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Know About the Brand:

The name Douk-Douk was given to the French-made pocket knife that was constructed using simple sheet metal, by the M. C. Cognet cutlery firm in Thiers, France, in 1929. Douk-Douk was created by Gaston Cognet and due to his sheer effort and dedication; the company has grown by leaps and bounds. The knives represent the traditional true craftsmanship and the dedication of the company. Originally Douk-Douk was created and designed in the Cognet workshops in Thiers that uses the traditional and authentic way of manufacturing along with the same old-school techniques and materials as well. 



A Legacy Carried by the Family for Generation

It is well said, “There Is No Better Pocket Knife Than The Humble Douk-Douk Knife”. It was in 1929 when Gaspard Cognet started making external engraving of the Douk-Douk for France's colonies, Oceania. This was a family-owned and traditional business that M.C. Cognet carried forward by the makers of Douk-Douk and its offspring - El Baraka, Tiki, and Squirrel. Presently, Pierre, grandson of original Douk-Douk creator, Gaston, is the Director, while Pierre’s son, Guy, is his apprentice in the company.


Superior Craftsmanship and Premium Material That Makes Douk-Douk Knives Reliable and High Performing

Douk-Douk Knives are a perfect example of thoughtfully using traditional designs and modern technology. The methods that are used for the manufacturing process are the ones that were used initially; these methods were used and followed religiously for delivering quality assured and high-performance knives and other tools. To ensure that each knife surpasses the client’s expectations and outperform in most of the toughest situations, the blades are sharpened to the precision that helps with easy penetration through most surfaces. The handles in most of the knives depict the visually attractive "Douk-Douk", or Melanesian spirit incarnation artwork, making it look distinctive and attractive also. The Douk-Douk knives have Turkish clips that add to the character and enhance its look as well. Not to forget another defining feature, the acid-engraved arabesques on the knives. This makes Douk-Douk knives extremely popular among knife collectors, enthusiasts, and real-life knife users too. 


Exploring the Massive Range of Douk-Douk Knives by Series

Douk-Douk El Baraka Folder Series: 

El Baraka Folder Series is a premium knife series that includes knives specifically manufactured for knife enthusiasts, knife lovers, and collectors around the globe. These knives boast robust carbon steel construction that helps to make the knives much stronger and stable enough to penetrate easily. The strength and stability of the knife body make it a preferred pick for carrying out varied tactical and everyday tasks also. The carbon steel blades are complemented by the folded steel handle with El Baraka artwork. It looks visually attractive and imparts a commendable look. The fine finish over the blades makes it resistant to everyday scratches. 

Douk-Douk Folder Series Knives: 

This series includes the Douk Douk folder knives that are primarily manufactured using quality tested carbon steel blade that offers superior strength and performing ability to withstand heavy-duty tasks. These knives are perfect for chopping, hunting, cooking, or even scraping. The provision of Ferro-blackened folded steel handles enhances the overall stability and imparts a classic look too. The handles are wide enough to fit in the palm easily while offers the utmost comfort and grip for performing strenuous tasks easily. The front handle of the knife is etched with the Douk-Douk artwork; these were famous in former French colonies for more than 70 years, it has now been used in Army and French Foreign Legion. 

Douk-Douk The Giant Series Knives 

This series includes the finest range of knives that are manufactured using carbon steel blade that induces commendable strength and stability to perform under extreme conditions and tasks. These knives have blade etching, chrome finish that keeps the knife safe from unwanted scratches, and also boasts the chrome finish folded steel handle that fits in the palm comfortably to carry out the task easily. The Giant knives are provided with a sheath for safe carrying it anywhere.

Douk-Douk Le Thiers Folder Series Knives: 

Make sure you have the finest range of Douk-Douk knives, this series includes the Le Thiers Folder knives that are made to fulfill the ever-changing demands of knife enthusiasts. These folding knives are manufactured using premium carbon steel blades, which are known to offer commendable performance, without getting stuck and distorted. The blade edges are sharpened to precision and pierce through most surfaces easily. They are also perfect for chopping, cooking, trekking tasks and camping tasks. The blades with logo etched are complemented by the handles that look extremely attractive. 

Douk-Douk Le Tiki Folder Series Knives:

This is another addition to the already existing range of series that includes Le Tiki Folder knives featuring the finest quality Ferro-blackened carbon steel blade. The use of premium blade material induces strength and overall structural stability to withstand extreme conditions and repeated tasks. These were the knives that French Army used for over 70 years and was reliable enough to be used in most of the tactical tasks. These blades have been designed and sharpened enough to glide through most of the surfaces easily, without getting distorted. The provision of folded steel handle adds to the durability and many of the knives have bail that offers user convenience too. The most unique Tiki artwork etched on front handles imparts a visually attractive look.


Warranty Information: 

Every Douk-Douk Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. The brand will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any defective product. In case the product is genuinely found to be defected by the concerned authority, then the further procedure will be done, and the product will be repaired or replaced, depending upon the condition. The procedures will be done depending on the limited availability of parts. If the product is misused or mishandled then, no claims would be entertained. The products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers, this can hamper the performance of the tools.



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