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We are family owned & operated. Proudly employing military veterans.


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Have a passion for collecting police or military badges? We, at Knife Country USA have just the right one for a collection. Knife Country USA's online store offers all sorts of badges, military, police,or,  specifically, Texas Rangers badge, U.S. Marshal badge, Lincoln County Sheriff badge, law enforcement badge, Deputy Marshal badge, and many more. These badges are reproduced from existing originals in museums or private collections. Crafted in silver-plated and solid brass with sturdy-mounted pin fasteners, making a great addition to a collection or a souvenir. Using badges could be a great way to educate children the importance of people who serve the community. Lapel pins are created just like the original and can be used to instill a sense of pride when worn. Many badges replicate the original, making it difficult to tell the two apart. The best thing about them is, badges make a great collectible or gift. It has recently been discovered that military badges are one of the most common sold items. It also makes a great accessory for costume parties, or to use for decoration. Knife Country USA has the badges our customers are looking for.

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