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Established in 1989, GATCO or the Great American Tool Company offers a wide range of sharpeners and sharpening accessories. The inventory is aimed at real users, working people who need smart accessories to get the job done in the most efficient manner. From craftsmen to sportsmen, chefs and butchers, ardent fans of high-performance tools by GATCO realize that they are getting genuine items at affordable rates. The brand’s sharpeners are just like its range of tools and knives, i.e. meant for the everyday user. This includes the Scepter series of knife accessories. The company has tasted some serious fame with sharpeners like the Tri-Seps model that is still vouched for as the most critical accessory for dedicated knife collectors and users.


GATCO Scepter Sharpeners are designed keeping only the toughest, roughest users in mind. This series of sharpeners features tungsten carbide sharpening elements for fast re-sharpening of hunting knives, boning knives, chief knives, chopping knives, and many more. GATCO Scepter Sharpeners contain removable tapered diamond rod for re-sharpening serrated blades. Scepter Sharpeners features tungsten carbide knife sharpeners, diamond tapered serrations sharpeners, fish hook sharpeners, and magnesium fire starter rods. Magnesium fire rod found in some of the sharpeners can be used in emergency situations.

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