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The name Douk-Douk was given to the French-made pocket knife that was constructed using simple sheet metal, by the M. C. Cognet cutlery firm in Thiers, France, in 1929. Douk-Douk was originally created by Gaston Cognet and owing to his sheer efforts and dedication; the company has grown by leaps and bounds. The knives represent the traditional true craftsmanship and the dedication of the company that made these knives reflect very well. Originally Douk-Douk was created and designed in the Cognet workshops in Thiers that uses the traditional and authentic way of manufacturing along with the same old school techniques and materials as well.  


Douk-Douk was initially intended to be used as an inexpensive utility pocket knife by the people, but soon its popularity led it to be used as a weapon. 1954-1962 FLN-led revolt in Algeria witnessed the use of Douk-Douk as a weapon for assassination and terror. These knives were easily changed from the pocket knife into a useful fixed-blade dagger with some mechanism that can cause more harm.


A Legacy Carried By the Family for Generation

It is well said, “There Is No Better Pocket Knife Than The Humble Douk-Douk Knife”.  Gaspard Cognet initiated the making of an external engraving of the douk-douk in 1929 for France's colonies in Oceania. This family-owned and rigorously traditional business M.C. Cognet carried forward by the Douk-Douk makers and its offspring (El Baraka, Tiki, and Squirrel). Currently, Pierre, grandson of the original Douk-Douk creator, Gaston, is the director and Pierre’s son, Guy, is his apprentice in the company.


Construction of Douk-Douk Knife: Affordability and Superior Craftsmanship

The Douk-Douk Knives have always been designed and manufactured with the same methods and materials that were used initially to religiously follow the traditions and deliver high quality and high-performance knives. The blades (surgical steel) are selected wisely to cater to every need of the customer. The sharpness is kept excellent; the handles depict a "douk-douk", or Melanesian spirit incarnation. The handles are slim and offer exceptional grip. The Turkish clip adds character to the knives which are complemented by the acid-engraved arabesques. The provision of lanyard holes offers convenience to carry the knives easily. All these factors contribute to delivering exceptional quality knives and cater to the ever-evolving demands of the people from around the world.


Exploring the Massive Array of Douk-Douk Knives


Douk-Douk El Baraka Folder Series: El Baraka Folder Series is manufactured to cater to the ever-evolving requirements of the knife overs and collectors across the world. These knives are designed using finest quality Carbon Steel that induces commendable strength to the complete knife body. The carbon steel blades have the flawless silver finish folded steel handles, offering resistance to any wear and tear. The finishing is superb, and the razor-sharp edges have the ability to pierce through most of the situations. These knives have the handle featuring El Baraka artwork that looks classic and attractive. These are suitable to be used for heavy-duty work. The handles perfectly fit in the palm and offer a secure grip in most of the demanding situations.


Douk-Douk Folder Series Knives:  Folder Series includes the premium quality knives that are manufactured using the finest range of carbon steel that offers impeccable strength for the purpose of performing heavy-duty tasks. These knives have the ability to perform tasks including the hunting, chopping, scrapping, and cooking as well. The handles made from Ferro-blackened folded steel impart a classic look and offers a secure grip. The blades of these knives have the Douk-Douk etching that looks commendable and distinguishes the knives from others.


Douk-Douk Folding Pocket Knives: The Douk-Douk Folding knives are manufactured using impeccable quality carbon steel blades. The use of this material induces strength to perform most of the tedious tasks that require strength and ability to perform most of the tough tasks. Many knives have the Ferro-blackened folded steel handle with bail that adds character to the knives. The Douk-Douk artwork etching of the blades and handles imparts classic look to the knives.


Douk-Douk Le Thiers Folder Series Knives: Le Thiers Folder Series includes the finest quality premium knives manufactured and designed to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the people from different professions. The knives are manufactured using carbon steel blades with a standard edge, suitable for hunting, chopping, trekking, and camping. The edges are razor-sharp and logo etchings on the blades and handles look visually appealing. The penetrating capability of the knives is impeccable and pierces flawlessly without getting stuck.


Douk-Douk Le Tiki Folder Series Knives:Le Tiki Folder Series has the premium knives designed with the finest quality Ferro-blackened carbon steel blade. The use of this blade material induces impeccable strength and increases the functionality of the knives. These knives were used by the French Army for over 70 years. The clades have the perfect sharpness and offer maximum strength. Many knives have the Silver finish folded steel handle with bail that adds to the user convenience. The handle fits perfectly in the palm and offers a secure grip in most of the demanding situations. The Tiki artwork etched on the front handles makes these knives look visually attractive.


The Douk-Douk Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Douk-Douk Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. The brand will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any product that is defective. In case the product is genuinely found to be defected by the concerned authority, then the further procedure will be done, and the product will be repaired or replaced, depending upon the condition. The procedures will be done depending on the limited availability of parts. If the product is misused or mishandled then, no claims would be entertained.  The products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers, this can hamper the performance of the tools.


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