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Ontario Axes & Hatchets by Ontario Knife Company

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Founded in 1889, Ontario Knife Company is an award-winning, global supplier of science and medical tools, different types of knives, machetes, and rescue instruments. It has long produced knives and tools for US military, building equipment ever since WWII. With a wide-reaching network of distributors and dealers in over 35 countries, Ontario Knife has advanced as a prominent name in the industry of knives and tools makers.


Ontario Axes and Hatchets – Rescue Tools That Cut Through Any Metal

Designed to chop down any tree and cut through tough metal, the Ontario Axes and Hatchets are made to get any job done. Their robust steel construction facilitates a hard-striking blow that will hack anything that is thrown at it. Perfect weapons in any tactical situation, these tools can be used professionally by firefighters/rescue personnel breaching a burning building or opening a fire hydrant. Their gripping handles help you deploy the axe or hatchet with controlled precision.


Uncompromised Quality Assurance at Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA is an eminent name in the top most sellers of knives and other survival tools. It ensures quality by procuring each product from a trustable brand. From knives and axes to compass, magnifying glasses, backpacks and gears, it keeps everything at the customer’s reach.

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