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Kellam Fang Knives: Unleashing the True Spirit of the Wilderness


At Knife Country USA, we are proud to present the Kellam Fang Knives, a product line that epitomizes the raw power and primal beauty of the wilderness. Designed for the discerning outdoorsman, each Fang knife is a testament to the robustness and reliability needed in the wild, crafted by the revered Finnish artisans known for their deep heritage in traditional knife making.


Explore the Kellam Fang Fixed Blade Knife The Kellam Fang Fixed Blade Knife (KLWP5) stands out with its impeccable design and functionality, making it a top choice for hunters, campers, and survival experts. This knife isn’t just a tool; it's a survival essential that combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal that resonates with the spirit of outdoor adventures.


Key Features of the Kellam Fang Knife:


  • Overall Dimensions: The knife has a total length of 9 5/8 inches, providing a substantial hand-feel and leverage for a variety of outdoor tasks.


  • Blade Details: It features a 4 3/4-inch carbon steel blade, renowned for its durability and ease of sharpening. The blade is robust enough to handle demanding tasks such as cutting, carving, and chopping.


  • Handle Craftsmanship: The handle is made from stained curly birch, not only for its striking appearance but also for its comfortable grip and resilience in harsh conditions.


  • Protective Sheath: Accompanied by an embossed leather belt sheath, the Fang knife is kept secure and sharp, while also providing quick accessibility when needed.


Why Opt for the Kellam Fang Knife?


  • Superior Craftsmanship: Finnish knife-making skills are globally recognized, and the Kellam Fang is a product of this esteemed tradition, ensuring each knife is crafted with precision and care.


  • Durable Materials: Utilizing high-grade carbon steel and curly birch, the Fang knife is built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors and last through years of use.


  • Functional Elegance: This knife is as beautiful as it is functional, designed not only to perform but also to impress with its classic aesthetic.


  • Versatility in Use: Whether you are preparing a campsite meal, managing bushcraft tasks, or dressing game, the Fang knife is your reliable companion.


Enhance Your Outdoor Experience Kellam Fang Knives are more than just tools—they are partners in your outdoor endeavors. At Knife Country USA, we understand that our customers need reliable, high-quality knives that not only do the job but enhance the experience. The Kellam Fang Knife is designed to meet these needs, providing confidence and reliability in every cut.


Join Our Knife Enthusiast Community When you purchase from Knife Country USA, you become part of a community of knife enthusiasts who value quality and craftsmanship. We provide expertise and passionate customer service, ensuring that you find the perfect knife to match your needs. Whether you are adding to a collection or selecting your first high-quality blade, we are here to help you make the best choice.

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