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Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Honey Badger Knives was established as a commitment to bring about the best in affordable high-quality outdoor knives and accessories to the customers. The brand thrives on its passion for knives and accessories. Every knife by the manufacturer is created after putting much thought into the design, component, and manufacturing process. Just like the animal honey badger, these knives are resilient, hard-wearing, and extremely durable. They are lightweight and boast good quality 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade that gives the superior cutting ability and edge retention.


What makes the knives special is their smooth, frictionless opening and closing mechanism which is facilitated by two opposing roller bearings which contain a total of 18 bearings. Besides offering incredible knives and accessories, Honey Badger is known for its impeccable customer service. The team is always available during business hours to clear your queries regarding the knives of your choice. The brand believes that its customers are the asset and every member of the knife community is its priority, be it law personnel, military personnel, camper, knife collector, hiker, or trekker. All the knives are created with a view to achieving immaculate action and joy of everyday use.


Diving into Deeper Details about Honey Badger Knives


The knives by Honey Badger are marketed for their unique design. These knives are available in Claw- plain and serrated blades, Drop Point- with no coil and with finger coil, Hook and Wharncleaver. Just like the strong jaws and limbs of the animal, the blades of these knives are strong, rustic, and sharp. Explore the knives for intricate design which include components like jimping on the blade and handle grip; roller bearings that create smooth action; honeycomb hexagons for secure grip; a flipper lever with jimping; jimping on the groove; and deep pocket carry clip for both right hand and left-hand compatibility.


The Wharncleaver is relatively a new knife model that is vouched for its distinctive features like back spacers and pocket clips. These are limited edition knives. They are designed in collaboration with South African knifemaker Andre Thorburne and created prototypes and worked on about 12 slightly modified laser-cut blades before giving to the customers the final Wharncleaver with its detailed design and superior function.



Honey Badger Knives Product Series


Honey Badger 8Cr13MoV Stainless Knife Series: As the name suggests, 8Cr13MoV stainless knife is marketed for its stainless steel, drop point blade. The flipper features friction-less opening and closing mechanism, owing to the two roller bearings that contain overall 18 ball bearings. This gives an excellent immaculate action, something most knives lack in general. The knives are light in weight and boast honeycomb pattern on Fiber Reinforced Nylon (FRN) handles for multi-directional grip. This even makes the knife resistant to slipping even if it gets wet. The knife also features coils and bade spines that come in handy when the knife is in use.


Honey Badger Claw Knife Series: Explore the series for claw knives that either bear smooth blade or serrated blade. Both blade options are in fact perfect and equally strong companions when you are outdoors and can endure any heavy-duty task. The claw knives are perfect for slashing and often used with a sweeping movement while cutting through dense foliage or heavy material. The blade is constructed using 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and is vouched for its strength and ultimate durability. The FRN handles sport a unique honeycomb design for an ergonomic grip even when the knife gets wet. The knife also features a reversible pocket clip for deep and concealed carry.


Honey Badger D2 Carbon Tool Steel Series: The knife models in the series are made from D2 tool steel. These tactical, utility tools are specially designed for camping, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. Browse the series for knives 18 roller bearings that ensure smooth deployment and closing of the blade during and after the cutting task. Perfect EDCs, the knives feature reversible pocket clips for both right and left-handed carry. The intricate honeycomb grid on the FRN handles makes the knife easy to grip during heavy-duty tasks and even when the knife gets wet.


Honey Badger Drop Point Knife Series: The knives in the series are boosted for their drop point blades. Though the blade design is not rare, it is perfect for slicing big games. It has a convex spine and a bigger belly for slicing the game. An ideal knife for hunters, the blade is available in both D2 and 8Cr13MoV stainless steel construction. The included 18 ball bearings ensure smooth opening and closing during and after use. It is lightweight which makes it a suitable EDC. The knife features FRN handle with patterned handles for a secure grip.


Honey Badger Wharncleaver Knife Series: The Wharncleaver Knife by the brand is designed in collaboration with Andre Thorburne, a renowned South African knifemaker. The knife features a beefy reinforced cleaver style tip          rather than a straight Wharncliffe edge. This flipper opens effortlessly because of dual roller bearings that contain a total of 20 ball bearings. The contoured FRN handles sport a linerlock mechanism for keeping the blade in place once deployed. The honeycomb pattern not only adds to the show of the knife but also makes the handle slip-resistant. Look for the knife that features a lanyard hole and ambidextrous, tip-up pocket clip.



Honey Badger Knives Warranty Information


All the knives by Honey Badger Knives are designed in the South Africa office and manufactured at a Chinese facility and are free from defects in terms of raw material and craftsmanship. All the knives by the brand come under warranty and can be replaced or repaired within the warrantied period. However, know that knives if used for any purpose other than intended that is cutting will not be replaced or repaired. Any abuse or misuse done to the knife-like lack of maintenance or improper sharpening will nullify the warranty. As a customer, you are expected to take care of your Honey Badger knife.


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