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Swiss Army Knives

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Swiss Army Knives

For so many of us, there is no other name in knives. The legendary Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox AG is so well-known that it's become the definition of a pocket knife. Celebrated in over 100 countries, there is simply no other knife as renowned as this 130-year-old classic that has been continuously updated to stay on the literal cutting edge for more than a century.


Anyone who has ever been in a situation that was solved with a multitool knows exactly how useful it is to have a toolbox in your pocket, and for generations the name Swiss Army Knife has been synonymous with utility. When life hits with the sudden need to pop a cork, fix an unexpected loose screw, or cut a piece of tangled wire, no one says they wish they had a "flexible multitool," they say they want a Swiss Army Knife. When the name of your knife is the name people use to describe the solution to a problem, then you have a knife you can depend on. Now, with the nearly the entire Victorinox catalog at your fingertips, you can find the perfect knife to keep by your side for all of life's little (and not-so-little) challenges.

The legendary Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox AG

In 1884, a journeyman knife maker named Karl Elsener opened a shop in the small town of Ibach, Switzerland (where Victorinox is headquartered today), to make cutlery and surgical tools. After spending years using his workshop to combat regional poverty, Elsener's young company won a contract to begin manufacturing knives for the Swiss army in 1891. Then, just a few years later in 1897, Elsener released what he called the Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife, a pocket-sized multitool inspired by his work for the Swiss army. Knives have never been the same since.

Swiss Army Knives were there.

Swiss Army Knives were there in the trenches in World War I. They were there again in World War II, when American soldiers coined the term "Swiss Army Knife" to describe these indispensable blades. As technology has raced ahead in the years and decades since, Victorinox has kept pace, setting new standards and always adapting to meet the changing needs and demands of its customers. Across countless battlefields and over 130 years after Elsener opened his workshop, armed forces around the world still rely on these legendary tools. Look to the military, law enforcement, adventurers, outdoorsmen, mechanics, and people tackling everyday jobs, and you'll find enthusiasts swearing by these ultimate multi-utility knives.

Extreme reliability down to the tiniest detail.

Victorinox AG takes nothing for granted and leaves nothing to chance. Every minute detail of every Victorinox knife is extensively tested and perfected for strength and reliability, no matter what the task. If you're going camping or hiking, take the Victorinox Huntsman and hit the outdoors knowing you'll have what you need right at hand. Or, if your explorations take you to the Great Indoors and you need to make a quick fix to some of your gear, the Victorinox CyberTool becomes your personal IT department in your pocket, with added multifunction pliers and standardized screwdriver bits perfect for electronics and small appliances. Wherever you go, take a Victorinox multitool with you.

Knife Country USA has the Swiss Army Knife to suit your needs.

At Knife Country USA, every purchase is guided through our-easy-to-browse online store that includes detailed descriptions on all of our products. But we don't expect you to do all the research yourself. If you have questions about Swiss Army Knives or any of the items in collections (we have tens of thousands), our customer care desk is always ready to answer your questions. We aren't some call center, we are a family-owned business staffed by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about knives and tools. With us, selecting the best knife for you becomes a cakewalk. Give us a call at (800) 342-9118 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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