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Red Rock Rifle/Shotgun Scabbards by Red Rock Outdoor Gear

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Secure Your Firearm with Red Rock Rifle/Shotgun Scabbards at Knife Country USA


For the discerning marksman and the outdoor enthusiast, the safeguarding of your firearm is non-negotiable. Knife Country USA presents the Red Rock Rifle/Shotgun Scabbards series—a robust collection designed for superior protection, accessibility, and durability. These scabbards are not just carrying cases; they are a commitment to the safety and longevity of your trusted firearm.


Red Rock Rifle/Shotgun Scabbards—The Vanguard of Firearm Protection:


  • Red Rock MOLLE Shotgun Scabbard in Black (RED82025BLK): Tailored for tactical sophistication, this scabbard is a fortress for your shotgun. Measuring 6" x 29", it is equipped with MOLLE webbing on both front and back panels for seamless integration into your gear system. Moveable MOLLE attachment mounts and rigid padded interior walls ensure your Remington 870 or standard size shotgun remains secure and cushioned. The adjustable, removable shoulder strap allows for customized carry, emphasizing ease and quick deployment.


  • Red Rock MOLLE Shotgun Scabbard in Coyote (RED82025COY): With the same design as the black variant, the coyote brown color offers natural camouflage and a distinguished appearance. Its robust 600D polyester construction means this scabbard is built to withstand diverse environments and rough handling, without compromising on the protection of your firearm.


  • Red Rock MOLLE Rifle Scabbard in Black (RED82026BLK): This rifle scabbard extends the same protective features to your rifles. Covered in bi-directional MOLLE webbing, it includes moveable MOLLE attachment mounts for adaptable configurations. Padded walls shield against impacts, while the adjustable strap features a quick-release buckle for length modification. Designed to accommodate popular AR-15s, this scabbard brings peace of mind to the traveling marksman.


  • Red Rock MOLLE Rifle Scabbard in Coyote (RED82026COY): The coyote brown rifle scabbard ensures your AR-15 or similar firearm is snug, secure, and ready for action. The colorway integrates seamlessly with your outdoor gear, allowing for discreet and strategic carry.


At Knife Country USA, we recognize the importance of every detail when it comes to the storage and transport of firearms. The Red Rock Rifle/Shotgun Scabbards series offers meticulous design and craftsmanship, providing protection from the elements and the wear of travel. Whether you're on the hunt, at the range, or securing your firearm during transport, these scabbards stand as the guardians of your gear.


Choose a scabbard that resonates with your need for reliability and security. Visit Knife Country USA to select the perfect Red Rock Rifle/Shotgun Scabbard, and carry your firearm with the confidence that it is well-protected, accessible, and integrated into your tactical setup.

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