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As per the Scandinavian proverb, ‘A knifeless man is a lifeless man’, knives play a significant role in everyday life. Understanding their significance in an individual’s life, Kellam Knives Worldwide Inc. presents some of the highest functional tools, knives and accessories for knife enthusiasts, hunters, and outdoor explorers. The brand offers knives ranging from outdoor sporting knives to kitchen knives. Expect some of the most recognized knives including fixed blade knives, antique knives, custom knives, folding pocket knives, kitchen cutlery, blade and bolster accessories.


Based in Lantana, Florida, Kellam Knives carries a versatile product line. The brand offers an array of Scandinavian knives like Finnish Puukko knives, small general-purpose knives with single curved cutting edge, solid hidden tang and a flat back. The brand is recognized to offer some of the most sought after fixed blade knives and folders.


Scandinavian Knives of the North

Scandinavia is the North European region that includes Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Baltic Countries. The knives by Kellam draw their inspiration from the Finnish culture. Expect knives that have primary and secondary bevels that go to the cutting edge. Only one bevel is grounded, starting near the blade center and tapering that goes way to the edge. The blade boasts an acute angle that ensures a sharp edge. The knives by Kellam are the reproduction of the historical knives that are product of traditional methods and materials of the time. These knives are a perfect reflection of the cultures that created the basic designs. Expect these knives to be simple and rugged.  


Kellam Knives, as the producer of some of the most famous Scandinavian knives, has carved its niche in the industry for manufacturing Puukko knives. Originally designed by Sami people, these knives draw inspiration from the ornate Norwegian blades and simple, utilitarian looks of Swedish knives. The brand offers a line of traditional puukko that are made using the best-quality material like the proprietary alloy of high-carbon and stainless-steel called SPT. These knives boast the sharpest blades while the traditional styling of the models add to the aesthetics. Puukko Knives are used for everything from hunting, fishing and garden work to opening boxes in the warehouse.


Digging Deeper into the Grinding Techniques

Kellam knives cherish the history of Finnish knife making. These general-purpose knives have a standardized design. What makes these knives different from their counterparts is their grinding technique. Majority of the knives by the brand use Scandi grind. It is a short, flat, or hollow grind on a thin blade. The Scandi grind uses the primary bevel to guide the knife along the bench stone as you sharpen it. The grind makes it easy to sharpen the knives and offers strong edge that does not chip easily. The grind is great for chiseling wood and bushcraft.


There are some knives that use flat back grind, grind that goes down from the spine to the edge bevel in a flat, linear slope. One of the most versatile grinds, it is either thick and heavy, or thin and sharp. Most flat grinds are balance between the two. The full flat grind is thickest at the spine for strength and tapers down into a considerably thin edge for precise slicing. The flat grind ensures good cutting, strength, penetration and chopping. The full flat grind is one of the most popular grinds. These are perfect for everyday carry knives, kitchen knives, hunting knives, and more. The grind makes it easy to use the knives for whittling, woodworking, food preparation and general use.


Understanding Kellam Knives through Product Series


Kellam Fixed Blade Knives: The series includes an assortment of Wild Finn Line knives, AK Line knives, Historical Knives, Ranger Puukko knives, and more. These knives are hand-forged from carbon steel. These fixed blade knives feature simple and rustic look that adds to everyday utility. Ideal for everyday carry, the knives are reinforced with extended tang that serves both hook and pocket clip blades. The knives are available in a variety of handles like Stained Curly Birch handles with Sisal wrap around them. The knives work great as outdoor sporting knives, kitchen knives, and cutting tools.


Kellam Linerlock Pocket Knives: Explore Linerlock Pocket series for knives with unique locking mechanism. Forged out of premium VG10 stainless-steel, the blades of these folders boast great strength and are extremely sharp. Perfect for long-term everyday carry, the knives feature thumb stud which make it easy to open and close the blade. The linerlock mechanism offers right balance and ergonomics of non-folding knives. These folders are equipped with Ivory Micarta bolsters that help preventing accidental injuries. The contoured handles of these knives are mostly made of Cocobolo wood, providing a firm grip and easy functionality even in wet conditions.



The products by Kellam Knives Worldwide Inc. are free from any manufacturing defect. However, in case of any defect, the manufacturer will repair or replace the knife with a new item. However, the brand does not warrant its products against normal wear and tear. It is to be noticed that these knives cannot be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If the knife is damaged due to misuse, the repair department can analyze the damage and charge reasonable fee for the repair.


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