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MAM Knives is an extension of Filmam factory founded in 1870 by a small family based in Portuguese. Living up to the years old legacy, MAM Knives assures the highest quality products manufactured using high-grade material, state-of-the-art technology and traditional weapon-making techniques. MAM Filmam continues its heritage and long-standing market placement with its campsite cutlery, kitchen knives, fixed blade knives, and folding knives. 


Every MAM Knives product is manufactured with utmost dedication and perseverance by expert and professional craftsman of the 19th century. MAM Knives are best explained as high-performance knives, which are elegant in construction, easy to use and maintain.  The company uses ecological principle in terms of manufacturing products with non-toxic and low carbon foot eliminating material. The brand uses a filter system to reduce gaseous emissions that can cause harm to the environment.


High-Quality, Made-in Portuguese Products

MAM products are designed at the headquarter at Palacoulo, Portugal, every product is tested during the production process to ensure maximum quality is achieved. The company offers a wide range of product line which includes fixed blade knives, Hawkbill blade knives, Linerlock folding knives, kitchen knives, and culinary cutlery. MAM ensures manufacturing of soundproofing structures and external equipment with minimum emissions of environmental noise. The company uses energy efficient techniques and machinery to manufacture the products.


Material Construction That Assures Durability and Reliability

The company has designated the entire range of cutlery products, under the commitment that "MAM is quality guaranteed." Most of these blades are designed from German quality stainless steel. The handle construction allows for an easy, comfortable and tight grip to the user as it is manufactured using tough material like beechwood, Bubinga wood, and deer horn. The blades and knives are compressed together securely with the help of aluminum ferrules.  The company uses recyclable and reusable material polymers to reduce excessive utilization of resources.


A Wide Pool of Assortments

MAM offers a wide product range in different series including MAM Fixed Blade Knives, MAM Douro Knife Series, MAM Iberica Knife Series, and MAM Titanium Knife Series.


MAM Fixed Blade Knives:  The collection offers hand-sharpened fixed blade knives with German stainless-steel blades. These satin finished knives feature a stainless-steel guard, beechwood handles with knob pommel and an aluminum ferrule. The series features different type of blades such as Hawkbill blade, clip-point blade, and serrated blades.


MAM Linerlock Pocket Knives: The series offers folding knives with different blade construction including Hawkbill, clip-point blade, razor sharp blade, and drop point blade. Most of these knives feature beechwood handle construction which offers a comfortable and tight grip to the user. The blades and handles are securely and tightly compressed together with steel bolster.


MAM 145th Anniversary Knife Series: The range was introduced to commemorate the 145th Anniversary of the MAM Knives. The special edition of knives has robust German AISI 420 stainless blade and Bubinga wood handle construction. The classic collection of these tactical knives feature MAM logo etch on stainless bolster of most of these knives.


MAM Douro Knife Series: The Douro Knife collection offers elegant and sleek designed pocket folding knives. Most of these everyday carry knives have stainless steel blade construction with satin finish. The beechwood handles feature Linerlock mechanism that provides a solid lockup to the blade. 


MAM Hunting Knife Series: These hunting knives feature mirror finished, sharp edge clip-point, drop-point, and Hawkbill blade. MAM hunting knives are made from high-grade stainless steel with mirror finish. They come along with stainless guard and heavy-duty pommel. These knives are perfect to perform various tasks like tearing fishing nets, branches, ropes and trees.


MAM Iberica Knife Series: Iberica Knives feature hand sharpened German stainless clip blade and drop-point blades. Most of these knives feature Linerlock mechanism that allows for single-hand operation. These knives are made of different handle material such as beechwood and zebra wood. Some of these knives are available with leather keyring and an aluminum ferrule.


MAM Kitchen & Campsite Utensils: The range offers portable kitchen knives, forks, spoons and other campsite utensils made from German stainless steel. The easy-to-carry cutlery slips easily in your pocket, purse, camp kit and backpack with its sleek and compact designs. The forks are ergonomically designed with beechwood handle featuring knob pommel.


MAM Titanium Knife Series: The series features stainless constructed drop point blade/clip point blade knives. The knives are manufactured from high-quality bronze titanium coated 420 metal. These heavy-duty, tactical knives are developed to withstand handling abuse while traveling, hunting and camping. The series also offers a pack for four knives with Bubinga wood handlebars.


Products Backed by Warranty

MAM Knives are designed with perfection considering the needs of the customers and are warranted to be free of any defects in material and craftsmanship. In case of any defect, the company will repair or replace the defected product with a new item that is closely like the returned one. MAM Knives products are not meant to be used as or with hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. If any product or accessories got damaged because of its misuse detected by the repair department, then the customer will be charged a reasonable fee for its repair or replacement.

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