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Hewlett Diamond Sharpeners was conceived with an idea to present the best sharpening tool that plays a vital role in the performance of a knife. Sharpeners cannot be underestimated for the fact that a compromising cutting action has never been satisfying for anyone. For professional chefs, hunters and butchers, a sharpened knife is what steals the show and should never be compromised with its quality. The high-performance diamond sharpeners make the perfect tool to cater to the demands of people from different professions. Hewlett Diamond Sharpeners has been in the industry for years; their experience and deep understanding of the sharpeners are very well reflected in the qualitative products they offer.


‘Sharpening Blades the Correct Way’ is a Skill owned by the Experienced Craftsmen

The high-performance sharpeners need complete dedication, deep understanding, impeccable craftsmanship and years of research to make sure that the sharpeners are as per the quality standard and work smoothly even after years. Hewlett Diamond Sharpeners is backed by professional experts having unmatched honing skills. With their knowledge and understanding, Hewlett successfully encapsulated all the best features that need to be there in a premium sharpener. The high-grade sharpeners are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and the finest grit materials. These sharpeners are completely suitable to be used for both commercial and personal usage, specifically perfect for the butchers, chefs, hunters, and fishermen. The efficiency of the products is optimum and holds the ability to realign and sharpen the blades and offer excellent sharpness. Many Hewlett Diamond Sharpeners are compact and thus, easy to carry anywhere, to sharpen the blades real quick. 


Understanding the Product Series of Hewlett Diamond



Hewlett 10 Inch Diamond Sharpening Rods: This series includes a wide range of sharpeners that are manufactured using the qualitative material that is suitable to be used for perfect sharpening. These sharpening rods feature the coarse, medium, and fine grit sections that help in sharpening perfectly. These 10-inch rods have the molded plastic handles that are wide and comfortable to be used for a long duration. The sharpening becomes easy and the knives are provided with excellent sharpness that is retained for a long duration. These are the lightweight and easy-to-use sharpening tool that gives a quick, razor-sharp edge every time. These honing rods are widely used by the chefs, and by the commercial enterprises as well.


Hewlett 12 Inch Diamond Sharpening Rods: This series includes the finest range of Diamond Sharpening Rods that are built and designed to give optimum performance. This vital sharpening tool has gained accolades for high performance by the chefs and professional hunters. These rods have the coarse, medium and fine grit sections that make sharpening easy and help to retain the sharpness for a long duration. The honing rods have the best in sharpening technology which is reflected in the three-step system with a plastic handle. The round blades are perfect for sharpening steel that is used widely by the chefs and hunters. These sharpeners offer the right degree of abrasiveness with the minimal grind.


Hewlett 5 Inch Diamond Sharpening Rods: This series includes the finest range of Diamond Sharpening Rods that are manufactured using qualitative grit material. These honing tools have the oval design that offers a wide surface area and increases the efficiency as well. The edges are sharpened with ease and the edges are retained for a longer duration. These are the compact sharpening rods that are suitable to carry in the pocket as well. These are a fine example of pocket knife sharpeners, don’t go by the size but by the do check the performance of the knives once sharpened by these rods. These are easier to control and have impeccable strength. The molded handles are non-slippery and thus, offer a secure grip without the chances of being hurt during sharpening.


Hewlett Flat Diamond Sharpening Hones: These are one of the most reliable sharpening rods manufactured using qualitative material. These sharpeners are easy to use and compact; this makes the sharpening process much easier. The flat surface offers ample of space to sharpen without getting stuck in between. These flat sharpeners with diamond sharpening surface are suitable to be used by the chefs, hunters or by anyone desiring the perfect sharpness instantly and wants to realign the blades. The size is compact and thus, are suitable to be carried anywhere. These sharpeners are provided in the vinyl slip pouch that makes it easier to carry even in the pocket as well.


Warranty Information

The sharpeners at Hewlett Diamond are warranted to be free from designing and manufacturing defects. The products are crafted with utmost precision and thus there is no doubt for any kind of defects. In rare cases, if the product is found defected, then the complete inspection will be carried out by the concerned person from the company. The repairing or the replacement will be done only if the parts are available. Apart from this, if the product is found to be mishandled of misused, then no claim will be entertained. The sharpeners are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers; this can degrade the performance and quality of the product. Thus, the products will undergo proper inspection before proceeding with the replacement or repairing policy. 


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