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Ontario Folding Pocket Knives by Ontario Knife Company

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Established in 1889, Ontario Knife Company is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of knives, tools, and tactical weapons. The brand is a major supplier of knives to US military, OKC produces equipment for law, science, medical, educational, and agricultural industries as well. The company has an ever-growing catalog of tactical, fishing and hunting knives, as well as scientific and medical instruments.


Ontario Pocket Knife Series features a huge inventory of pocket knives proudly owned by defense professionals, travel enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers. These knives are useful for a variety of tasks such as opening a heavy box or cutting ropes wires, strings, or as a tactical weapon. The knife blades are made of rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel which provides strength and durability to the knife. The blunt tip blade Knife blades and drop point blades of these knives ensure precise and accurate cutting with their sharp edges. The sturdy handle construction from materials like polypropylene and wood adds toughness to the knives and ensures a comfortable grip during deployment. The full tang design of the handles can be used as a striking device. Most of these knives have a lanyard hole that helps you in easy storage and carry. For added protection, these knives come with nylon belt sheath.

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