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Proforce Equipment, Inc., based in Miramar, Florida, is the exclusive distributor of five brands in North and South America that offers quality products at competitive prices. Proforce equipment has been serving the military service members, tactical, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts through their network of dealers and distributors. Proforce is known for its products and outstanding customer service that sets them apart from their contemporaries.


Proforce Equipment, Inc. is the exclusive distributor and representative for brands like Snugpak, NDūR and Camcon in North and South America and for Tasmanian Tiger and Wildo in the United States. The brands under Pro Force Tools manufacture and supply products that are useful for campers, trekkers, climbers, and different adventurers. The products by these brands are uniquely designed to sustain situations like bad weather and harsh living conditions during outdoor expeditions. From various shemaghs to camping saws, from emergency survival to trekkers, all the brands under Pro Force Tools have an assortment of products that are loved by experts all over the world.


Different Brands under Pro Force


Snugpak: Snugpak was founded in 1977 and have been manufacturing quality products that include sleeping bags and different clothing related products. The company enjoys long standing contracts with many governments’ defense agencies for both sleeping bags and clothing.  In 40 years, the company has grown from a cottage industry to an internationally recognized brand that is known for its quality products and their services.


Tasmanian Tiger: the Tasmanian Tiger is a globally known supplier of professional Military, tactical and police equipment. The products featured under the brand Tasmanian tiger are made with premium quality material and are known for its durability. The products are made with European manufacturing standards at their factories in Vietnam.  Tasmanian tiger was founded in 1999 and since then is known for its commitment, dedication, and consistency in maintaining the superior quality of its products.


NDuR: The brand that adheres to their motto to Survive - to Outlast - to Endure states appropriately what the products by NDuR are meant to do. The brand manufactures a variety of products that can be used for a situation that wasn’t predicted. NDuR has been constantly working to develop and bring quality products that can be used in survival situations that may occur anywhere from an urban environment to the wilderness, in the desert, mountains or even during or after a natural disaster.


CAMCON: manufactures an array of concealment products which can be used for a variety of applications during camping, trekking, and hunting and during other outdoor expeditions. CAMCON has all the products that could be used to achieve camouflage ability ranging from products for equipment, weapons or for one’s body. When one needs to be unseen, CAMCON has all the right products ranging from shemaghs, face veils, body veils to face paint, to camo wraps and bungee cords


WILDO: WILDO was founded in 1979 by Ingvar Svantesson who thought of creating some products that could improve the conditions for hikers, campers and all other outdoor enthusiasts, by reducing the camp wear to a minimum. The company manufactures products that are light in weight, durable and compact. These products are easy to carry as they are close-packed but the amount of work just one product can do is immense. These products are multi-functional and can be used for a variety of tasks during outdoor expeditions.


The Proforce Tools Leading Products

Pro Force Tools Shemaghs: The safety gears are sand/black traditional desert headwear which is essential for protecting eyes, nose, mouth, and neck from the sand. These Shemaghs are currently used by U.S. and British Forces. This headwear from Proforce is made up of 100 percent cotton and can also be used as a neck warmer or hand towel.


Pro Force Tools Camping Commando Wire Saw: This tactical tool from Pro force has an edge that will cut through wood, plastic, bone and even soft metals. The wire saws are survival devices which can help campers, hunters and other adventurers. The Commando Wire Saw is constructed using eight strands of interwoven stainless steel.


Pro Force Tools Olive Drab/Silver Emergency Survival Bag: This survival asset is made of strong metalized material which reflects 90 percent of body heat and can be used for all kind of harsh weather conditions. The survival bags can provide emergency protection and can treat a person going through hypothermia.


Pro Force Tools Fire Flash Fire Starter with Plastic Handle: This fire starter features a plastic handle and generates 3000 C Spark. This is safe and easy to use. These are used by Swedish Special Forces. The Pro-Force Fire Flash Fire Starter can light a fire or ignite the fuel in camping stove or snow.  These tools are approved and accepted by survival experts worldwide.


Pro Force Tools Trekker: It features trekker with a high rebound for fast inflation. Constructed with OD green/tan 150 D polyester, the trekker features high-quality foam core for lasting performance. These trekkers feature easy valve, which can be locked while adding air by mouth. These trekkers are complemented with a stuff sack, retaining bands and repair kit.



Each Pro Force Tools product is warranted to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship. Combat Ready Knives will repair or replace with a new item any Pro Force Tools product that is defective. Some Pro Force Tools products cannot be repaired on the accounts of limited availability of its parts. In such situations, Pro-Force Tools will furnish a currently manufactured product that most closely matches the product sent in for repair.


Pro Force Tools does not warrant its products against misuse or overuse. The products by Pro Force Tools are not intended to be used as hammers, pry bars, chisels or screwdrivers. If the product is damaged because of misuse, the repair department at Pro Force Tools shall analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.


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