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Hogue Knives was founded by Guy Hogue in 1968. The Hogue Knives manufactures a variety of products-from handgun to long gun stocks to AR components, specialty knives to gear and accessories. Every product of the brand is built in the spirit of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and with complete dedication. Each product under Hogue Knives is famous for its fit, function, superior performance and world-class design. Hogue is the foremost choice of law enforcement, handgun manufacturers, competitive shooters and firearm enthusiasts worldwide.

A Team with Legacy and Efficiency

Hogue has a legacy of precision manufacturing fine firearm accessories for almost 50 years. Team Hogue manufactures some of the highest quality knives on Earth. With the brightest of ideas and finest of material, Hogue delivers products that are known for its precision and durability.

Designed to enhance the sporting experience, each Hogue product is a piece of their family history. Hogue puts the finest materials and manufacturing practices united under one ceiling. Hogue products reflect their passion, history and commitment to bringing a full range of products designed and manufactured to enhance sporting experience.

A Wide Variety of Products to Choose From

Hogue offers a wide variety of automatic and manual folders as well as fixed blade models. At Hogue Knives, one can enjoy ample variety in terms of folders or fixed blades. The two basic categories are EX Line Knives and EX-F Line Knives. A wide inventory to choose from
Hogue Knives offers ample variety in terms of folders or fixed blades:


Hogue Axes & Hatchets: This series offers very capable axes and hatchets of supreme quality. Users get the promise of performance when taking upon the hardest tasks related to chopping and splitting objects. These axes and hatchets come with industry-best features like tan handles and dual lanyard holes that help boost the grip and make equipment storage easier. Other product highlights include the polymer sheath with positive and magnetic retention that boosts the safety of the axes under the most demanding circumstances.


Hogue Fixed Blade Knives: This series offers tool steel drop point with GUN-KOTE coating which helps in achieving the best cutting and chopping performance. These products are embedded with the best-in-category, G-Mascus pattern handles. Light in weight, equipped with dual lanyard holes, incorporating leg ties, and designed with smart additions like Milspec ballistic nylon belt sheath, these fixed blade knives can perform well in the most treacherous environments, indoor as well as outdoors.


Hogue Folding Pocket Knives: Hogue Folding Pocket Knives come with features like manual safety locks which secures the knife even in open position. Lanyard hole and hard plastic sheath liner help in easy storage no matter what the situation Is like! Some of these knives also come with highly durable nylon zippered storage cases.


Hogue Knives Sheaths: Dedicated knife users and collectors realize the importance of knife accessories like a sheath. These knife sheaths are equipped with impressive features like the use of hard plastic sheath line and reinforced stitching that helps to augment the performance and overall longevity of a knife. These knives sheaths are made from different materials and in different styles to ensure users have more options to choose from.


Hogue Linerlock Pocket Knives: The knives in this series are light in weight and exceptionally functional. Hogue Linerlock series offers pocket-friendly knives that are made with premium quality materials. These come with the best handle choices, like the G Mascus and G-10 handle. Most of these knives are constructed with materials that have global credentials for durability. This includes stainless Tanto blades with a matte black coating. Also, expect the use of smart add-ons like the flipper in some of the knives here.


Hogue Lockback Pocket Knives: Like most knives by Hogue, products in this series are made from the toughest materials. Here, the use of G-Mascus G-10handles scales is more tuned towards better user comfort. These handles invariably offer a more comfortable grip. The sharp blades of these knives are ideal for easy thrashing and chopping tasks. Hogue Lockback series also comes with some standard performance-enhancing features like a lanyard hole that helps in keeping the knives secure under all circumstances.


Hogue Saws: Hogue Saws comes across as an exceptional offering in a marketplace that does not provide too many options for buying compact, performance-ready saws. However, Hogue saws impress with features like the use of automatic retention sheath, black nylon belt sheath, and many more. With saws finding increasing usage in outdoor survival, combat, defense, and expedition-type applications, Hogue saws ensure more features for the end user by incorporating smarter features like lanyard holes or dual lashing holes that make storage easy no matter how hard it gets out there.


Hogue EX-03 Knife Series: These series have pocket folding knives which are durable and uniquely constructed for superior performance. These come with safety locks. Hogue EX-03 series feature knives with stainless drop point blades and tanto blades for precision in cutting activities. G-Mascus and G-10 handles are provided for an easy grip.


Hogue EX-04 Knife Series: Knives of these series are constructed with high-grade button lock. These knives are made with Wharncliffe blade with dual thumb studs for extraordinary performance. These come with G-10 handles, lanyard hole, stainless pocket clips for easy grip and storage.


Hogue EX-F03 Knife Series: Knives under these series feature a skeletonized handle with finger choil which helps in a comfortable grip. The EX-F03 knife series comprise of fixed blade knives, featuring clip point blades with thumb ridge. Lanyard hole and safety sheath help in easy storage in all the situations.


Hogue Knives Ex-01 Button Lock Pocket Knife Series: The knives under this niche is durable, light in weight and features stainless drop point blades with a standard edge which gives exceptional performance. Pocket clips and tumbled handles along with black nylon zippered pouch helps in easy storage and comfortable grip.

Hogue Knives Ex-02 Extreme Linerlock Pocket Knife Series: The knives in this series have G-Mascus G-10 handles for a comfortable grip and reversible stainless pocket clip for tie up. The EX-02 Extreme Linerlock Series comes with stainless standard edge blade with thumb ridge which gives exceptional performance. These knives have additional features like manual lock and glass breaker pommel.  


Hogue Knives Ex-F01 Fixed Blade Knife: The knives under this niche features fixed Tanto blades which are durable and gives precision cutting. Hogue Knives Ex-F01 Series comes with lanyard hole and automatic retention sheet which keeps the knives secured.


Hogue Knives Ex-F01 Fixed Blade Knife Series: The knives under this series are cryogenically treated for toughness. The Hogue Ex-F01 Series has a wide variety of fixed blade knives aided with steel drop point blades for tactical activities. Features like MOLLE compatible ballistic nylon belt sheath with protective insert and black nylon cord leg ties helps in keeping these knives secured. These knives come up with full tang construction; G-10 G-Mascus Dark handles with finger coil.


Hogue Knives Ex-F02 Fixed Blade Knife Series: These knives come with features like securely fitted polymer belt sheath with an automatic retention mechanism and polymer handle which helps in convenient storage and perfect grip. The knives under EX-F02 come with tanto blades and dual lanyard cord which makes these knives exceptional in performance.


Hogue Knives Ex-T01 Tomahawk Axe Series: The knives under this series feature steelhead with a standard edge which makes the work effortless and the back head can also be used as an impact tool. The G-10 handle construction helps in a comfortable grip. The knives under the Tomahawk series come with nylon zippered case, dual lanyard holes, and a partial tang.


Hogue Knives X5 Button Lock Pocket Knife Series: These knives are made of stainless spear point blades and standard edge which helps in precision cutting. The extended tang construction, pocket clip and lanyard hole help in easy storage. X5 Button Lock Pocket Series comes with black nylon zippered storage pouch.


Hogue Knives X5 Series: The Hogue X5 Series have stainless spear point with OD Green Aluminum Handle which gives the effortless performance and an easy grip respectively. The series comes with extended tang, pocket clip, lanyard hole, and black nylon zippered storage case.


Hogue Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Series: Hogue realizes that survivalists and the outdoorsman needs knives that are rugged and have various utilities. Therefore, Hogue tactical knives are equipped with the best options for knives that need to perform in many ways. Expect tactical knives here to have steel drop point blades apart from the use of G-10 Fiber and G-Mascus pattern handle so that a trustworthy cutting performance and comfortable grip is always there, even in the toughest, wettest circumstances. Since tactical knives need to perform many duties, ranging from hunting and routine tasks to those related to survival, Hogue has some robust tactical fixed blade knives with features like MOLLE compatible nylon belt sheath and lanyard holes for easy and secure storage.


Hogue Tactical Folding Knife Series: Manufactured from premium-quality material, these knives give flawless performance as they feature stainless drop point blades with dual thumb studs and tumble finishing. G-Mascus black finish aluminum handles and tactical folding aids in a comfortable grip and easy storage.


Hogue X1 Micro Knife Series: This series has a wide range of micro button lock matte knives which can be used for different purposes. Having a stainless drop point blade and matte finished aluminum handle helps in exceptional cutting tasks and a perfect grip even in wet conditions. Light in weight, these knives comes with a pocket clip which enables easy tie up.


Hogue Knives products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Hogue Knives will repair and or replace any product that is defective. If some products cannot be repaired, Hogue knives will furnish a currently manufactured similar product. Hogue Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.


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