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Ontario Knife Company


In 1889, William B. Ensworth, Charles Albert Brace, and William Maudsley established the Ontario Knife Company in Naples, New York. The name of the company was derived from Ontario County where Naples was situated. After the company began to grow and expand, the company purchased an old sawmill at Cadiz near Franklinville village. In 1902, the warehouse from Cadiz was moved to Franklinville as the company was exponentially growing and more power was needed. By 1904, many owners of other local knifing companies like Empire State Cutlery Company purchased the interests of the original Ontario Knife Company stockholders. In 1905, both the companies combined their operations in Franklinville under the name of Ontario Knife Company.


It was in 1923 that James A. Chrestensen, a company employee became the president who marked the beginning of the "Old Hickory" line of knives. His son Robert F. Chrestensen took over as president after his father retired in 1952. Today, Ontario Knife Company is one of those prestigious companies which has gained membership in the American Cutlery Manufacturers’ Association.


One of the Most Approached Names for Professional Cutlery Knives

Ontario Knife Company is one of the leading knife manufacturers delivering high-quality products. The company’s large inventory includes an assortment of Fixed Blade knives, Tactical knives, Fortune Series, folding blade knives and many more. The brand also offers its customers an option of customization as per their requirements. Various tools like axes and strap cutters are included in their umbrella of Limited-Edition products.


What does it take to make an Ontario Knife Company Original Series?

Dan Maragni is the master blade smith and knife designer of the Ontario Knife Company. With 40 years of knife-making experience, he is an expert when it comes to the process from scratch to finish. Most of the knives in the inventory feature blades made from high-quality D2 Tool Steel which is commonly known as stainless steel. OKC focusses on blending historical knife concepts with modern engineering techniques, ergonomics, and the anatomy of unique designs.


A Pioneering Range of Knives Built to Withstand the Toughest Situations


Folding Pocket Knife Series:This series comprises of a variety of folding pocket knives including framework, linerlock, and lockback knives. All the knives in this series feature a spring lock mechanism, offering easy opening and closing of the blade. Perfect to grab, fold, and carry in a pocket, these pocket knives are everyday carry gear. Features like bolsters prevent accidental injuries, making these knives a preferred choice.


Axes and Hatchets Series:includes a wide variety of high-performance axes and hatchets that are specially designed to chop down or cut through the toughest materials. All the products in this series are made with robust steel to provide maximum strength and durability. These products cater to the needs of professionals, firefighters, and rescue personnel.


Fixed Blade Knife Series:The knives in this series are commonly used as survival and tactical tools. Many outdoorsmen use these fixed blade knives to hunt and skin during their hunting, camping and trekking expeditions. Ontario Tactical Knives are actively used by US military, Navy, Air Force, law enforcement professionals, hunters, and survivalists.


Ontario Machetes, Tools and Accessories Series:  This category includes an array of traditionally designed machetes, tools, and accessories that can be used for self-defense and survival. The series features many sharp-edged machetes including heavy-duty machetes, trail machetes, SPAX machetes, sporting, and outdoor gear hangers, combat sharp cutters, and many more. Ontario Knife Company uses materials like Cycoli resin, carbon steel, and titanium nitride for ruggedness, etc. to make a high-quality machete.


Agilite Kitchen Cutlery & Knives Series:  This series of kitchenware knives feature lightweight and ergonomic construction for maximum control. The knives in this category are ideal for slicing, chopping, and cutting. The handles of the kitchen knives in this series are usually double-injected, heat-resistant, and molded to prevent accidental injuries. Most of the cutlery knives in this series are impeccably crafted by the blade-master Dan Maragni. This series offers two kinds of blade designs— serrated edge and cutting edge design. You can pick the knife of your choice as per your needs.


Cerberus Knife Series:  Most of the knives in this series are used as tactical knives that are specially designed, keeping the needs of professionals in mind. The D2 steel construction of these knives makes them a durable choice. Drop point blades offer the precision of operation in tough situations. The titanium and G10 handles provide a non-slip grip, preventing accidental slipping and eliminating the chances of injuries.


Ontario Cutting Boards:  This series offers a wide variety of cutting boards and kitchen accessories that help you in multiple kitchen tasks. You can use these kitchen boards for chopping of vegetables or fruit slicing. All the cutting boards in this niche are made with high-quality polypropylene that enables them to withstand the hardest strokes of the chefs. These chopping boards is easy-to-wash and clean in a dishwasher.


Dozier Knife Series:  This series carries a wide range of everyday carry knives that offer the users with an efficient single-handed operation. All the knives in this series are designed by Bob Dozier, featuring arrow point blades that are ideal for hunting and self-defense. Most of the blades are provided stonewash finish or black coat finish to ensure high edge retention property. The stainless steel construction of the knives in this category offer strength and durability.


Ontario RAT Knife Series:  Manufactured with a straightforward design, the knives in this series are easy to use. RAT knives are ideal to use for multiple purposes including cutting, carving, slicing, peeling, and chopping. The liner lock mechanism of these knives with impressive features like bolsters and thumb studs offer maximum protection to the hands when in use. The Ontario Knife Company designers have used different kind of materials including Coyote Brown Nylon, Textured Nylon, Green Finish nylon for making strong and ergonomic handles, offering tight and firm grip.


Warranty Information

All the knives offered in the inventory are warranted to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship. The brand holds complete responsibility of replacing the product with a brand new one if the original product is found to be defective. Some of the products cannot be replaced due to the limited availability of their parts. In such cases, the company promises to furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. If any product was damaged due to its misuse, then OKC repair department analyzes the damage closely and charges a reasonable fee for the repair. For further guidance or queries about the warranty information, feel free to contact us at Knife Country USA.


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