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Swiss Army Scissors by Swiss Army Knives

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Victorinox has created its market as the designer and manufacturer of multi-tool pocket knives. The knives are highly functional and manufactured to perform all the tasks. Most of the products are manufactured mainly for military and law enforcement use. The Swiss Army products are used as standard equipment by NASA astronauts.


Swiss Army Scissors are the essential cutting tools that no household can do without. Especially made in Germany for Victorinox, these are high-quality stainless-steel scissors. The pair of scissors can be used for snipping herbs, flowers, meat or other items available in the kitchen. The scissors incorporate a user replaceable spring between their handles to automatically open the blades when pressure is released from the handles. This automatic opening by the spring makes them easier to operate and enables quick cutting. The scissors are durable and can last lifetime with only a little care. The scissors are direct descendants of the Officer’s knife. The scissors have patented Fibrox handles that are textured, slip resistant, and ergonomically designed for balance and comfort. Dishwasher safe, the scissors pulls apart shear for easy cleaning and sharpening. They can be used as household or professional scissors, making them useful in working as well as domestic situations.


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