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Denix Mini Cannon Series replicates the legendary British cannons that helped them establish their naval supremacy and colonial empire all over the world. The British Naval cannons were set up on several gun decks. The Denix Replica Mini Cannons Series have miniature versions of the canons and can be proudly given an esteemed place in your weapons collection or used as a home decor accessory. The use of cast metal and brass metal along with fine detailing enhances its grandeur by leaps and bounds. Its 9404 Louis XIV Cannon Display is a piece of history in itself. It is an antique bronze finish cannon mounted on a wood plaque. The 422 Miniature Desk Cannon with Brass Construction Is a detailed cannon featuring a 10" elevating barrel, wood trunk carriage, and rotating wheels with rope breaching. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Spain. The Denix Mini Cannon Replicas are a great gifting option for British naval history enthusiasts.

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