish and modified for recurve. This knife series features blades that are versatile, nimble, and ideal for the outdoors. The titanium scales are ergonomic and host the titanium pocket clip in a left or right position. With a non-threatening appearance, it will be perfect for someone who adores unique knife designs. Otherwise, you can use Inversion on your outdoor, fishing, hiking tours.


Kizer JK Talon Pry Series: JK Talon is a stylish and handy tool that comes through as a reliable companion in all the tasks from everyday chaos to tactical situations. For optimal performance, the knives are equipped with a lanyard hole, 5/16’’ and 3/8’’ hex wrenches, a flat head pry tip, and a bottle opener. The usage of EDM machines for cutting the parts provides precisely cut knife parts, which makes the whole process worth the wait. Kizer JK Taylon is 3.25 inches overall. The stripped finish titanium construction enhances the look of the knife.

Kizer Junges Knife Series: Junges Series by Kizer is a collection of folding knives that was designed by Carlos Elstner. These knives flaunt a micarta handle and a dramatic clip point blade made of N690. Constructed with expert craftsmanship, these are grippy, durable, and organic. You can open the stainless blade into action via the thumb stud or flipper. These knives are configured for right-handed tip-up carry out of the box, which saves you from the trouble of switching it yourself. These multi-functional folding gears further work effectively with various materials.


Kizer Justice Knife Series: The pair of Nhut Huynh and Azo has designed the Kizer Justice Folding Knives. Along with the G10 handle, it has full stainless steel liners, a liner lock, and a reversible, deep carry pocket clip. The folding cutlery features a stainless steel clip for tip-up carry and stylish blue stripes. To improve the lifespan of the knife and optimal performance, high-grade N690 is used for blade construction. This blade can be deployed with either a thumb stud or flipper tab. Kizer Justice is an outstanding support tool for fishing and camping. This multi-functional folding device can be used with a variety of materials including textiles, food, wooden sticks, and many more.


Kizer Kala Knife Series: Kala Knife Series by Kizer covers a wide array of knives manufactured in China and with a global clientele. Incorporating simple Linerlock and Framelock mechanism, many of the knives shown here have been bestsellers across the most unforgiving knife-buying community. These folding hunter knives are made using the most durable materials like VG-10 Stainless—also known as cutlery-grade steel, this material has comparatively much higher carbon content, making these blades unforgiving. Here, knives boast of the best quality with a focus on workability and ease-of-forging. While raw materials here undergo distortion and compression, the final product is extremely rugged, meant for the roughest usage patterns. Some of the stone-finished Kizer Kala are praised for their high functionality while others have the best rust-proofing attributes. The series on view consists of many survival pocket knives that are easy to use and have an impressively sturdy grip. This knife series has some very strong and durable features as G-10 Handles and knife handles made with fiberglass laminates.


Kizer Kobold Knife Series: The titanium frame lock knife was designed by Sebastin Irawan with carbon fiber inlay on the show scale. It features a modified Wharncliffe blade made of CPM-S35VN with a satin finish. The Wharncliffe CPM-S35VN blade offers good edge retention, wear resistance, toughness, and protection against chipping. The thumbhole allows for a convenient opening while jimping at the base of the blade and on the backspacer improves your grip. For the addition of paracord and beads, a lanyard hole is provided. The titanium framelock is easy for every day carry with the titanium pocket clip. These EDC Pocket Knives can be used by anyone wanting a practical knife for fishing, outdoor, hiking, etc.


Kizer Kyre Knife Series: Kyre Knife Series by Kizer Cutlery & Knives is manufactured in China. Kizer brings knives that are designed using high-quality materials like S35VN Stainless—meant to serve varied purposes, this material is trusted across the industry for its remarkable strength and longevity. The high-grade toughness and the ability to attain excellent sharpness mean this material makes these edge knives excellent for everyday usage. The knife profile includes versatility of use. Kyre Series is used extensively for the most difficult tasks like hunting too that require high wear resistance and toughness. Satin finish and standard edge along with the extended tang give an extra edge to these knives. Kyre framelock folding pocket stainless blade knives with titanium get a separate slot for the thumb to ensure a better grip. These EDC (Everyday Carry Pocket Knife) are known for their high precision!


Kizer Lancer Knife Series: Kizer Lancer Fixed Blade Knife has a wide canted handle that features finger choil, which locks the hand in position for a secure grip in any situation. It is a powerful knife as the wide blade has a Scottish dirk pattern, in full tang. A Lancer is ideal for both side carry and appendix carry. The outdoor edge blade is made from S35VN steel with a stonewashed finish. Kizer Lancer blade flippers provide rocketing blade deployment with a reinforced frame lock for strong blade lock up. The contoured titanium pocket clip completes this stainless steel blade.


Kizer Latt Vind Knife Series: Latt Vind is a pocket knife with a titanium handle. These reliable knives are designed by Gage. Kizer Blades are constructed with CPM-S35VN stainless steel for strength and durability. The handles are strong and a hollow on the handle provides a good grip. You can open the blade of your knife with the front flipper opening method or flipper tab. The EDC Pocket Knife is perfect for outdoors, hunting, hiking, or home use.


Kizer Lieb Knife Series: Browse through this series for a compact flipper knife designed by Azo. It grips and cuts like a full-size tool while doubling as a money clip. The Lieb is finished off with a deep carry pocket clip for comfortable everyday carry. With the razor-sharp blade, you can perform almost all the EDC tasks. The G10 fiberglass handle provides high friction and a firm grip. The lightweight pocket knives are easy to use, perfect for everyday carry, and make for a perfect gift for someone who appreciates amazing knife designs.


Kizer Maestro Knife Series: Kizer Maestro houses a reverse tanto blade made from CPM-S35VN with excellent edge and corrosion resistance. It features a titanium handle with angular milling, which looks stylish and provides a secure grip. The ceramic ball bearing pivot has a flipper running on it that can be opened with the large blade cutout or the thumb stud. This is a fidget-friendly knife with a thumb stud, thumb hole, and flipper openers. The reverse tanto blade with a satin finish has an attractive appearance. It is famous amongst knife makers for its toughness and edge holding capability.


Kizer Matanzas Knife Series: Kizer Matanzas are manufactured in China with precision and quality materials. These knives have a titanium handle with MICARTA inlay or a carbon inlay version. For the construction of the blade, supreme quality CPM-S35VN stainless steel is used for additional strength and to ensure that the knife delivers excellent performance throughout its lifetime. This EDC pocket knife collection also features a pocket clip for comfortable carry. Designed by Nick Swan, these drop point blade knives can be used for outdoor adventures.


Kizer Maximus Knife Series: Kizer presents Maximus Knife Series, which is manufactured in Russia. Knives made from materials like the AUS-8 Stainless Steel have enviable strength. This is perhaps why Maximum knives have been able to grab attention as highly durable knives even when used outdoors. The inherent strength is also due to the use of methods like traditional heat treatment and hardening processes that ensure Maximum blades don’t wear out easily. This process also helps in attaining razor-sharp edges that make them more primed for difficult cutting jobs. Using materials like AUS-8 also means more damage resistance. Maximum Knives are provided with additional features like a braided cord lanyard and bead trim handle. This helps in wrapping the knife around the wrist and ensures easier access in any situation.


Kizer Megatherium Knife Series: Megatherium Knife Series by Kizer is primarily manufactured in China. The Megatherium series boasts of using some of the most durable materials known across the knife-making industry. This includes the CPM stainless steel that increases performance and durability without adding to the weight of the knife. “CPM” refers to Crucible Particle Metallurgy—a process of Crucible Industries that is used for making tools, including cutting tools like knives. You will find knives with S35VN stainless that is again vouched for highly in the industry. Expect the highest level of toughness along with more-than-expected resistance to wear and chipping. With the use of titanium and carbon fiber handles, these knives meet and surpass the current standards for durability. Also, expect knives with features like thumb pull and extended tang apart from some having stonewash finish and titanium carbon fiber handles.


Kizer Microlith Knife Series: Microlith is designed by Nick Swan and precision engineered by Kizer. The flat drop point blade is made from CPM-S35VN stainless steel, which resists corrosion and increases the lifespan of the knife. These brand knives feature a carbon fiber handle with a clip. The tactical flipper folding pocket knife is an outstanding everyday carry for tasks like cutting zip-ties, opening packages, stripping wire, removing splinters, and for aggressive animal defense. Hence, these durable knives are best companions for landscapers, hikers, hunters, backpackers, wilderness guides, or electricians.


Kizer Mini Butcher Knife Series: Over-the-top cleaver style blade is what makes Kizer Mini Butcher the first choice of fixed blade knife admirers. It is an ergonomic and practical knife with a micarta handle that has dual finger choils and is thus a secure knife even in hard use. For additional security, there is a lanyard hole on the handle as an extra place. Micarta and G10 handle further provide a firm grip and anti-slip properties. You can easily carry these camping knives as they come with a premium-grade sheath. Moreover, you can use this Kizer Blade for both entertainment purposes as well as for the kitchen.


Kizer Minitherium Knife Series: Kizer Minitherium is a small version of Elijah Isham’s artistic Megatherium design. It is equipped with Isham’s “Edge Below Tab” flipper system that conceals the flipper in the open position for unobstructed performance. This Kizer Knife has a modified Wharncliffe blade made from S35VN steel and a carbon fiber handle. This model includes a titanium tip-up pocket clip for secure everyday carry. The amazing stainless steel blade offers good edge retention and corrosion resistance. It features lightweight and durable carbon fiber handle scales with nested stainless steel liners, a 3D milled titanium pocket clip, and a backspacer.


Kizer Noble Knife Series: This is a titanium frame lock knife collection designed by Sebastian Irawan. Kizer Noble handle scales and pocket clips have milled holes for reducing weight and to add style. The improved tanto blade is built with the highest quality CPM-S35VN stainless steel and has a stonewash finish. The blade can be easily deployed as it features a compact, jimped flipper tab. This gear knife has a titanium pocket reversible clip that is configured for tip-up carry. The lanyard hole provides alternative carrying options or customization. You can use this pocket knife for outdoor activities or in the kitchen as well.


Kizer Nomad Knife Series: Nomad Knives is the perfect example of how Kizer knives are making their presence felt across the knife-loving community with simple but very practical designs. The prices are affordable and the durability is palpable as soon as you grip these fine knives. These are smooth functioning, low-upkeep knives that are the result of systematic fabrication done using CPM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy). You get knives with S35VN stainless clip point blades and most have that lovable, classic look, complete with a satin finish. For easy handling and carrying, a titanium blade is provided with an extended tang. Also, expect sculpted titanium handles that can easily outlast hot and humid conditions or rough usage. Using the much-trusted linerlock mechanism, these knives optimize reposition and are easy to handle even with a single hand. Nomad Folding Knife is supplied with accessories like CAMO nylon zippered storage cases.


Kizer Odin Knife Series: A Kizer Odin features a sleek S35VN steel blade with a flipper and elongated thumb hole. This stonewash finish knife has a curved titanium frame lock handle with a textured carbon fiber inlay for grip and style. This model is designed by Ivan Braginet. The caged ceramic ball bearing pivot provides smooth, responsive blade deployment. You can use this everyday carry EDC knife for a lot of different tasks including aggressive animal defense, opening packages, removing splinters, cutting zip-ties, and stripping wire.


Kizer Pelican Knife Series: Kizer Pelican was designed by Renaudin Jonathan. This mini folding knife thumb stud is positioned for easy, trouble-free opening action. Although it's called a mini knife, in reality, it is almost like a large knife with a ball-bearing system. The usage of the best quality CPM-S35VN steel for the blade ensures both amazing edge retention and durability. This stonewash finish knife has a titanium handle with scales that keep the weight down and a pocket clip for easy carry.


Kizer Pinch Knife Series: Pinch Knife features a detent action non-locking mechanism, which is designed for two-hand opening. This Kizer knife model was designed by Rolf Helbig. It has a micarta handle for enhanced edge retention and firm grip. The everyday carry tool further has a Bohler N690 blade. You can take this classic knife easily on your travel tours or in places with restrictive knife laws.

Kizer Pry Axe Series: Kizer Pry Axe is a light, multi-purpose, slam and ram tool. This tool is specifically designed to pry, cut sheet metal, enlarge the opening, and twist off locks and latches. This tactical axe is compact enough to carry and rugged enough for most jobs. It is an easy-to-maintain, stylish Axe with electroless nickel plating. This stonewash finish titanium construction axe includes tools like a pry bar, hex/bit driver, bottle opener, and flat head screwdriver.


Kizer Quell Knife Series: Quell is a combination of simple design, classy aesthetic, and premium quality materials. The CPM-S35VN blade has a titanium handle constructed with a steel-capped frame lock bar. It is a perfect in-between knife as it is not too small and not too big. The flipper is gently jimped for allowing the blade to smoothly glide into its locked position. It is further strong and easy on the pocket with the handle frame lock that ensures safety during use. The tip-up pocket clip ensures quick access for convenient carry. You can use this EDC Pocket Knife for outdoor, hiking, and fishing adventures.


Kizer Raja Knife Series: Explore the Kizer Raja series for long and slender frame knives with great ergonomics and top-notch aesthetics. These designs by Sebastion Irawan feature CPM-S35VN steel blades and handles made of milled titanium. While in use, the handle angles the blade slightly backward for optimal performance while slicing or any other such task. This pocket knife will be your true companion in both outdoor and everyday tasks.


Kizer Roach Knife Series: Kizer presents Roach Knife Series—one of the most popular EDC knives by Kizer that can stand up to nearly any type of use. These are versatile blades that can handle a wide range of cutting and slicing jobs. They come without application restrictions. Take them to a camp or when opening a metallic packaging. The easy-to-carry knives work with the traditional Linerlock Folding Mechanism with side springs for better movement. This also means negligible use for repositioning which saves time in the unforgiving outdoors. Cutlery-grade stainless steel like the VG-10 with its titanium coating is hard to miss in this knife series. These knives have much higher carbon content as compared to some similarly-priced knives, giving the Roach series more corrosion resistance.  For the perfect grip and smoother handling, Roach knives are provided with the best options in this business, like G-10 handles. The use of high-pressure fiberglass laminates makes these handles more durable. These EDCs (Everyday Carry Pocket Knife) are supplied with stainless pocket clips and additional bits like microfiber polishing cloth.




Kizer Senpai Knife Series: A tactical fusion of Japanese tradition and Russian practicality is a Kizer Senpai. It is the small version of Sensei Fixed Blade. These knives feature a full-tang blade that slices, hacks, and pierces through obstacles with ease. Constructed with AUS-8 stainless steel the blades are extremely durable. The Senpai handle has rounded Kraton scales with an ABS core for a firm grip during intensive use. For a comfortable carry, the knife includes a MOLLE compatible Kydex sheath.


Kizer Seppia Knife Series: Seppia is one of the popular series of full-size folding knives by Kizer. These folding knives work with a framelock mechanism that allows easy deployment of the blade and keeps them safely secured during those difficult jobs.  Compact design and lightweight construction make these knives the perfect addition to any EDC rotation. Equipped with titanium handles and an S35VN steel blade, the folding knives are strong and sharp as required for many heavy-duty applications. The drop point-style blade with a hollow grind and a spear-point-inspired swedge delivers superior performance in precise cutting and slicing. Seppia knives are also featured with a flipper and thumb studs for easy one-hand opening. The titanium pocket clip can be switched from tip-down to tip-up carry, depending on your preference. Great knives for collecting and everyday carry, Seppia Series lets you explore a range of reliable cutting tools!


Kizer Sequoia Knife Series: Designed by Eric, Kizer Sequoia is a mid-size fixed blade. This knife was made with the intention to provide a knife that can perform all camping tasks with ease. You can trust this sharp blade in bushcraft and survival scenarios. The blade is constructed with 1095 carbon steel and is completed with a black traction coating. It fits snugly in hand and is ideal for both small and large cutting tasks.


Kizer Shamshir Knife Series: This collection is an assortment of Frame Lock Folding Knives designed by the famous designer Azo. The S35VN blade provides superb edge retention and corrosion resistance. Kizer Shamshir has a stonewash finished trailing point blade and a contoured titanium handle. The tip-up pocket clip and lanyard hole allow for easy carry. This simple and effective designer knife includes a polishing cloth and a black nylon pouch. It is popular amongst professionals or knifemakers for its toughness and edge holding capability.


Kizer Shard Knife Series: “Shard” is a small folding knife with a lanyard hole and tip-up titanium pocket clip. The N690 steel blade can be used for completing different tasks on your hunting or hiking adventure. Kizer Shard’s premium quality blade is rust-proof and looks stylish. The fiberglass handle pattern makes it even more non-slip when held in the hand. It has a milled titanium clip for a safe pocket carry, used as a money clip, and a lanyard slot to round out this design. This EDC is thus an excellent everyday carry option.


Kizer Sheepdog Knife Series: This series includes a heavy-duty clever design knife from Chris Conaway of Sheepdog Knives. The large sheepshot style CP-S35VN stainless steel blade is completed with stonewash finishing. It can be easily deployed onto a ball-bearing pivot and locks up solid. A resilient build and tight grip on the blade are provided by the contoured titanium handle scales. This tactical tool has a non-threatening and refined appearance. The EDC-ready pocket knife features a reversible tip-up carry clip for a safe and secure carry.


Kizer Shoal Knife Series: Action, lockup, ergonomics, materials, and aesthetics—Shoal Series introduces you to a range of knives that combine all fundamentals into one. The series mainly comprises framelock folding knives, known for their compact design and enhanced functionality. Designed by Kim Ning, the Kizer Shoal.  Featuring CNC milled titanium handle scales and blue anodized hardware, these folding knives offer a secure and stable grip for effective usage. The use of CPM-S35VN steel in the blade provides resistance to corrosion and ensures exceptional tool life. The streamlined drop point-style blade with a satin finish can be used for a variety of tactile uses. Equipped with a titanium pocket clip and smooth bearing pivots, the folding knives are easy to use and carry. Perfect size as an EDC, these pocket knives are the reliable cutting tools to add to your travel/survival kit.


Kizer Silver Knife Series: Outfitted with a black T6 aluminum handle and stonewashed blade, a Kizer Silver Knife is a great addition to any EDC rotation. It is a small folding knife with a tip-up stainless steel pocket clip. The open standoff construction makes it easy to use and carry. Its rugged aluminum handle is backed up by a high-grade steel liner lock and a milled sunburst texture for a safe and firm grip. Kizer Silver features dual thumb stud openers that offer a hassle-free ambidextrous blade deployment. You can use these folding knives for outdoor activities or can gift them to a knife enthusiast.


Kizer Siren 1 Titanium Whistle Series: Lost in outdoors or to alert others in case of any emergency— Siren 1 Series by Kizer lets to explore a variety of multi-functional whistles that are specially designed for travelers, trekkers, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. These titanium whistles are easy to carry and can slip into the keychain on a cord to wear around your neck. The water-resistant whistles have textured sides for reducing slippage when wet. Made of ultra-lightweight titanium in an anodized finish, the Siren 1 whistles are resistant to corrosion and are meant to stay with you for long life. Unique sculpting and a compact design make these emergency whistles a perfect addition to your EDC kit. The Siren 1 whistles are customized to be dual-purpose. Sporting a built-in bottle opener for convenient everyday use, these sharp 110-decibel whistles will be your loyal outdoor companion!


Kizer Slicer Knife Series: Designed by Michal Galovic, Kizer Slicer is a perfect blend of modern and classic. The back lock folding knives feature a G10 handle and pocket clip for an easy-to-use handle. The lockback depends upon a notch in the spine of the blade and pivoting rocker arm. With the thumb stud on the blade, the knife can be opened with one hand easily. This sharp knife delivers high strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance with a drop point N690 steel blade. It is a multi-purpose knife perfect for outdoor activities, EDC tasks, and as a gift to a friend or someone who has a thing for strong and stylish knives.


Kizer SLT Knife Series: SLT (Slim Line Tactile)—Designed by John Gray, the series offers you a variety of tactical knives with a slim profile and ergonomic construction. Sturdy and sophisticated, these sleek knives are designed to be your loyal companion in hostile and combat situations. Ergonomic handle curves combine with a modified drop point blade adding to the comfort and the functionality. The non-slip grip of these handles allows you to use them for long hours without any hand fatigue. Made from CPM-S35VN steel with a stonewash finish, these flipper knives are resistant to rust and corrosion. The titanium handles are usually outfitted with a tip-up pocket clip and an oversized pivot. The framelock mechanism enhanced with an addition of flippers makes these folding knives easy to use and quick in action. Browse the expanding series to experience the EDC-friendly, tactical design of the Kizer S.L.T. flipper knife!


Kizer Soze Knife Series: Kizer Soze is an exceptional folding dagger design from Elijah Isham. The models from this collection feature different color anodized titanium bolster with carbon fiber handle scales. Kizer Soze blade is made from S35VN steel and is completed with a stonewash finish. The excellent quality blade resists corrosion resistance while maintaining edge retention. The blade of these models is encased in the handle when closed, which gives a uniform look to the knives. You can also open it via the flipper that disappears into the handle when the knife is open. It also has a ball bearing pivot for a fast and smooth opening. The included 3D milled titanium pocket clip makes it ideal for everyday use.


Kizer Splinter Knife Series: An interesting range of Framelock Pocket knives—Splinter Knife Series is an outcome of the latest collaboration with TomCat Designs. Featuring a contoured titanium handle with an S35VN steel blade, these Splinter knives have a long cutting edge that is capable of performing precise tasks with ease. These folding knives have a swedge on the spine near the tip of the blade. This enhances the piercing ability that the blade shape offers and adds to its appearance. The stonewashed and anodized versions of handles make the knives more sophisticated with an excellent grip. Ceramic ball bearings allow for smooth opening with the integrated blade flipper. Equipped with a custom pivot, lanyard hole, and a reversible titanium pocket clip, these fixed blade knives are easy to carry. A titanium frame lock provides a reliable lockup of the blade with minimal blade play. The Kizer Splinter offers a slim profile and durable construction that are essential to a good EDC knife.


Kizer Sturm Knife Series: This smooth-in-the-hand and quick-to-grab utility/tactical knife is a cold weapon. Kizer Sturm is constructed with premium AUS-8 stainless steel and includes a trailing point tip and notched spine for thumb placement. These utility knives come with a light PA sheath that is fully MOLLE compatible. Sturm is manufactured in Russia by experts with quality materials and machines. The satin finish enhances the look of this knife.


Kizer Sway Back Knife Series: This Sway Back knife design is credited to Swaggs of Sharp and Pointy Swaggs. Its versatile design, shape, and size works for every user and allows the user to excel in all the utility tasks. The super-light, responsive action makes tasks easier and allows them to deliver optimal performance. With the button lock, you have the freedom to swing the blade closed. These knives flaunt a full skeletonized stainless steel frame. Kizer Sway Back was specifically designed for fulfilling the needs of fidgeters. You can carry this handy knife with you anywhere so that you have a reliable knife in need.


Kizer Theta Knife Series: This is one of the first designs from Elijah Isham’s Simple Series. Theta is precision-engineered by Kizer. This CPM-S35VN stainless steel provides toughness, edge retention, wear, and corrosion resistance. The titanium handle offers a secure grip for ease of use while performing tasks. You can use this knife for a wide variety of tasks like removing splinters, cutting zip-ties, stripping wire, making fire kindling, and handling aggressive animals. Thus, it is a reliable companion for wilderness guides, backpackers, hunters, hikers, or electricians.


Kizer Toro Knife Series: Started in collaboration with Matt Diskin, Toro Knife Series by Kizer is known for a variety of linerlock folding pocket knives. Most of the knives in this series have drop point blades with excellent edge retention. The grooved titanium framelock handles offer a firm grip for prolonged usage. The framelock mechanism enables easy deployment of the blade and prevents accidental closures once the blade is accessed. The Toro knives are also famous for the double detent system that ensures a secure closure by placing a bearing detent on either side of the knife's pivot. A full sculpted backspacer protects the edge when closed.  The folding knives feature a hardened steel lockbar insert in addition to the reversible tip-up carry pocket clip. The extended tang construction of these knives offers you the leverage of using them with increased force and instant action. Browse through the expanding series of Toro knives to select an ideal EDC flipper!



Kizer Ursa Minor Knife Series: Ursa Minor Knives Series is the result of the collaboration between Kizer and custom knifemaker Ray Laconico of LV Knives. The series offers you a variety of linerlock folding pocket knives that offer utmost reliability in tactical situations. The Ursa Minor knives are built with maximized EDC comfort. Combining the compact ergonomics of Gemini knives with the harpoon-style blade of the Intrepid, these folding knives are highly functional to perform many heavy-duty tasks with ease. Equipped with a titanium frame lock handle, the pocket knives offer you the leverage of prolonged usage without any hand fatigue. The lockbar overtravel prevention mechanism, replaceable steel insert, and a tip-up carry titanium pocket clip makes the pocket knives the perfect addition to any EDC rotation.


Kizer UTE Knife Series: UTE Knife Series offers a variety of linerlock pocket knives. These folding knives work with a sidebar locking mechanism that ensures easy deployment of the blade. These closed utility knives feature sharp-edged stainless blades that offer precision in cutting and chopping tasks. The UTE knives are equipped with G10 handles that offer a firm grip for prolonged usage. The folding knives can be easily closed using one hand without changing the grip. The UTE knife series brings you many multipurpose knives featuring a bottle opener, screwdriver, and an integrated glass breaker. These folding knives offer you multiple functionalities required for different purposes. The stainless pocket clip offers you the convenience of carrying. You can either clip them to your pockets, belts, or backpacks. Explore the growing series of UTE knives to select a reliable cutting tool for your outdoor expeditions.


Kizer V3 Knife Series: V3 model line by Velox has been inspired by Veni, Vedi, Vici- the immortal words of Julius Caesar. The series mainly comprises folding pocket knives. These performance-driven knives are quick in action, snappy and authoritative, thus being an ideal survival gear. An amazing balance of size, ergonomics, and sharpness, these folders feature everything in a compact design. V3 knives are equipped with  VG-10 stainless steel blades and G-10 handle scales. The fine-grip handles are comfortable to hold and work with. The simple, straightforward design accounts for a sturdy EDC knife. Dual thumb studs ensure easy deployment of the blade. Featuring a reversible spring tip-up pocket clip and a large lanyard hole easily housing 550 paracords, these foldable knives are convenient to carry and easily approachable. Browse the expanding series for a reliable cutting tool and an ideal everyday carry!


Kizer Vigor Knife Series: Your search for a sleek and performance-driven knife shall end at Kizer Vigor. This folding knife features a Bohler N690 stainless steel blade and G-10 handle scales. The straightforward design of this knife makes it a gentleman's folder and a sturdy EDC Blade. It features a liner lock handle with a tip-up pocket clip and lanyard hole. The satin finish blade has a non-threatening appearance. It includes a reversible spring pocket clip, stainless steel liners, and will become your favorite in no time.


Kizer Vindicator Knife Series: A Kizer Vindicator is perfect for every day carry as it comes outfitted with a wide pocket clip. This stonewashed CPM-S35VN blade includes a textured titanium frame lock handle. For an easy one-handed opening, it is equipped with a prominent flipper tab. This multi-purpose knife can be used for all those looking for an excellent tactical tool, hunting knife, or utility EDC blade.


Kizer VK-1 Knife Series: A Kizer VK-1 Knife is highly appreciated for its excellent contouring and 3D machined texturing for a stellar grip when combined with handle shape. This folding knife puts the blade right in line with your fingers and makes Wharncliffe a wild cutter. The stainless blade has a small copper inlay with a milled pocket clip and a lanyard hole that is large enough for the famous 550 paracords. You can use this flipper knife for various activities or can add this stylish blade to your collection.


Kizer Wakallu Knife Series: One of the popular series, the Wakallu is a collaboration with Kizer featuring premium knives with quality construction and a streamlined design. The series mainly comprises folding knives that are known for their compact size yet excellent performance. The Wakallu folders have sharp-edged blades featuring an optimum length to handle most of the cutting tasks. The use of titanium in the handles makes the knives sturdy to hold. Riddled with small pockets on the handles, these foldable knives come with the added advantage of firm gripping. Jimping along the top helps secure it in the hand. You can use these folding knives for long hours without any hand fatigue. Easy to deploy, you can open the knives using the dual thumb studs. The right-handed tip-up clip is designed to be short and slim so it does not cover up too much of the handle, still providing the convenience of carrying. Explore the expanding series of Wakallu knives to select an ideal EDC model.


Kizer Wanderer Knife Series: An ideal match for the wanderers and outdoor enthusiasts, the series includes a variety of framelock folding knives that have a tough utilitarian design for all-around use. The collection of these daily companion knives is introduced by Justin Lundquist taking inspiration from the famous knifemaker, Bob Terzuola. These custom creations are ideal for hunting and camping with sleek blades that can tackle most of the cutting tasks with ease. Subtle curves of the handle offering a firm grip to the user and a utilitarian blade that is suitable for all purposes- the Wanderer knife is designed to meet the requirements of modern vagabonds. The wide surface of these blades ensures precise cutting and chopping. A large thumb opener allows easy deployment of the blade. Titanium construction and a CPM-S35VN steel blade offer strength and durability. The sophisticated addition to any EDC rotation, these folding knives with a compact design and lightweight construction are ideal for hikers, trekkers, survivalists, knife enthusiasts, and collectors.


Kizer WPK Knife Series: Kizer WPK is a perfect anywhere and everyday carry knife. The best part is that it is legal to carry this knife anywhere because of the short blade and non-locking feature of the knife. Designed for WPK has blended classic and modern to provide the best friction folder. It features a tang opener for a controlled opening. The detent slip-joint style mechanism makes it extra secure.


Kizer Yorkie Knife Series: Yorkie precision-engineered by Kizer is a clean and simple build small EDC folder. It is equipped with an S35VN drop point blade and a titanium frame lock handle with a cutout accent. A Kizer Yorkie also includes satin-finished hardware, a steel lockbar insert, and a machined titanium pocket clip. This durable knife can be used for removing splinters, stripping wire, cutting zip-ties, etc.


Kizer Yukon Knife Series: Kizer Yukon is a simple EDC knife, which is suitable for individuals who prefer simple and elegant knife designs. It opens smoothly with the thumb hole including a pocket clip for right or left-handed tip-up carry. It is constructed on a G-10 handle with a Bohler N690 blade that offers great edge retention and corrosion resistance.


Kizer Zugang Knife Series: An interesting range of everyday carry knives, the Zugang Series is amongst the popular collections of the brand. The Series mainly comprises framelock folding knives that are highly functional with a solid framelock and ergonomic design. Offering titanium construction and a unique collectible design, these folders are highly popular among knife enthusiasts. Made of stainless steel, the folding knives are resistant to rust and corrosion, thus ensuring an exceptional tool life. The blade of these cutting tools is easily deployable with a flipper or thumb stud. Handles of most of the Zugang knives are embossed with a custom pivot and traditional Chinese writing for marking the significance. Featuring 3D machining, a milled titanium pocket clip, and a lanyard hole, the folding knives are the perfect addition to any EDC rotation.


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Every Kizer Cutlery & Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Kizer Cutlery & Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Kizer Cutlery & Knives product that is defective. Since Kizer Cutlery & KnivesKizer Cutlery & Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Kizer Cutlery & Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Kizer Cutlery & Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

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