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Ontario Agilite Kitchen Cutlery & Knives by Ontario Knife Company

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Founded in 1889, Ontario Knife Company is an American company that is predominantly acclaimed for its broad-range of knives. Apart from knives, the company produces a variety of survival and rescue tools, science and medical instruments, and kitchenware. OKC produces knives for US Armed Forces and has continued to build survival equipment ever since serving WWII. Ontario Knife Company leverages a wide network of distributors and dealers to reach its consumers in over 35 countries.


Exploring Ontario Agilite Kitchen Cutlery and Knives

The knives in kitchenware series are lightweight and ergonomic for control. Their no-nonsense design features handle that facilitates strong grip around the knife when slicing, chopping, and cutting. These handles are usually double-injected, heat-resistant, and molded to keep your hands safe. Most blades are the creation of blade-master Dan Maragni. These blades are tough and allow smoother cut with less tearing and deformation. Knives are available in both serrated and plain cutting-edge design.


Knives and Tools That Come with Quality Assurance

Knife Country USA is an eminent name in the top most sellers of knives and other survival tools. It ensures quality by procuring each product from a trustable brand. From knives and axes to compass, magnifying glasses, backpacks and gears, it keeps everything at the customer’s reach. 

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