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Swiss Army Knife is well-known for manufacturing the best-designed multi-tools pocket knives. The Swiss Army products are popular and best-known products by Victorinox, a famous knife manufacturing a brand of Switzerland. Swiss Army Knife was incorporated in 1891 by German knife enthusiast, Karl Elsener. The reliable design of the knives and their versatility have both led to worldwide recognition. The company mainly caters to DIY enthusiasts, adventure fanatics, knife collectors, hikers, campers and travelers.


The company is known in the marketplace for designing high-grade pocket knives with a different locking mechanism, fixed blade knives, knife sheaths, pouches, replacement parts, and kitchen knives. Swiss Army Knives manufactures a wide range of household and professional knives that can easily perform a variety of indoor tasks (cutting, butchering, and filleting) and outdoor jobs (in the backyard or during outdoor expedition).


Swiss Army Knives- A Name You Can Rely Upon Completely

Swiss Army Knife or Victorinox knives are highly functional and manufactured to perform all the tasks. Some of the products are manufactured primarily for the military and law enforcement use. Other than high civil sales, the Swiss Army products are used as standard equipment by NASA astronauts and have also taken to Mount Everest and the Arctic. These sturdy and log performing tools and products are available in many sizes and functional combination as per the customer demands and requirements.


Expect Practically Designed Knives Made from Sturdy Material  

The products are designed to be tough and reliable so that they perform extensively well in rugged terrains and extreme weather conditions. The Swiss Army folding knives series offers a wide variety of multi-tool knives with different locking mechanism. The multi-tools include some greatly functional extensions like tweezers, bottle openers, can opener, scissors, nail clippers, nail file, fish scalers, screwdriver, wire stripper, reamer with sewing eye, and corkscrew. The robust handle construction of the knives is done using high-grade material such as Fibrox, synthetic, nylon and ABS. The sheaths and pouches are made from premium quality leather and nylon to assure durability and reliability.


Exploring the Well-Curated Product Catalog

Swiss Army Knife offers a brief range of products that caters to outdoorsmen, military, law enforcement, adventure enthusiast, and people tackling everyday jobs. People swear by this multi-utility knives because of their practical design and durability.


Victorinox Swiss Army Folding Pocket KnivesThese pocket, folding knives are great for every day to carry purpose. These multipurpose pocket knives are available with different locking mechanisms to assist the operators. Some of these knives include different tools including the opener, screwdriver, and wrench. Victorinox Linerlock Pocket Knives have compact designs, durable construction, and a sturdy structure. Linerlock mechanism offers an easy opening/closing of knives with single hand operation. Victorinox Boy Scout Swiss Army Knife Series offers knives that are compact enough to slip easily in the pocket, camp kit and backpack. The knives feature the official Boy Scout of America logo on the sturdy handles. Most of these knives are packed with at least 14 functions. Victorinox Cadet Swiss Army Knife features different multi-tools such as nail file with nail cleaner, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener, and wire strippers with Silver Alox handles. Victorinox Skipper Swiss Army Knife Series is manufactured in Switzerland with great precision and dedication. The knives feature locking large serrated blade, pliers, shackle opener with marlin spike, can opener with screwdriver, wire stripper, reamer with sewing eye, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, toothpick, tweezers, and keyring. Victorinox Swiss-Champ Swiss Army folding knives includes large blades made from stainless steel. These multitool knives feature the finest quality ABS handle. Victorinox Wounded Warrior Swiss Army Knife Series was created to commemorate Wounded Warrior Project in which injured servicemen and women are honored with the fund created with sales of these knives. The multitools under this category are useful to perform odd jobs in the backyard or garden. Victorinox Sentinel Swiss Army Knife has a single blade made from high-grade stainless steel. The handle construction is done using Fibrox material. Victorinox My First (1st) Swiss Army Knife Series features a combination of tools with cap lifter, screwdriver, large blade without a point, wire stripper, tweezer, and keyring.

Victorinox Nail Clipper Swiss Army Series is designed to perform indoor and outdoor tasks. These knives include nail file with nail cleaner, lever design serrated edge scissors and nail clipper. Victorinox Fieldmaster Swiss Army Knife Series is versatile in construction and ideal for campers, hikers, DIY enthusiasts, and fishermen. The multi-tools are available in various handle colors and patterns.


Victorinox Kitchen CutleryThe series largely caters to chefs, butchers, and people in the food business.  These knives can easily perform a variety of tasks such as slicing, filleting, chopping and cutting with ease and comfort. The kitchen knives are available in different blade design and handle construction such as Fibrox, synthetic, and nylon. 


Victorinox Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed blades are comparatively strong and highly functional than other knives. The sturdy blade construction is done using stainless steel with a satin finish. Most of these durable knives have serrated blades with drop-point or tanto blade design.  


Victorinox Knife Accessories: This range of accessories includemagnetic displayboards, banners, keychain coupler, multitool, knife leash, and other tools. These accessories cater extensively to law enforcement, military forces, hunter, fishermen, and travelers.


Victorinox Knife Repair & Replacement PartsThe seriesoffer replaceable tweezers, ball pens, toothpick, scissors spring, key ring, and retractable ink pen refill. These items can easily be carried to any outdoor excursion as they are compact and fit easily in any purse, pocket, camp kit and backpack. 


Victorinox Knife Sheaths & Pouches: The seriesincludes high-grade knife sheaths and pouches that offer safe storage space and ease of transportation. The belt pouches and storage sheaths are available in different materials like leather and nylon. 


Victorinox Toys: The series offers proxy knives that look exactly like the real ones. These toys are made from high-quality, non-toxic plastic without any sharp and pointed edge and cuts. The series feature multi-tool toy knives, spoon, forks, bottle openers, magnifying glasses, and saws.


Swiss Army Knife Sharpeners: Swiss Army Knife Sharpeners offers high-quality tinker knife sharpeners that feature high sharpening blades. These sharpeners are available in different color compositions and material construction.


Swiss Army Saws: It features premium-quality saws made from sturdy material to perform a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks. These fixed blade saws have partially serrated blades and features in the folding multi-tool knives. The handle construction is done using different material like nylon, Fibrox, ABS and synthetic.


Swiss Army Scissors: These sharp end scissors are part of most multitools knives and are great for outdoor use.The scissors feature high-quality sharp edge blades with robust handle construction.


Warranty Information

Swiss Army Knives is trusted in the marketplace for manufacturing reliable and high-quality products. The products and tools are designed with great perfection and dedication. In case any defects or damage found in the manufacturing, workmanship, the company will repair or replace the item with a new one. Some of the returned items cannot be repaired due to the limited availability of the replacement parts. Swiss Army products are not meant to be used with or as a hammer, pry bars, chisels, and screwdrivers.


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