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The Beginning of a Legendary Knife Maker


The introduction of Ken Richardson Knives was a boon to all the adventure enthusiasts, knife lovers and knife makers in the world. The stepping stone of Ken Richardson's knives was laid by the man himself, Ken Richardson.


In 1975, Ken shifted to Dillard, Moto set up a shop at one of his friend’s quarter horse ranch to take good care of the horses and where other horses could be shoed as well. Although Ken Richardson used to work here for a full time, then the realization to produce the best knives and his passion led him to establish a small shop. Living with his 7 kids on the sight of the Dillard Mill, in 1990, he began making knives in the spare time from the horseshoeing business that became more and more of a full-time job for him. It was his years of dedication and deep understanding of the blades and the quality that made the knives highly appreciated by the users across the world. The vintage style materials used made the knives stand tall amidst all knife series produced at that time.


Hard Work Paid Off Well!

The business soon elevated with good and consistent speed. The demand for the knives increased and soon the success hit Ken Richardson's Knives. Few years in the business and their hard work finally paid off well with the selling of their precision-crafted knives by Bass Pro Shop and Cabela. They started selling their knives and this marked the starting of a beautiful phase for the Richardson family. The whole family started making knives and get involved thoroughly. The kids grew up at Huzzah Creek, spending time fishing and swimming, while in fall, everyone used to hunt deer and trap fur in the winter.


Soon, the knives were in demand by the professional hunters and trappers. The use of traditional vintage styles and techniques beautifully incorporated with state-of-the-art technology brings out the best results. The knives are stunningly crafted by the professional knife makers and designers with experience that completely reflects in the knives they offer. These knives are a true example of craftsmanship and optimum quality.


Ken Richardson Fixed Blade Knives: This series includes the finest range of knives that are manufactured using the exceptional quality tempered spring steel blade that has the strength to undergo high compression. These knives work smoothly even after multiple roughest uses. These knives are crafted with the utmost precision with unique designs. The penetrating ability of the blades is phenomenal and pierces through most of the surfaces without getting stuck anywhere. The handles are made using shed antler of white tail deer, mule deer, or elk. The knife handles are comfortable and wide enough to be used for a long duration. These handles showcase the hunter’s style and have been provided with brass finger guard. The surface is nonslip and suitable for the hunters, adventurers, and knife enthusiasts.


Ken Richardson Bowie Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using the qualitative 1085 Spring Steel that induces commendable strength to the knives that helps performing tactical situations. The blades are born tough and can penetrate flawlessly through most surfaces. These knives are completely inspired by the professional hunters and have been designed and styled that way. The use of shed antler of Mule deer, Elk, or White Tail deer contributes to the making of perfect and wide handles that are suitable to be used for a long duration. This series is provided with leather belt sheath for utmost convenience of the user.


Ken Richardson Hunter Knife Series:The knives in this series can perform exceptionally well under tactical situations. Catering to the ever-evolving demands of the people from different professions, specifically the hunters, these knives prove to be the best for performance-driven hunting jobs owing to the excellent corrosion resistant properties. These knives have tempered 1085 Spring Steel blade, with the ability to pierce through most of the surfaces without getting stuck in between. Manufactured using the qualitative shed antler of mule deer, whitetail deer, or elk; the handles are non-slip and are wide enough to be used for long duration and reduce the strain while performing tedious tasks. The industrial-grade material like brass and nickel adds to the character of the knives. The provision of a leather belt sheath with horn latching is a defining feature of these knives.


Warranty Information

Ken Richardson Knives offers a limited lifetime warranty to the customer. The knives manufactured and designed by the company are warranted to be completely free from any kind of defects. Intense inspection is done before final delivery, but in case if any of the products are found to defect, then the product will be replaced and repaired, a per the requirement. But before proceeding, the concerned person will check the defected product and if found genuinely defected, it will be sent for further procedure. The knives are not intended to be used as a chisel, pry bars, or hammers; this can hamper the performance and degrade the quality of the knives. If the knives are misused or mishandled, no claims will be entertained in that case.


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