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Ontario Machetes: For the Outdoors and Beyond


Discover Ontario Machetes, a robust line of machetes designed for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and professionals. Built to handle demanding tasks, these machetes offer an impeccable balance of strength, durability, and control.


We proudly feature a range of machetes, including Field Machetes (ON8516, ON8514), Heavy Duty Machetes (ON8518, ON8520), Camp and Trail Camping Machete (ONCT2), Traditional Machete (ONCT5), and Military Machetes (ON18, ON18S), each proudly made in the USA. The black zinc phosphate finish on the 1095 carbon steel blades ensures longevity and resilience.


Machetes come with one piece molded plastic handles or high impact shatterproof polymer handles for a firm grip. Most machetes are offered bulk packed without a sheath, but we also provide a range of separate machete sheaths made of heavy black nylon (ONBSH12, ONBSH18, ONBSH22, ON12B, ON18B, ON22B) or plastic (ON18P, ON18POD), fitting various blade sizes.


For those looking for variety, we offer the Camper Machete Black (ON8510) and the Economy Machete (ON8293). The Ontario Bushcraft Machete (ON8695SEC) with nylon sheath is a must-have for bushcraft enthusiasts.

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