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EZE-Lap Sharpeners was incorporated in the early 1970s and has been a renowned name in the world of sharpeners. The company is considered as the originator of diamond sharpeners. The foundation was laid down under the leadership of dexterous and experienced team members dedicated to delivering the finest sharpeners to the people. The company was established with a view to provide the best in class sharpening tools to keep the knives in perfect condition with flawless edges for a longer duration. The company has spent years in research and the products are designed with deep understanding. Sharpeners by EZE-Lap are ideal to be used by the adventure enthusiasts, military personnel, trekkers and mountaineers.


Use of Modern Technology to Ensure Optimum Performance Every Time

EZE-LAP Diamond products are specifically manufactured using modern technology that helps to achieve great precision in every product to bring out the best results. EZE-Lap Sharpeners makes use of exceptional heat treatment process that bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles with utmost precision, which is inimitable. The resulting surface integrity in unmatched and thus, the products offer razor-sharp edges every time. The sharpeners work perfectly on carbide, tool steel, ceramic, hardened materials, and stainless steels that are used by most of the knife manufacturers in the industry. The products include Pocket Sharpeners, Oval Rod Sharpeners, Round Diamond Sharpeners, Broadhead Sharpener, Hone & Stone, Diamond Stones and many more.  


Understanding Broad Range of Sharpeners through Eze-Lap Product Series


EZE-Lap Broadhead Sharpeners: These sharpeners are manufactured using premium-quality material that helps to achieve a razor-sharp edge for all kind of knives. These easy-to-carry sharpeners are suitable to be used for scissors, chisels, pruners, shovels, router bits, axes, broadhead arrows, and many more. This series has sharpeners with a reversible/replaceable carbide that provide versatility. The carbide tip ensures prolonged usage and includes the 17-degree and 20-degree angle carbide sharpeners.


EZE-Lap Carbide Sharpeners: These are the qualitative sharpeners designed and manufactured for providing longevity and cutting-edge performance in different tasks like trekking, camping, hunting, and mountaineering. These lightweight sharpeners offer better grip while sharpening the blades with utmost precision. These are ideal for the military use, and for travelers and hunters.  


EZE-Lap Diamond Butcher Steels Sharpeners: The high-quality sharpeners in this series are designed with hi-impact plastic handle to ensure secure and perfect grip while sharpening the blades. These sharpeners with excellent grit offer longevity and cutting-edge performance to achieve the perfect sharpness and definition. These are the perfect sharpening tools.


EZE-Lap Diamond Chain Saw Sharpeners: These fine grit sharpeners are designed to give a razor-sharp edge to all kinds of knives and blades including woodworking tools, hunting, and carving knives. This series is manufactured with premium grade material and uses cutting edge technology to make sure that the performance is flawless every time. One of the defining features of these sharpeners is that they can be attached to an electric drill for delivering optimum performance every time.


EZE-Lap Diamond Sharpeners & Kits: The high-quality knife sharpeners feature fine grit to deliver optimum performance every time. These are the exceptional quality sharpening and honing to be used by the trekkers, mountaineers and military personal to sharpen the blades instantly within few seconds. The sharpeners give accurate results and the kit includes fine diamond, medium diamond. serrated and ceramic finished sharpeners.


EZE-Lap Diamond Wallet Sharpeners: These are manufactured using the premium-quality material with fine grit. Sharpeners in this series are lightweight and fit perfectly in the hand. It is suitable to be used immediately when on a trek or while hiking and helps to maintain a perfect razor-sharp edge without the much loss of the blade material. These diamond wallet sharpeners offer longevity and cutting-edge performance.


EZE-Lap Economy Diamond Sharpeners: are designed using premium-grade material with a fine grit that helps to maintain a perfectly sharpened knife. The perfect angle allows sharpening the blades in a defined manner to give a quick razor-sharp edge instantly without much loss of the blade material. It is ideal for campers, chefs, hunters, and outdoor workmen.

EZE-Lap Eze-Fold Diamond Sharpeners: are ideal to be used by the trekkers, mountaineers, and adventure enthusiasts to keep their handy knives perfectly sharpened. This series includes the finest range of diamond sharpeners well suited for sharpening curved-bladed tools, including skinning knives, filleting knives and kitchen knives and sickles.


EZE-Lap Oval Sharpeners: Designed and manufactured using premium quality material that offers perfectly sharpened blades without any loss of excessive blade material. These are the oval sharpeners with handles to provide a sturdy grip while sharpening. The rods are diamond coated and offer optimum performance every time.


EZE-Lap Shirt Pocket Diamond Sharpeners: This is an assortment of pocket fine grit sharpeners with fish hook sharpening slots; many of the sharpeners are offered in oval shape while some are of flat surface. These are pocket diamond sharpeners with the ability to sharpen the blades flawlessly. These are lightweight, compact and are ideal to be used by the trekkers and mountaineers as quick sharpening tools.


EZE-Lap Sharpeners Warranty

EZE-Lap Sharpeners’ products are warranted to be completely free from any of the designing and manufacturing defects. The products are tested and designed by experienced craftsmen. In case if the products are found to be defected then, complete inspection will be done by the company members. Only after inspection, the products will be sent for further replacement or repair. The repairing or replacement procedure along with the time taken for the same will depend on the availability of the parts. Apart from this, the products will neither be replaced nor repaired in case of normal wear or misuse. These products are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the performance and degrade the quality.


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