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Founded in 1889, Ontario Knife Company leads the market with its broad range of knives, tools, and instruments. Serving as a major supplier of knives to US military, OKC produces equipment for law, science, medical, educational, and agricultural industries as well. The company produces an array of tactical knives, kitchenware, fishing and hunting knives, survival and rescue tools, as well as scientific and medical instruments. For over 70 years, the company has manufactured 1 to 18-inches military machete under the specifications of U.S.A. government.


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Designed as instruments of survival and rescue, the machetes, tools, and accessories are ready for deployment in tactical outdoor situations. The series include an array of products including sharp-edged machetes, hangers that are perfect for sporting and outdoor gear, combat strap cutters, as well as tough and hard-hacking axes. Made with materials like Cycoli resin, carbon steel, and titanium nitride for ruggedness, the instruments will cut through belts and metal like butter.


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Knife Country USA focuses on providing knives, survival tools, camping gear, and other accessories that assure quality and performance. The products range from tactical, hunting, and fishing knives to hammocks, backpacks, binoculars, multi-tools, and more. It is a single-stop platform meant for comprehensive purchase and customer-friendly shopping experience.

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