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Ontario Mark 3 Navy Knives by Ontario Knife Company

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For over 125 years, Ontario Knife Company has been successfully manufacturing knives, axes and other cutting tools. Headquartered in Franklinville, New York, Ontario Knife Company is known for its excellent quality military knives. Since WWII, Ontario Knife Company has been making knives and cutting tools for the United States and allied forces. Ontario Knife Company has also earned huge recognition in the knife making industry as leading private label blades and knives.   


Ontario Mark 3 Navy Knife Series features combat knives that can be used in any emergency. Ontario Mark 3 Navy Knife features specially designed stainless steel fixed blade with oxidized finish to stab, slash, and cut. Featuring a clip point, the blade of Mark 3 Navy Knife from Ontario sports saw like teeth. Moreover, the construction material of the Mark 3 knives is such that they will not suffer from corrosion. The Mark 3 Navy Knives sport molded plastic handles. The well patterned handles ensure firm grip. The flat face of the handles can be used to smash anything with high impact. Due to traditional knife making craftsmanship of Ontario make these knives last long.


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