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Havalon Knives, a division of Havel, was established in 1981. Originally a manufacturer of scalpel blades for medical professionals, Havalon started making lightweight, portable, pocket knives for hunting. The brand is dedicatedly providing its customers with fine quality fixed blade knives, pocket knives, multi-tools, and knife kits for hunting, camping, trekking, and other outdoor adventures. The brand is known for versatile knives specially designed for professional hunters, guides, travelers, and taxidermists as well as individuals who value the high-quality and superior performance sporting knives.


Havlon blades are a perfect blend of traditional sharp blades in modern assembly. The brand has changed the definition of hunting tools with its unique tools with replaceable blades. Havalon believes that revolutions, and not reinvention takes you to the next level. It offers a complete range of knives with Linerlock Pocket Knives, Baracuta Knife Series, Bone Collector Knife Series, Evolve Multi-Tool Series, Forge Knife Series, Gut-Hook Skinner Knives, Hunting Knives, Hydra Knife Series, Piranta Knife Series, Quik-Change Knife Series, and Titan Knife Series.


From Surgeons to Hunters– Infinitely Adaptable Tools

Considering the idea that medical professionals, surgeons, and taxidermists are using their knives in so many versatile ways, Havalon designs the blades that can evolve as more flexible hunting tools. Packed with features like sharper, replacement blades, lightweight design, and more precision, the adaptable hunting tools deliver excellent performance. The spare blades included in each knife kit can be quickly replaced, giving you the feel of a brand-new knife in seconds.


Multi-Utility Pocket Knives with Unmatched Sharpness

Havalon Knives is an American company dedicated to designing multi-purpose knives for every task that work with the same precision and sharpness through the years to come. From skinning, dressing, and stripping to cutting, peeling, and scraping, Havalon knives and tools perform every task of your hunting regime. Innovative double-blades and multi-tools designed by the brand include more than just one blade, providing you a versatile handy tool for every outdoor need. Havalon Evolve Multi-tool is a combined gear with a knife, saw blade, pliers, wire cutters and strippers, fixed gut hook, and a universal bit driver with zippered holster carrying extra blades for quick-replacement.


A Journey into The Havalon Knives Product Series

The knives and blades by Havalon are grouped considering their unique style and utility purpose. Whether you are looking for surgical knives, fishing or hunting knives, the brand has a complete range of tools. The manufacturer offers a plethora of knife series including:


Havalon Linerlock Pocket Knives: Most Linerlock Knives of this series feature internal folding mechanism and stainless-steel blades, delivering smooth cutting and chopping experience. These lightweight contemporary knives have a lightweight construction for ease of travelers, campers, hikers, and other adventurers.


Havalon Baracuta Knife Series: This series is an assortment of fixed blades and pocket knives, specially designed for skinning, deboning, and field dressing. The series includes high-quality stainless blades such as 115Blaze, 127Edge, and Quick-Change Blades.


Havalon Bone Collector Knife Series: The Bone collector knives are a combination of traditional and ultra-modern design with razor-sharp blades. Quick-change Blade, lightweight construction, rubberized handle, and thumb stud adds more functionality to the knives making them a perfect everyday carry tool.


Havalon Evolve Multi-Tool Series: Highly popular as a survival tool, Evolve Multi-tools comprise of hex driver, carabiner, pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, and a small blade. Most of these tools are equipped with a stainless, corrosion-resistant handle, blade removal tool, and a nylon zippered storage case.


Havalon Forge Knife Series: Made from high-quality material, the Forge Series knives are ideal for hunters, travels, campers, trekkers, and travel enthusiasts. These tough knives are featured with a standard edge and thermoplastic handles to deliver superior performance while you chop, slice or cut.


Havalon Gut-Hook Skinner Knives: Gut-Hook skinner knives are designed for long-term use while delivering superior performance. The replaceable stainless drop point blades of these knives help in piercing, slicing, cutting, and chipping.


Havalon Hunting Knives: As the name suggests, this series is an assortment of tactical, hunting knives, designed for martial artisans, trainers, hunters, fishermen, and solo travelers. Most of these knives contain serrated stainless blades, polymer handles, additional saw blades, and a protective nylon belt sheath making for ideal outdoor tools.  


Havalon Hydra Knife Series: Featuring 17 blades of 7 different styles, these compact Hydra Kit Knives are designed to fulfill many applications. The double blade red saw linerlock pocket knife with one Piranta blade at one end and Baracuta blade on the other includes 15 other blades comes in a nylon carrying case to assist you in every outdoor adventure.


Havalon Piranta Knife Series: Piranta knife series is named after the toothy Piranha fish of Amazon which tears apart any piece of flesh in milliseconds. One of the first knives made by Havalon, the rugged Piranta-Original and Piranta-Edge were specifically designed for hunters who want precision cutting and flesh tearing tools.


Havalon Quik-Change Knife Series: Havalon Quik-Change series is an assortment of double-blade knives. Fixed blade pocket knives, and linerlock knives. Most of these knife kits have additional exchangeable blades for quick customization, extending the service life of your tool. Other features like thumb stud, removable stainless pocket clip, lanyard slot, stainless handle, and bead blast finish handle add more utility to these outdoor gears.         


Havalon Titan Knife Series: The knives of this series are equipped with stainless drop point blade and standard edge for superior performance delivery. These easy-to-operate knives feature an open back for easy cleaning and are supplied with a Jim Shockey nylon case for easy storage while you are in-the-field.


Havalon Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

Havalon provides warranty on all their knives and tools bought from authorized seller(s), provided the products carry manufacturing and designing issues. The knives, blades, and tools with manufacturing defects are free to repair but can be replaced or refunded if reported by the buyers in stipulated time. Limited lifetime warranty is provided by the brand on its products, excluding chargers, switches, batteries, and electronics, or the tools damaged or misused in any manner. However, such tools can be repaired in exchange for a reasonable fee.


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