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In a market as crowded as hunting knives, you might be tempted to think there's no room left to innovate. Every type of blade, every type of handle, every type of style, surely it's all been done. Wrong. To take something to the next level, sometimes you have to completely rethink your process and look outside yourself for inspiration. When you do it well, you don't just reinvent something, you start a revolution. And that's where you find Havalon replaceable blade knives.


Havalon took a concept that surgeons, medical professionals, and taxidermists have relied on for centuries and used it to change everything we know about hunting knives. Blades that are sharper, more precise, and easier to use than ever before… A way to turn each knife into an infinitely adaptable tool that can evolve into something more flexible and versatile than hunting knives have ever been… A spectacularly lightweight accessory that never slows down… These are just some of the some of the ways Havalon has deconstructed and reinvented the hunting knife, and now the revolution has come to Knife Country USA.

A new way to look at field dressing.

The idea for the Havalon brand of hunting knives was born when a manufacturer of surgical cutting tools noticed that many of its customers were taking their scalpels out into the field when they went hunting. In hindsight, it seems obvious: What better tool to take hunting than one that was designed to quickly and easily cut tissue? But that simple revelation opened up a range of knife possibilities that had never been explored before.


Havalon quickly realized that simply sending a surgical knife into the field wasn't enough. Their new knives would need to adapt to have the strength and durability of a true hunting knife. It would need to do everything that a tough folder or a traditional survival knife could do, but also have the razor-sharpness of a surgical instrument. Another key realization: Just like with surgical knives, the blades on these new hunting knives would need to be replaceable.


The Havalon knives featured at Knife Country USA find that balance and are designed to cater to modern hunting needs. They are as tough and ready for action as any hunting knife you carry but allow you to skin at least four to eight deer without any need of sharpening or worrying about damaging the handle (and your wrist) due to excessive pressure or use. No more packing a knife sharpener or hoping that your knife will hold up. If you plan to do a lot of skinning, simply grab a pack of quick-change Havalon blades and go.

Pirantas patrol these waters.

Once it decided to bring surgical sharpness and precision to the hunting knife market, Havalon exploded out of the gate with the Havalon Piranta. Lightweight, fast, and efficient, the Piranta hunting knife is designed to cut through tissue with the same speed and efficiency as the infamous fish it's named after. Now available in a wide range of colors and styles, you get maximum use, comfort, and convenience -- plus 12 replacement blades that are as easy to secure to the knife as they are to take off. After the Piranta, which remains a fan-favorite, came the bestselling Havalon Baracuta, which is built to make short work of skinning and deboning even the toughest game. It's also versatile, with the ability to accept both fillet and saw blades.

And even that wasn't enough. Too many times, going hunting has meant dragging a toolbox-worth of gear out into the woods with you. The Havalon Evolve eliminates that problem by packing everything you will need into a single, flexible, indispensable multitool. Gut hooks, pliers, screwdrivers, bit drivers, knives, they're all here. Havalon multitools fit the Piranta blade, so you get the power of the original Piranta series as well.

Havalon knives is what contemporary hunting looks like.

Havalon Knives has changed the complete scenario of hunting worldwide, eliminating the need to carry multiple pre-sharpened knives or sharpening tools out into the field. Even the best knives will dull with time, and sharpening will eventually become an act of diminishing returns, but with Havalon knives you can keep that melted-butter feeling of a brand-new knife going. So, if you have to do dressing, skinning, or any other caping work as part of your hunting regimen, choose Havalon Knives for their unparalleled sharpness and expertise.

We are your Havalon knives station.

Want to join the Havalon revolution? Need a refill pack of Havalon blades? We have you covered. We are one of the longest-running online retailers of knives and outdoor supplies on the internet, and we make it easy to keep you stocked and loaded for your next adventure. Remember those old-fashioned sporting goods stores where you could chat with the guy behind the counter and swap stories, tips, and advice? We've made it our mission to bring that experience online, and everything from the collections we feature to our customer service reflects that.


We also bring you the best deals on Havalon knives. Our curated collections mix the popular and the practical, but we've also used our expertise and buying power to get pricing on these blades that you just won't find anywhere else. We also provide free shipping on orders over $89 and include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.


If you want to talk to our "guy behind the counter" about Havalon knives or have a question about any of the brands we carry, give us a call at (800) 342-9118 or send us an email. We would love to chat with you.


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