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Adventurist and military persons who may be searching for the perfect gear that will endure any kind of outings, can purchase it at www.KnifeCountryUSA. Knife Country USA offers a wide range of gear. Knife Country USA, stores a wide variety of Pro Force Tools that are manufactured with utmost care, keeping in mind the utility of the products.


Know Your Brand: Pro Force Tools

Pro Force Tools employ experienced professionals to manufacture its gears. It offers a wide ranger of gears like self-inflating sleeping mat and pillow, survival matches, windproof lighter, food packing kit, mayday signaling mirror, commando wore saw, outdoor mosquito nets, Shemagh, Sniper Face Veil Scarf and many more.


The Mayday Signaling Mirror is made of high impact plastic construction, and is engineered to perfection in England. Easy to use with one hand, it has the ability to reflect the sunlight to long distances. The windproof lighter offered by the brand is one of the popular items from its stable. State-of-the-art technology is used to manufacture these compact, rugged and portable lighters.


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The lighter produces Twin Laser Jet Flame that can be adjusted according to need. With its wind resistant feature, it can light not only in windy conditions but can also work upside down at equal ease. It also works at high altitudes up to 3000 meters. The lighter includes clean burn technology that ensures that black carbon deposit doesn’t occur. The refillable lighter uses butane as its fuel. Other popular gears include face veil scarf and Shemagh that is 100 per cent cotton and retains heat in cold conditions. It also absorbs sweat in hot conditions. Whatever be the gear, the Pro force Tools offers the best quality product.


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Our online mega-store offers a wide range of gears from Pro Force Tools, at the best price. Our website has enlisted the entire range of gears in great detail to help you understand the products and chose the one that suits you the best. Get the best deal from us.

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