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EZE-Lap Sharpeners


Since the early 1970s, EZE-LAP Sharpeners products have been the pioneer and inventor of sharpeners. The company provides the highest quality diamond thanks to its unique diamond technique and current technologies. This sharpening company offers the flattest, most consistent production diamond tools currently available. EZE-LAP clients are still astounded with the quality and uniformity of the finishes created by the diamond tools, even after years of satisfaction. All the sharpeners are further made entirely in the United States. Whatever are your sharpening needs, there will be a suitable EZE-Lap diamond sharpener for your tools and knives. The company has spent years in research, and the products are designed with deep understanding. Hence, their sharpeners are loved by adventure enthusiasts, military personnel, trekkers, and mountaineers.


EZE-LAP manufactures a wide variety of small pocket-size flat stones and compact round diamond sharpeners as well. These are the perfect tools for fishermen or outdoor people. While the larger bench stones are made for workshops. The company manufactures with an innovative heat treatment method that attaches the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy to a perfectly matched metal substrate that has been replicated but never equaled. The EZE-LAP method produces surface integrity that is roughly 72 on the Rockwell C hardness scale. EZE-LAP has also developed a surface that works on carbide, ceramic, tool steel, toughened materials, and newer stainless steels, all of which are used by today's top knife manufacturers. Thus, you can rely on your EZE-LAP sharpener completely to get the job done.


EZE-Lap Sharpeners: All Your Doubts Will Be Dispelled

No matter how good a tool is, proper care and maintenance are what will make it last longer. Hence, to clear your doubt on how to clean the sharpeners. The experts from EZZE-LAP suggest Comet or Ajax and some warm water, using an old toothbrush, you must scrub until clean. For their kitchen knives, the perfect grit would be fine (600), the stones you can use for it include round sharpeners, Models P and G, and oval sharpeners. Moreover, for the serrated blades, a hook and knife, Model ST, and the EZE-Fold, Model 571 sharpeners models are suggested. The best angle for sharpening is 7°-10°.


One of the common questions is how to find out whether the knife is sharpening or not? Well, you can simply draw a line on the blade's edge with a felt-tipped pen. Sharpen the blade and note how the mark disappears as you do so. While sharpening, you can use both water or oil on the stone. However, on using oil, you will have to clean the stone more often as it tends to clog the stone.


For machetes in the field, you can go for EZE-Fold sharpeners like Model 501 grit, or the 520 Double-Sided with fine grit on one side and coarse grit on the other. If by any chance, your EZE-LAP sharpening comes off its wood backing plate, then you can re-glue it by using contact cement or epoxy. Furthermore, never leave any of the metal objects submerged in water. Even though the stones are nickel-plated, if kept in water for an extended period, they may rust. Mineral oil, light oils, and kerosene are not compatible with the bonding agent and will not cause damage to it. Furthermore, all you have to do is take care of your sharpener and it will serve you well for a long time.


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EZE-Lap Broadhead Sharpeners: The Broadhead Sharpeners by EZE-LAP are designed to put the knives into action by perfectly sharpening the edges. The unique design of the knife sharpener features a carbide tip which ensures prolonged usage. Most varieties of broadheads can be sharpened quickly using diamond pads placed at precise angles. The entire sharpener comes with a handy diamond knife and hook sharpener. The sharpeners in this series feature a lanyard hole which allows the user to add an extended chain. Including 17-degree and 20-degree angle carbide sharpeners for knives and broadheads, EZE-Lap sharpeners. Combining all the essential sharpening techniques into one pocket-size unit, these sharpeners deliver the best performance. While the reversible/replaceable carbide inserts provide versatility. The easy-to-carry EZE-Lap sharpener perfectly sharps scissors, axes, pruners, chisels, shovels, broadhead arrows, router bits, planer blades, and more. The multi-purpose sharpeners are lightweight and easy to use—highly preferable among travelers, hunters, and campers.


EZE-Lap Carbide Sharpeners: EZE-Lap Carbide Sharpener series include military and tactical sharpeners that combine longevity and cutting-edge performance to deliver the best results. Offering maximum convenience for people who are indulged in outdoor activities like camping, trekking, hunting, and mountaineering, these sharpeners give the knives a superior cutting edge. Designed with finger holes to ensure security, these sharpeners provide you a better grip while you sharpen your knife. The lightweight design of these knives makes them highly preferable for travelers and hunters. Moreover, a Carbide Knife Sharpener is ideal for use in sharpening all plain blade kitchen, sport, tactical, utility, and outdoor knives. It is extremely durable and works easily and quickly.


EZE-Lap Diamond Butcher Steel Sharpeners: EZE-Lap Diamond Butcher Steels Sharpeners introduces you to high-quality sharpeners which are equipped with Black molded hi-impact plastic handles. The diamond quoted steel makes the tools ideal for sharpening and honing. The hi-impact plastic handle ensures a tight grip which makes it highly preferable for trekkers and hunters. The series comprises a range of lightweight sharpeners that are designed to be the devoted outdoor gear and a great addition to your survival kit. Combining longevity and cutting-edge performance, these sharpeners serves as a perfect sharpening tool. These tools are proudly made in the USA.


EZE-Lap Diamond Chain Saw Sharpeners: Keeping the cutting edge of your knife sharpened in the best way possible, Diamond Chain Saw series offers the finest quality sharpeners that provide quick and easy sharpening. Designed with precision, these sharpeners can be attached to an electric drill for delivering the best performance. Focusing on the primary goal of providing the best knife sharpeners in the industry, EZE-Lap sharpeners with their elite line perfectly sharpen every type of knife including hunting knives, woodworking tools, and other carving knives. Diamond Chain Saw File is available with a precision guide which helps to maintain accurate results by giving your knife a specific cutting edge. These sharpeners are available in 3 sizes and come with hang packaging. The EZE-LAP Chainsaw Sharpening is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective system available. Both variants from this series have a 1/8′′ shank that fits most sharpening machines, including any basic household hand drill.


EZE-Lap Diamond Sharpeners & Kits: EZE-Lap Diamond Sharpeners & Kits include a wide variety of high-quality knife sharpeners which feature fine grit. These tools are ideal for sharpening and honing. Designed to ensure precision sharpening, the precision Diamond Sharpeners Kit helps to maintain accurate results by giving your knife a specific cutting edge. The deluxe diamond sharpening kit in the series includes five sharpening stones: (1) superfine diamond, (1) fine diamond, (1) medium diamond, (1) serrated, and (1) ceramic finishing. The kit also comprises a knife clip, angle guides (15, 20, and 25-degree angles), and guide rods. The Black composition of the carrying case with tab closures ensures easy portability. The angle guides, guide rods, and roll pouch add to the functionality of the sharpeners. Browse through the Diamond Sharpeners & Kit Series and add the practical pouch to your adventure essentials!


EZE-Lap Diamond Sharpening Stones: These extra-large, flat diamond stones are designed for fast, general-purpose sharpening. The sharpening stones can be used dry, but pouring some water on the surface before starting work can help prevent blockage. Scrub using an abrasive cleanser regularly to remove packed-in swarf and maintain the stones performing at their best. Some of the stones from the series are supplied with leather pouches that can be used for storage and easily carrying the sharpeners. Diamond Stones are further ideal for hunting, and fishing knives, Exacto blades, axes, woodworking tools, and industrial use. There is no need for oil or water, and the surface will remain true and flat. Many stones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from 1′′ x 3′′ to 8′′ × 8′′, in ultra-fine to extra coarse diamond.


EZE-Lap Diamond Wallet Sharpeners: Eze-Lap Diamond Wallet Sharpeners series introduces you to a range of wallet sharpeners that are lightweight and easy to carry. These credit card size sharpeners conveniently fit in a vinyl slip pouch. Perfectly designed for sharpening a variety of tools and household items, these sharpeners are ideal for sharpening and honing. A combination of super fine grit and medium grit ensures durability. Proudly made in the USA, these diamond wallet sharpeners combine longevity and cutting-edge performance and serve as a perfect sharpening tool.  


EZE-Lap Double-Sided Sharpeners: Double-sided Stones are available in grit combination of Super Fine/Fine, Super Fine/Medium, Super Fine/Coarse, Fine/Medium, Fine/Coarse, and Medium/Coarse. These sharpening stones can be used to sharpen the edges of steel tools like knives and plane blades. After sharpening the knife, do clean the knife with a wet cloth or water, then dry it. You must also clean the stone after use with a soft brush and place it in a ventilated place out to dry. The benefit of such EZE-Lap Double-Sided Sharpeners over traditional abrasive sharpening stone is that they remain flat and does not groove over time. This is necessary for precision cutting instruments like wood chisels and plane irons to maintain a continuous straight edge. The Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit is great for sharpening any blade and many other instruments quickly, easily, and without effort.


EZE-Lap Economy Diamond Sharpeners: Eze-Lap Economy Diamond Sharpeners is a series manufactured using five different diamond grits. The wide selection in diamond sizes allows matching the right diamond surface to your specific sharpening application which helps to put your knives into action by sharpening the edges in the best possible manner. The high-quality grit diamond with its abrasive ability effectively sharpen a dull knife in less than a minute. The lightweight design of these sharpeners makes them ideal for kitchen, campers, hunters, or workmen. Offering maximum convenience for the people who are indulged in outdoor activities like camping, trekking, hunting, and mountaineering, these sharpeners allow you to give the knives a superior cutting edge.


EZE-Lap Eze-Fold Diamond Sharpeners: EZE-Lap Eze-Fold Diamond Sharpeners introduces you to the range of Eze-Fold models which features a carrying case that features flip stone out for sharpening your cutting tool. The medium and superfine grits of these diamond sharpeners provide the sharpest cutting edge possible for your cutting tools. This series also includes oval sharpen which are well suited for sharpening curved-bladed tools, such as skinning knives, augers, scythes, and sickles. These sharpeners are also an excellent instrument for sharpening filleting knives and kitchen knives. To keep your cutting tools sharp and ready to work, use the high-quality and lightweight diamond sharpeners by EZE-Lap!


EZE-Lap Oval Sharpeners: The Oval Sharpeners are one of the most versatile sharpeners. These are capable of sharpening knives, scissors, and other items. Depending upon the pressure applied, the steel sharpens and hones. The "G" and "P" variants of these sharpeners are ideal for usage at home, in the outdoors, or in the workplace. These Oval Sharpeners are available in different sizes. Built for performance and durability, the sharpeners are made from professional-grade materials in the United States. You can use them in simple circular action, which is quick and easy to use. Hence, providing a razor-sharp edge in seconds. The ergonomic handles ensure comfort and safety. Available in convenient sizes, these sharpeners are ideal for the kitchen drawer, toolbox, or tackle box and boat.


EZE-Lap Shirt Pocket Diamond Sharpeners: Pocket Sharpeners are the most versatile sharpeners that can sharpen almost anything - scissors, knives, etc. Some of the sharpeners from this series feature groves for fish hooks. Moreover, these EZE-Lap Diamond Stones are also ideal for hunting and fishing knives, woodworking tools, Exacto blades, axes, and industrial use. These sharpeners feature flat oval surfaces with hook grooves. The surface of the lightweight and compact Shirt Pocket Diamond Sharpeners does not require oil or water, as it remains true and flat. You can easily carry them almost anywhere, wherever they are needed.


EZE-Lap - Warranty Information

EZE-Lap Sharpeners’ products are warranted to be completely free from any of the designing and manufacturing defects. The products are tested and designed by experienced craftsmen. In case if the products are found to be defective then, a complete inspection will be done by the company members. Only after inspection, the products will be sent for further replacement or repair. The repairing or replacement procedure along with the time taken for the same will depend on the availability of the parts. Apart from this, the products will neither be replaced nor repaired in case of normal wear or misuse. These products are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the performance and degrade the quality.


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