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In 1889, William B. Ensworth, Charles Albert Brace, and William Maudsley established the Ontario Knife Company in Naples, New York. The name of the company was derived from Ontario County where Naples was situated. After the company began to grow and expand, the company purchased an old sawmill at Cadiz near Franklinville village. In 1902, the warehouse from Cadiz was moved to Franklinville as the company was growing exponentially and more power was needed. By 1904, many owners of other local knifing companies like Empire State Cutlery Company purchased the interests of the original Ontario Knife Company stockholders. In 1905, both the companies’ combined their operations in Franklinville under the name of Ontario Knife Company.


It was in 1923 that James A. Chrestensen, a company employee became the president and marked the beginning of the "Old Hickory" line of knives. His son Robert F. Chrestensen took over as president after his father retired in 1952. Today, Ontario Knife Company is one of those prestigious companies which has gained membership in the American Cutlery Manufacturers’ Association.


One of the Most Approached Names for Professional Cutlery Knives

Ontario Knife Company is one of the leading knife manufacturers delivering high-quality products. The company’s large inventory includes an assortment of Fixed Blade knives, Tactical knives, Fortune Series, folding blade knives and many more. The brand also offers its customers an option of customization as per their requirements. Various tools like axes and strap cutters are included in their umbrella of Limited-Edition products.


What does it take to make an Ontario Knife Company Original Series?

Dan Maragni is the master bladesmith and knife designer of the Ontario Knife Company. With 40 years of knife-making experience, he is an expert when it comes to the process from scratch to finish. Most of the knives in the inventory feature blades made from high-quality D2 Tool Steel which is commonly known as stainless steel. OKC focuses on blending historical knife concepts with modern engineering techniques, ergonomics, and the anatomy of unique designs.


A Pioneering Range of Knives Built to Withstand the Toughest Situations

Ontario Fixed Blade Knives: Designed for use as survival and tactical tolls in the toughest situations, these Ontario Fixed Blade Knives offer excellent performance. The fixed blades of these knives deliver immediate use and extreme strength. The premium knives in this collection are often used by professionals for activities related to fixed blade knives to hunting and skinning during hunting, camping, trekking, and other outdoor expeditions. Ontario Tactical Knives are actively used by the US military, Navy, Air Force, law enforcement professionals, hunters, and survivalists to offer versatile use.


Ontario Folding Pocket Knife Series: Pocket knives are ideal for carrying wherever you go. They are dominantly designed to be folding knives, ensuring complete protection when carried in bags, pockets, and more. This Ontario Folding Pocket Knife series features a variety of knives including framework, liner lock, and Lockback knives. All of these knives have an inbuilt spring lock mechanism to deliver effortless opening and closing of the blade. With the finest quality of stainless-steel blades and polypropylene and wooden handles, the knives in this collection are highly durable. They are equipped with a protective sheath to promise safety at all times.


Ontario Axes and Hatchets Series: Designed as rescue tools that can cut through any material, the axes and hatchets in this series by Ontario Knives offer superior performance. They are exclusively fashioned to chop down or cut through the toughest materials including trees, metals, and more. The inventory in this survival series is made with robust steel to provide maximum strength and durability, perfect for the toughest and most testing conditions. These products are produced to assist professionals, firefighters, and rescue personnel in tactical tasks and everyday activities. The tactical tools in the series have superior grip handles to allow deployment and use with control and precision.


Ontario Bayonet Knives: Exclusively produced to assist professionals in combat situations and with tactical tasks, these Ontario Bayonet Knives have fixed blades, offering added strength for heavy-duty use. The knives in this collection feature stainless-steel blades with a non-reflective grey phosphate finish to promise rust and corrosion-free use. The blades have milled saw-teeth top edges to help cut and pierce through any material, while phosphate-coated steel guards and caps offer complete user convenience. Thermostatic nylon scabbard handles with wire cutters and quick-release universal military holsters make the perfect fixed blade accessory for long-term combat.


Ontario Machetes, Tools, and Accessories Series: This category includes an array of traditionally designed machetes, tools, and accessories that can be used for self-defense and survival. The series features many sharp-edged machetes including heavy-duty machetes, trail machetes, SPAX machetes, sporting, and outdoor gear hangers, combat sharp cutters, and many more. This series by Ontario Knife Company uses the finest materials including Cycoli resin, carbon steel, and titanium nitride to ensure high-quality tools and tactical accessories to battle wear and tear. These materials make the tools in this Ontario Machetes, Tools, and Accessories series ideal for cutting through belts and metal flawlessly.  


Ontario Agilite Kitchen Cutlery & Knives Series:  This series of kitchenware knives, crafted by the blade-master Dan Maragni, features a lightweight and ergonomic construction for maximum control. The knives in this category are ideal for slicing, chopping, and cutting. The knife blades in this series are made with high-grade material, serrated for precise cutting and flawless results. The handles of these kitchen knives are double injected and molded to deliver heat-resistant performance, along with a firm grip while cutting. Each knife in this collection is designed specifically for various tasks and functions to fit your needs. The series also includes accessories such as chopping boards for ease of chopping tasks in the kitchen.


Ontario Air Force Survival Knife Series: Designed with premium materials by expert knife-makers, the knives in this Ontario Air Force Survival Knife Series are exclusively produced as veteran blades that have been used by the Armed Forces of the US for decades. The survival knives are perfect for combat and tactical situations, featuring patterned grips that facilitate full-strength blows with every strike. The combat-fixed blades in this collection of carbon steel blade knives have various finishes such as zinc phosphate coating and powdered coating for maximum durability.


Ontario ASEK Knife Series: Specially designed for law enforcement officers and outdoor enthusiasts, the knives in this Ontario ASEK series are made for versatile use. The survival fixed blade knives featured in the ASEK series are equipped with cutting-edge sawback blades that are made with premium carbon steel. The material provides extreme strength, while a rubber insulated handle allows a firm and comfortable grip. These knives are equipped with finger guards for complete protection, making suitable tactical knives for camping, hunting, and other adventurous expeditions.


Ontario Black Bird Knife Series: This Blackbird series by Ontario Knives consists of survival knives that are durable and are exclusively designed for hardcode bush crafters and woodsmen with a profession or passion in the industry. These survival knives feature stainless steel blades and are coated with a black powder finish, making the knives stand out against the other knife styles and designs with brushed finishes. The knives in the series are equipped with G-10 and micarta handles. They are portable and easy to store and carry and are equipped with MOLLE compatible sheaths.


Bushcraft Knife Series: Knives in this premium Bushcraft Knife Series are made for tactical and combat situations. Bushcraft Knife Series are long-edged and rugged, with handles made designed with hardwood. The supporting ends on these knives prove to take down the opponent in the fight. The use of these knives is not restricted to combat only. The bold character of these knives also makes them suitable for a variety of jobs including chopping wood, clearing foliage, carving and incising wood, creating funnel points for animals, hunting them, and tackling animals if required.


Ontario Cerberus Knife Series: Keeping the requirements of elite forces personnel in mind, the Cerberus knife series by Ontario Knives features tactical knives made for experts. The drop point knife-blades which are made from D2 steel are enough to accomplish the toughest cutting and chopping tasks in any indoor and outdoor situation. To ensure a premium non-slip grip, these knives are equipped with well-balanced handles made with highly durable materials such as titanium and G10. These knives prove to be best for camping and hiking, generally made for any kind of emergency and combat situations.


Ontario Chimera Knife Series: This Chimera knife series comprises multipurpose survivor knives for professional knife users. These knives are designed for application in any kind of situation ranging from automobile accidents to outdoor uses. The knives in the collection are best to be used by people serving in the army, law enforcement agencies, or even hunters. The strength of the knives comes from the blade which is made from partially serrated carbon steel with powdered coating. Grooved Kraton handles are equipped with skull crusher bottoms that double as a glass breaker, while the figure guard protects the user’s hand during lethal operations.


Ontario Dozier Knife Series: designed by Bob Dozier, this Ontario Dozier knife series consists of everyday use and carry knives. They are specially designed for operations done with one hand for complete user convenience while multitasking or in testing situations. The blades of the knives are manufactured with stainless steel and feature arrow points. The blades are finished with a black coating or stonewash to protect the edges and make the knives durable. G-10 handles ensure a secure grip, with textured scales for added security of use. For easy operations, these folding knives are fitted with a liner lock or Lockback mechanism.


Ontario Fighting Knife Series: As the name suggests, the knives in this Ontario Fighting Knife Series feature high-grade carbon steel clip point blades that are powder coated for maximum durability. They are used to serve majority emergencies and are often opted for by the military, sporting, and first responder events. The blades are extremely sharp and deliver excellent strength while engaged in combat. The grip of the knives in this series is ensured by well-balanced and grooved Kraton handles. To serve the purpose of carrying it easily, these knives come with a leather or Cordura sheath.


Ontario Hunt Plus Knife Series: These Ontario Hunt Plus Knife Series feature knives that are made for core outdoor enthusiasts who love to go camping, hunting, and more. Designed with drop point blades, the Hunt plus knives are versatile and deliver the finest cutting and piercing technique every time. The blades hold razor-sharp edges with a satin finish, while a non-slip grip is ensured with the use of rubber handles to deliver ergonomically formed knives for your collection. These knives are equipped with nylon belts which helps them to be carried with ease.


Ontario Joe Pardue Knife Series: Knives manufactured for close combats usually for hunting, this collection of Joe Pardue knife series provides mainly tanto or drop point blades for excellent performance. These knives are well balanced to ensure better control through multiple index points., along with precision cutting, slicing, chopping, and piercing. These are made from AUS-8A stainless steel. The Zytel handles marks the unbreakable strength of the knives. The versatile knives are suitable for cutting through any tough material for tactical and everyday tasks.


Ontario Linoleum Knife Series: Linoleum knives are made with the best quality of carbon steel to give them the ability to cut precisely through materials without applying excess pressure. These knives are versatile and uniquely designed for craftsmen and tradesmen who are associated with the linoleum craft industry. The knives in this high-grade Linoleum Knife Series can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables as well. The handle of these brilliant knives is made with hardwood to provide a firm and comfortable grip. The main applications of these knives are harvesting, digging, and cutting in any sort of situation.


Ontario Carter Knife Series: Exclusively designed with expert knife-users and professionals in mind, most of the knives in this Ontario Carter Knife Series are used as tactical knives. The blades of the knives in his tactical and combat knife selection are made with materials such as D2 steel and stainless steel, making them a highly durable choice. Drop point blades offer the precision of operation in tough situations, both indoor and outdoor. With an option between high-grade titanium and G10 handles, the knives provide a non-slip grip, preventing accidental slipping and eliminating the chances of injuries.


Ontario Cayuga Hunter Series:  This series carries a wide range of hunting knives that will become your best friend in all of your outdoor adventures and expeditions. Most of the knives in this series are designed with high-quality stainless steel and have a satin finish to battle corrosion and rust for long-term use. The blades are etched for a stylish element, while rubbered handles deliver the finest grip for heavy-duty, anti-slip use.


Ontario RAT Knife Series:  Manufactured with a straightforward design, the knives in this series are easy to use. RAT knives are ideal to use for multiple purposes including cutting, carving, slicing, peeling, and chopping. The liner lock mechanism of these knives with impressive features like bolsters and thumb studs offer maximum protection to the hands when in use. The Ontario Knife Company designers have used different kinds of materials including Coyote Brown Nylon, Textured Nylon, Green Finish nylon for making strong and ergonomic handles, offering tight and firm grip.


Ontario Jericho Series: Made with premium quality, this Ontario Jericho Series features a variety of hangers to make the perfect Hanging for your tactical gear, suits, and uniforms. They are fashioned with polypropylene with cutting-edge injection-molded techniques, ensuring high durability. Available in a range of colors and sizes to cater to personal preferences and requirements, the hangers can hold up to 125 lbs. of weight, and feature various mounting points to allow hanging of different gear.


Ontario LL Bean Series: Designed in sleek bodies, the knives in this collection offer the most precise cuts every time. The blades of these knives are fashioned with satin-finished stainless steel, with a brown wooden handle that not only delivers a comfortable and firm gripping power but also adds a classic look to the knives. These bean knives are equipped with a matching leather sheath for easy carrying and complete protection wherever you carry them.


Ontario Marine Combat Knife Series: Designed for combat deployment, these veteran knives match the legacy of military-issued weapons. They have tactical, clip-point blades for a swift and deeper puncture upon insertion. Their thin upswept tip is sharper than usual knives and allows you to pierce, slice, and stab easily when facing a combat scenario. The sleek design of these knives allows quicker withdrawal after stabbing, made with the finest material for long-term use.


Ontario Mark 3 Navy Knife Series: The Ontario Mark 3 Navy Knife Series is a selection of expertly crafted combat knives that are exclusively meant for use in an emergency. With premium-quality stainless-steel fixed blades, these knives have an oxidized finish to stab, slash, and cut with precision while ensuring rust and corrosion-free performance. They have clip point blades and sport molded plastic handles, with a well-patterned handle surface for the ultimate grip. The flat face of the handles can be used to smash anything with high impact if required survival situations in the wilderness, while camping, trekking, hunting, and more.


Ontario Morta Knife Series: This collection of Morta Knives by the Ontario Knife Company is designed for on-field combat operations or self-defense requirements. these fixed blade knives can be used for utility purposes as well, and can easily become a favorite while hunting, camping, trekking, and engaging in other such outdoor expeditions. The tactical tools in the series feature drop point blades fashioned with stainless steel, finished with a grey powder finish to remain resistant against unwanted rust and corrosion. Morta Knives have fine micarta handles that feature checkered and thumb ramps to deliver an excellent, stable grip. A nylon sheath ensures protection at all times.


Ontario OKC Traveler Knife Series: Available in a range of popping colors to add a bold flair to your knife collection, the knives in this Ontario OKC Traveler Knife Series are designed for professionals. Perfect for everyday use and carry, these folding pocket knives are an ideal tool for almost any cutting, slicing, piercing, and chopping purpose. The knife blades in the series are made with satin-finished stainless steel, with plastic handles for lightweight and comfortable handling.


Ontario Robeson Knife Series: Designed for combat and hunting deployment, the Ontario Robeson Knives can be categorized into three groups namely, Viking steak knives, Trailing point knives, and drop point knives. Originally released by OKC, Viking steak knives feature Sandvik steel construction and hardwood handles for stability, with fully serrated blades to ensure quick cuts without deformation. Trailing Point Knives features trailing point blades with large curved cutting edges that are optimized for slicing. They provide the sharpest point for fine and small work, such as skinning and filleting. Drop Point Knives have ergonomic handles for control and are ideal for various butchering and combative tasks.

Ontario RTAK-II Knife Series: Built to ensure maximum durability and versatility, the knives in this Ontario RTAK-II Knife Series can be sued in a wide range of applications. Use them to get on top of any complicated task flawlessly, including cutting, carving wood, slicing, and chopping. They feature 1095 or 5160 carbon steel blades to offer unbreakable strength. Available in both plain and serrated blades, the EDC knives in the collection have ergonomic, wooden handles that provide control and stability.


Ontario SPAX Series: Ontario Spax Series has an assortment of spax axes constructed using superior-quality materials. These axes provide the best cutting and chopping solution. The ax head is coated with carbon steel that provides durability and helps in delivering outstanding performance. The brown wood handle ensures a perfect grip and helps in delivering outstanding performance. The full and extended tang gives strength to the tactical weapon. The cutout in the spax ax is sized for opening and closing fire hydrants or gas valves. These axes are designed in collaboration with veteran firefighters as a backup breaching tool for use by rescue personnel.

Ontario Spec-Plus Knife Series: Designed by the knife-making expert, Dan Margani, the Generation II knives in this Ontario Spec-Plus Knife Series feature black-textured, powder-coated blades that offer ease of maintenance as well as resistance against rust and corrosion. Their sharp cutting edges combine with a pointed tip for incredible penetration, stabbing, and piercing abilities in tactical situations. They come with a tactical sheath to keep the blade protected against elements when not used. These full-tang knives are water-jet-cut from 5160 steel – the steel that will cut other steel.


Ontario TAK-1 Knife Series: This Ontario TAK-1 Knife Series features a premium range of everyday carry knives that are highly versatile. Designed to cater to various cutting and chopping tasks, the steel drop point blades of these knives deliver the most precise cuts every time. The blade construction is made to stand the test of durability, with a phosphate coating to ensure high edge retention. Knives sport micarta handles with scales are sure to provide the most superior grip for the toughest tasks. The handles of these TAK-1 Knives have extended tangs featuring a lanyard hole. Equipped with nylon belt sheaths, these knives are built for your everyday carry folder.

Ontario XM-1 Extreme Military Knife Series: Meant for extreme combative situations, these knives are quick and robust. They are available in an option of serrated blade edges or plain blades for versatile and diverse use. With spear point blades, these knives have the sharpest tips to offer the superior ability to pierce through almost any material or surface. These knives can be used as thrusting weapons or as daggers in tactical, combat, and survival situations. The handles of the knives in this Ontario XM-1 Extreme Military Knife Series have thumb ridge facilitates for brilliant control while cutting, chopping, and performing other tasks.  


Ontario XR-1 Rescue Knife Series: Fashioned to offer robust use, the knives in this Ontario XR-1 Rescue Knife Series feature ergonomic handles with thumb ridges. These thumb ridges offer extreme stability and control while in use. These knives have spear blades that are serrated to allow cutting and piercing through almost a material or surface. Designed for emergency rescue professionals, these are EDC folder knives, perfect for combat deployment. Their sharp tip facilitates faster piercing and penetration. They come with a reversible pocket clip and allow single-handed operation for maximum user convenience.

Warranty Information

All the knives offered in the inventory are warranted to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship. The brand holds complete responsibility for replacing the product with a brand new one if the original product is found to be defective. Some of the products cannot be replaced due to the limited availability of their parts. In such cases, the company promises to furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. If any product was damaged due to its misuse, then the OKC repair department analyzes the damage closely and charges a reasonable fee for the repair. For further guidance or queries about the warranty information, feel free to contact us at Knife Country USA.


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