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Welcome to Hogue Knives at Knife Country USA. Hogue, a company recognized and respected worldwide for its firearms accessories, entered the knife industry to provide the same standard of excellence in cutting tools. Their knives are crafted with care and precision, making them a go-to for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Hogue Knives is the result of a collaboration between the Hogue family and renowned custom knife designer Allen Elishewitz. The brand was founded in 2009, combining the Hogue family's decades of experience in the firearms industry with Elishewitz's expertise in knife making. This partnership ensures each Hogue Knife is a fusion of engineering mastery and exquisite design.


Hogue Knives' portfolio includes a wide range of products, from everyday carry knives and tactical knives to hunting knives and collectibles. All their knives are crafted using high-quality materials, innovative designs, and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. Renowned for their ergonomic grips and precision blades, Hogue Knives ensure superior performance and reliability.


At Knife Country USA, we take pride in presenting an extensive selection of Hogue Knives. Browse through our collection to find the perfect Hogue Knife that suits your needs.


Hogue Knives Categories


Hogue Axes & Hatchets: Hogue Knives is the leading manufacturer of classic and premium quality axes and hatchets that facilitate high performance while chopping and splitting wood or large games. One of the classics in the series is Tomahawk that is the work of collaboration with Allen Elishewitz. The axes in the category boast S-7 blade steel and durable G-10 scales. The blade is hand-sharpened and honed to give you a fine edge for all the cutting tasks. Hogue Tomahawk was particularly designed for decades to be used in the most difficult situations in the wilderness.


Hogue Fixed Blade Knives: This category includes high-end sporting knives that are designed and manufactured using the best ideas, finest materials, and finishing. Explore the category for knives such as Karambit, neck knife with clip point blade and skeletonized handle, hawkbill blade knives, Sawback Steel Tanto blade knives, and fixed drop-point blade knives. Most of the knives feature G-Mascus pattern embedded handles. They are suitable for self-defense and possess the ability to perform outdoor tasks well.


Hogue Folding Pocket Knives: The pocket folders in the lineup are appreciated for their superior balance, finish and performance. These are usually manual folders that reflect Hogue’s experience in the industry. The stainless steel is heat-treated to a Rockwell of 57-59 and honed to give you the sharpest blades in the game. Find the blades available in stonewash finish. The blades bear a distinctive design. You can browse through the space for drop-point, spear point, tanto, and Wharncliffe blade options. There are various handle options to choose from as well- G-Mascus, G-10, aluminum, and glass-filler polymer handles.


Hogue Knives Sheaths: This category envisages sheaths and pouches suitable to carry your Hogue knives. The pouches in the lineup bear nylon construction which ensures durability even on rugged terrains. They are equipped with a zipper for the complete concealment of the fixed blades. Another category of EDC carriers includes sheaths. Perfect to carry slim fixed blades, the sheath too has nylon construction. It has Bar Tack reinforced stitching that snap closures. They can easily fit 12 in. fixed blades.


Hogue Linerlock Pocket Knives: Explore the category for knives with linerlock mechanism that keeps the blade from accidental opening or closure at critical moments. Most knives in the series flaunt G-Mascus or G-10 handles. They also have repositionable black stainless steel clips for easy carrying. Look for knives that usually sport the tanto blade with a black matte coating and an integral flipper. These highly performance-driven flippers are a must-have on your next outdoor expedition.


Hogue Accessories: The category usually envisages accessories and parts essential for your knives. Browse for stainless steel screw/clip kit, Clip/Torx screw kit for Extreme Series, SIG SAUER P220 American Rubber, and more.


Hogue Knives Ex-F01 Fixed Blade Knife: This fixed blade is one of the best tactical tools in the game. It is specifically developed to meet the requirements of professionals and adventurers. The knife is marketed for its thick, A2 steel, tanto blade with an integrated skull crusher. The blade is cryogenically heat treated and is completed with a Cerakote finish. It also flaunts a serrated thumb ramp and a finger detent in the frame. The handle has 3D sculpted scales for ergonomic grip thus reducing fatigue during heavy tasks.


Hogue Knives Series


Hogue Deka Knife Series: The series includes Deka Folders that are available in two different blade designs- clip point and Wharncliffe. What makes them one of the kinds is their ABLE Locking mechanism. These pocket folders are available in vibrant G-10 and G-Mascus handles. All the handles in the series feature some attractive patterns that add charm to the overall form of the knife. The blades are ambidextrous (owing to the thumb studs) and forged from CPM-20CV stainless steel with Cerakote finish. The ABLE-lock system keeps the blade from accidental closure and opening which could otherwise result in injury.


Hogue EX-03 Knife Series: These are drop-point blade manual folders from the Extreme Series by Hogue Knives. These knives are designed in collaboration with Allen Elishewitz and are known for their one-piece frame which is constructed from high glass content reinforced polymer and sports patent Cobblestone Texture. The blade is made from 154-CM stainless steel and has a stonewash finish. To prevent accidental opening and closing of the blade, the knife is equipped with a push-button lock mechanism. This is modern and rarer than other locking systems and requires minimum effort for deploying the blade.


Hogue EX-04 Knife Series: These folders from the Extreme series by Hogue Knives which is the result of a successful collaboration between Allen Elishewitz and team Hogue. An EX-04 is promoted for its button plunge lock imbibed with manual safety and integrated steel bolster plates. This locking mechanism keeps the blade securely open during a cutting task. Explore the series for knives donning either Wharncliffe blades or Upswept style blades. The knife style takes inspiration from Allen’s custom Hyde Knife. The blade has two hollow ground bevels. Most knives have eye-catching handles contoured for a firm grip during strenuous tasks. They have a tip-down pocket clip for easy carry.


Hogue EX-F03 Knife Series: Hogue EX-F03 series host fixed blade Karambits available in hawkbill and clip point blades. They are cryogenically heat treated and are extremely strong and promise superior performance. Most knives feature distinctive skeletonized handles with finger coil that facilitate secure grip during the cutting and chopping tasks; another type of handles include the classic G-10 handles contoured for a firm grip. For increased force leverage the knives bear full tang construction.  


Hogue Knives Ex-01 Button Lock Pocket: The series includes button lock pocket folders. These are manual folders that are designed to be extra durable during outdoor use. Part of the Extreme series created by teaming with Allen Elishewitz, the knives are simple yet elegant and performance-driven. The knives have an oversized pivot, stop pin, and button lock that ensures secure deployment of the blade. The manual safety feature ensures that the lock will not disengage in the middle of a task. Browse through the series for knives with drop point blade or tanto blade and varied handle options- G-10 or aluminum handle.


Hogue Knives Ex-02 Extreme Linerlock Pocket Knife Series: This series is a collection of carefully engineered Extreme Series knives that are treasured by every knife collector. Designed and manufactured with the famous knifemaker Allen Elishewitz, EX-02 has an extra thick stainless steel liner lock and a manual safety slide in the handle that prevents the blade from closing when in use. The blades flaunt spear point design and are made from 154-CM stainless steel and cryogenic heat-treated for hardness. Explore the series for G-10, G-Mascus, and walnut wood handles. All the variants of the handle have a skull crusher or glass breaker pommel for emergency use.


Hogue Knives Ex-F01 Fixed Blade Knife Series: This fixed blade is one of the best tactical tools in the game. It is specifically developed to meet the requirements of professionals and adventurers. The knife is marketed for its thick, A2 steel, tanto blade with an integrated skull crusher. The blade is cryogenically heat treated and is completed with a Cerakote finish. It also flaunts a serrated thumb ramp and a finger detent in the frame. The handle has 3D sculpted scales for ergonomic grip thus reducing fatigue during heavy tasks.


Hogue Knives Ex-F02 Fixed Blade Knife Series: The EX-F02 Series includes thin, clip point, stonewashed knives with G-Mascus or over-molded rubber hybrid handles. These fixed blades are excellent for slicing meat or vegetables and fruits. Designed keeping outdoorsmen in mind, this Extreme series knife has an unmatched grip for heavy-duty tasks thanks to the serrated thumb-ramp and finger detent in the handle. The blade is heat-treated and is tough enough to withstand any challenge.


Hogue Knives Ex-T01 Tomahawk Axe Series: Browse through the series for classic Tomahawks presented by a legendary collaboration of Allen Elishewitz and Hogue Knives. The axe in the series is often marketed for its lightweight build and features such as partial tang and skeletonized S-7 tool steel head with a hand-honed edge for quick execution during chopping tasks. The back of the head can be used as an impact tool and boasts an additional two holes to attach spike, pry bar, or hammer attachments. The G-10 handle scales ensure durability and impact resistance when you need to do a serious blow. The axe comes complete with a sheath for easy carry on your next expedition.


Hogue Knives X5 Button Lock Pocket Knife Series: Hogue X5 series is host to highly performing flippers that can be easily opened using one hand without the aid of a spring. The knife is modeled after Allen’s custom Black Dolphin. Each knife is fitted with a manual safety slide in the handle for extra blade security when the knife is in use. The blade features a spear point design and is hand sharpened and honed for a sharp cutting edge that allows for easy piercing into the game without puncturing the organs. It has a Cerakote finish that levels up the form of the knife. The contoured handle ensures a firm grip.


Hogue Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Series: The knives in the series are specifically designed for survival in the wilderness and dark streets. The USP of these knives lay in their stainless steel clip point blades that are cryogenically treated for strength, varied handle options – G-Mascus and G-10 fiber with embedded patterns for a superior grip during the most strenuous tasks. Most of these knives are accompanied by MOLLE compatible nylon belt sheath for convenient carrying.


Hogue Tactical Folding Knife Series: The knives in the series are crafted using the best materials in the market. Most folders in the series are vouched for their strength and superior performance in emergencies. Explore the series for knives with stainless steel drop point blades in tumble finish with dual thumb stud for convenient one-hand opening. The knives are available in various handle options including- G-Mascus, Aluminum, and G-10 handles.


Hogue Trauma First Response Tool Series: The Trauma Knife series includes folders that prove to be a great companion during an emergency for the first responders. Explore the series for knives with sheepfoot or blunt tip blades in Cerakote and stonewash finishes. The blades are made from stainless Bohler N680 steel that can withstand rust and wear. The handles bear texture for a firm grip during a life-threatening situation. The knives come with a strap cutter inculcated into the handle and a glass breaker on the pommel.


Hogue X1 Micro Knife Series: This assortment of knives includes micro button lock folders for hunters, campers, bikers, trekkers, and other adventure enthusiasts. Look for pocket knives that often boast steel drop point blades for ultimate cutting and chopping tasks. The knives also bear matte finished handles that facilitate firm grip even in damp situations. The extended tang construction makes the knife more efficient for tasks like splitting and thrashing.


Hogue Knives Warranty


All the knives by Hogue Inc. are backed by warranty and are free from manufacturing defects. However, in case of any defects in the knife, the brand will replace the knives or repair them for you. However, a repair cannot be guaranteed for all knives due to the lack of availability of some parts. It is important to know that the knives are not warrantied against normal wear and tear. Also, please do not use the tactical tool for applications other than intended. The knives will not be replaced but can be repaired in case of misuse and the quality department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.


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