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Since 1981, the Havalon Knives has been designing and manufacturing some of the finest sporting knives. This division of Havel started by making scalpel blades for medical professionals. However, now the American brand is engaged in manufacturing lightweight, portable, pocket-friendly hunting knives. The havalon blades are versatile and fulfill the needs of professional hunters, travelers, guides, taxidermists, and individuals who collect or admire premium sporting knives. The brand has a dedicated team of workers that ensure high-quality fold knives, fixed blade knives, and multi tools are delivered. These sharp edge blades are perfect for hunting, camping, trekking, and outdoor adventure tours.


Havalon Blades are a perfect blend of traditional sharp blades in modern assembly. The brand has changed the definition of hunting tools with its unique tools with replaceable blades. Havalon believes that revolutions, and not reinvention, takes you to the next level. The supreme quality Havalon Knife Blades are designed with precision and hold expertise in field dressing, caping work, and skinning. The brand offers a complete range of knives with Linerlock Pocket Knives, Baracuta Knife Series, Bone Collector Knife Series, Evolve Multi-Tool Series, Forge Knife Series, Gut-Hook Skinner Knives, Hunting Knives, Hydra Knife Series, Piranta Knife Series, Quik-Change Knife Series, and Titan Knife Series.


Get to Know Havalon Knives Better and Clear your Doubts

At Havalon, the knives are designed by merging traditional and modern techniques to provide the most efficient tools. To offer the best tools, Havalon Knives are made in different parts of the world such as Taiwan, India, and China. The replaceable blades by the brand do not rust due to the absence of carbon. However, for extra sharpness, the traditional non-replaceable blades have some carbon in them. You can also keep your blade rust-free by keeping it dry after it gets wet. The brand provides knives in different shapes and sizes along with every possible handle and blade configuration. The product line of Havalon includes knives made of almost every metallurgical steel formula.


The brand believes in updating itself, and thus the new blades by the company resist breaking when the user makes a twisting motion. The improved blades are 20% thicker and can be removed as they include a small tab at the base. Havalon keeps on updating itself with different handle styles, anodized aluminum torch models, camouflaged models, to the bolt, the forge, and the countered stag. The skinning knives by the brand are preferred by professionals as they are lightweight, have thin and sharp blades, grippy handles, and are very maneuverable and agile. Each hunting knife features sharp edges and is designed vigilantly keeping in mind the needs of the user.


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Havalon Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives are tough and extremely sharp, you can run these through a complete bear without sharpening. The chances of these stainless gut hook blades breaking while running through the joints are also null. These durable knives are also very easy to clean when compared to replaceable ones. You can explore this series if you prefer fixed blades for your hunting adventures.


Havalon Folding Pocket Knives: These folding fillet knives are preferred by professionals for both exceptional quality and performance. The ambidextrous thumb studs allow for easy opening. Built with premium quality materials, the stainless blades resist corrosion and are highly durable and reliable. The compact size of the knives makes them pocket-friendly, you can easily fit them in your traveling back for your next hunting tour. These sharp blades can be used for other tasks in the jungle as well. A firm grip or hold while performing the activity as these knives feature rubber or polymer handles.


Havalon Linerlock Pocket Knives: This pocket multi-tool knife series boasts liner lock construction. These work excellently on internal mechanisms and fold into the half when not in use for easy carry. Most of the knives from the series feature a stainless skinner blade, which makes them perfect for cutting and chopping. These knives are lightweight and can be carried conveniently while traveling. Linerlock Pocket Knives feature polymer handles to offer a perfect grip while performing various applications. The provision of Lanyard holes on these knives allows increased safety and visibility when tied with a long cord. These pocket knives are a suitable choice for various outdoor applications, such as camping, mountain climbing, hunting, biking, and digging.


Havalon Replacement Blades: The replacement blades by Havalon are extra sharp and durable because of the use of stainless steel in construction. These blades fit in almost all Piranta Knives, Snap-off Blade Knives, or Baracuta Knives feature surgical handles. The long-lasting edges of these knives make them ideal for skinning and caping game after a hunt. These blades are further available in a pack of 3 or 5. You can take these blades along for your hunting trip as they are designed precisely for the rigorous cutting of a wide range of materials.


Havalon Saws: Explore this series for different saws designed and manufactured by Havalon with the finest quality stainless steel. The Bone Saw range is constructed with a proprietary blend of steel that ensures a string and is durable with exceptional sharpness. With the precise saw pattern, these saws become useful for cutting through the bone of any size game with ease. The 3-in-1 capability of a few models makes them versatile and convenient to use hunting knives.


Havalon Gut-Hook Skinner Knives: The gut knife series offers pocket folding knives with changeable blades and Gut-Hook Kit. Most of the knives of the series feature a replaceable blade system and a stainless drop point blade to offer improved performance. The skinner knives are featured with polymer handles for perfect grip and maximum user comfort. Pocket clips allow easy carriage of these knives by attaching them to your belt or a backpack. These Gut-Hook Skinner Knives feature thumb studs on their body to allow a comfortable way to open them using one hand. You can also explore some of the models with additional 7 #60A blades and 2 gut hook blades with black nylon zippered storage case.


Havalon Hunting Knives: Havalon Hunting Knives Series has an assortment of knives that are ideal for hunting and can be carried along for different outdoor activities like digging, mountain climbing, splitting, or biking. Most of the knives in this series feature satin finish serrated stainless blades and 2 additional saw blades for improved performance. Featured with a polymer handle, the hunting knives are comfortable to hold offering a strong grip. Thumb studs allow opening up the knife with one hand while the lanyard hole prevents it from attaching to an extended cord. These hunting knives are supplied in a protective nylon belt sheath for added safety and safe storage. Knives of the series are designed to be lightweight and are ideal to carry while traveling.


Havalon Knives Product Series

Havalon Baracuta Knife Series: The Havalon Baracuta series mainly includes fixed blade knives and liner lock pocket knives used for skinning and field dressing. These Fixed blade knives feature stainless replacement blades and snap-on and off handles for easy usage. These knives come with 5 additional quick-change stainless replacement blades. Most of the knives under the series are featured with lanyard holes to increase the visibility of the handle preventing it from losing. Removable stainless pocket clip and nylon belt sheath are also provided for easy storage. The everyday-carry pocket knives are ideal for various outdoor applications, including hunting, camping, hiking, digging, mountain climbing, and splitting.


Havalon Bone Collector Knife Series: The Bone Collector Knives are a perfect combination of traditional and modern hunting knives. The series majorly includes folding knives popular for their compact size and easy carriage in a pocket. Most of these knives come with a stainless drop point blade with 7 additional #60A blades and 2 gut hook blades for serving multiple purposes. The Rebel knives under the series feature a traditional fixed blade and an ultra-modern Havalon Quik-change fitment both at one handle an exceptional knife for hunting and everyday carry.  Featuring a Rubberized handle, replaceable blade system, lanyard hole, and thumb stud, Bone Collector knives are also supplied in a nylon zippered storage case. Light in weight, these knives are easy to carry when traveling.


Havalon Evolve Multi-Tool Series: Havalon Knives Multi-Tool Series is highly popular with its range of multi-functional tools. All-in-one tools comprise carabiner l Hex/bit driver, pliers, small blade, wire cutter, and a wire stripper, each having a different purpose. Most of the tools under the series feature stainless blade with additional 6 #60A blades and two Piranta saw blades. These multi-tools are equipped with stainless handles that not only offer a strong grip but are also resistant to corrosion for long-lasting usage. The combo kit comes with a blade removal tool. These tools are supplied in a Jim Shockey carrying case and a nylon zippered storage case. Made in Taiwan, these survival tools are suitable for multiple outdoor applications.


Havalon EXP Knife Series: The Havalon EXP Replaceable Blade Folding Knife Series includes precisely designed knives for everyday use. These knives feature 2 blades, wherein one end has a sharp Havalon 60A replaceable blade and a tanto-tipped, Cryo hardened AUS-8 stainless steel blade on the other end. Both of the blades secure themselves from the folding on the user’s hand with a liner lock. These also feature fiberglass reinforced handles with injection-molded nylon scales and rubber grips for a stronghold. The folding knives come with additional 60A blades, a lanyard loop, and a Havalon zip holster for versatile carry options.


Havalon Hydra Knife Series: The Hydra Series by Havalon includes double blade knives for flexibility while performing applications. These knife-making kits include a total of 17 blades in 7 different styles and everything required outdoors. Whether you are field dressing a trophy buck or filleting your hunt, the multi-bladed Havalon Hydra helps you in most of the tasks. One end of the knife usually features a Piranta blade and the other end holds the Baracuta blade. Most of the knives in this series feature an overall length of 5 7/8 inches and come with a closed double linerlock. Among the 17 Quick-Change blades of these hydra tools, you will find four #60A blades, three #70A blunt tip blades, three #22 blades, three #22XT blunt tip blades, two #115SW bone saw blades, one #115XT hunt blade, and one #127XT fillet blade, each with its unique functionality. Black nylon carrying case with knife and blade sleeves is also provided for the safety of the knives under all conditions.


Havalon Piranta Knife Series: The Havalon Piranta series is proudly named after the toothy Piranha fish of Amazon that tears apart any flesh in just milliseconds. This range of knives is one of the oldest by the brand. These rugged Piranta-Original and Piranta-Edge are designed for hunters who are looking for reliable and precision cutting, flesh-tearing tools. The series consists of Piranta-Edge Quik-Change replaceable blade knives, ideal for skinning and dressing. Most of the knives usually feature closed Linerlock and skinner blades with dual thumb studs for easy usage and preventing accidental injuries. These knives come with 12 additional Quik-change “easy-on, easy-off” stainless replacement blades. The replacement blades eliminate the time of sharpening, as you can simply pop up a new blade and get the same razor-sharp finish. You will mostly come across knives with ABS plastic handles with checkered black rubber grip to offer maximum user comfort. The knives in this series come with a lanyard hole and removable stainless pocket clip easy carriage. Protected with a nylon belt sheath, these knives are ideal for various outdoor applications and self-defense.


Havalon Quik-Change Knife Series: The inventory of Havalon Quik Change Series includes a wide variety of liner locks. This series contains liner lock pocket knives, double blade knives, and fixed blade pocket knives. Stainless skinner blades of these knives are ideal for various cutting and chopping activities.  Featured with dual thumb studs, the liner lock knives are easy to operate using one hand. Most of the tools under the series come with a protective nylon belt sheath for easy and safe storage. A few Quik Change knives are also provided with 12 additional exchangeable blades along with 12 Quik-Change 60XT inch easy-on, easy-off blades. Other features of these knives include a lanyard slot, removable stainless pocket clip, and bead blast finish stainless handle with checkered rubber grip. Quik Change Series knives can be carried along for various outdoor applications like hunting, fishing, trekking, and mountain climbing.


Havalon Talon Knife Series: Havalon Talon Series includes the latest innovations by the brand. These knives feature the Quik-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System. Wherein, the Quik-Change II is an internal locking mechanism, which allows the blades to be changed without any cutting area loss. The adaptable design of these knives makes them easily fit almost all Talon Blades with the press of a button. With the removal of the back panel of the talon, it can be easily cleaned after processing or filleting.


Havalon Titan Knife Series: The Titan Knives Series includes stainless drop point blades with improved edges for optimal performance. These knives come with a synthetic handle for better grip even in wet conditions. Seven #60A hunting blades and six #70A blunt tip blades make these survival tools suitable for various outdoor applications. The knives in this series are featured with a pocket clip, thumb ridge, and thumb stud for easy application preventing accidental injuries. Titan Series knives are easy to operate with an open back for cleaning and maintenance. Most of these knives are supplied with an exclusive Jim Shockey nylon carrying case for easy storage.


Havalon Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

Every Havalon Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Havalon Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Havalon Knives product that is defective.

Since Havalon KnivesHavalon Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Havalon Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Havalon Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

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