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Great American Tool Company (GATCO) was incorporated in 1989 under the leadership of experienced craftsmen. The company was incepted with a vision to deliver the best-in-class handy tools and accessories to serve the ever-evolving demands of globetrotters, knife enthusiasts, and real-life knife users. GATCO has carved a niche in the global platform by introducing some of the best sharpening accessories that are specifically designed to be used easily by the users while ensuring minimal loss of metal. Maintaining a perfect edge of the knife for years has never been so easy, but GATCO Sharpeners has been a rescuer that has dedicatedly offered finest sharpeners. Few sharpeners include the Arkansas Stone Sharpeners, Ceramic Sharpeners, Carbide Sharpeners, Sport Sharpeners, Sharpening Systems, and Diamond Sharpeners. GATCO has spent years in research and bringing forth exceptional quality sharpeners.


Perfect Tool For Perfect Sharpness!

GATCO has always been a renowned and reliable name in the world of knife accessories, offering vital tools that are necessary to keep the knives in perfect condition for years. GATCO products are designed to provide remarkable sharpness to any blade within a few minutes. The tools are handy and can provide razor-sharp edges at any time. From the very beginning, the company has provided handy tools and accessories with a lot of practical use in everyday life. The sharpeners by GATCO are suitable to be used by the craftsmen, chefs, adventure enthusiasts, and butchers. Many of the sharpeners are manufactured using the aluminum body with tungsten carbide sharpening bits, and natural Arkansas stones that are mined from quarries. And, this makes GATCO products durable and highly effective; be it in terms of quality or performance.


Exploring the Ever-evolving Inventory through Gatco Product Series

  • GATCO Accessories:This series includes the finest range of handy products manufactured for adventure enthusiasts across the world; these are some of the vital products that are used by them. Some products are clamp mounts, honing guide rods, honing oils, sharpening stone oils, hone kits, storage cases, thumb screws, and more. The sharpeners in this series have the required strength to withstand compression and distortion. These are indeed the few of the best tools for maintaining the edge of knives and cutting tools.


  • GATCO Arkansas Sharpening Stones: This series includes the finest sharpeners that are manufactured using premium-quality natural Arkansas stone mined from quarries that helps to achieve perfect knife edge and finish. These stones are cautiously cut to size and finished to ensure complete flatness to give firm support and a smooth surface for finishing the knife.


  • GATCO Double Duty Sharpener Series: These are the double duty sharpeners and are widely used by professional knife users and adventure enthusiasts for sharpening the knives. The double duty sharpeners in this series have ceramic sharpening rod and carbide bit. The preset sharpening angle is perfectly designed to give flawlessly sharpened knives. Provision of lanyard hole and the non-slip base is a defining feature that offers convenience to the user.


  • GATCO Hone Sharpeners: These are premium-quality hone sharpeners that are widely used for sharpening of knives and flawlessly sharpen all plain edge blades. Many hone sharpeners are provided in kits with scientifically formulated honing oil. The kits have serrated edges, extra screws for clamp, coarse, medium and fine diamond sharpening hones along with the ABS handle. These GATCO sharpeners are used for the GATCO knife sharpening systems.


  • GATCO MCS Sharpener Series: These are the Military Compact Carbide Bits Sharpeners (MCS) with the ability to sharpen all tactical knives. These are easy to use, lightweight and compact sharpeners with durable carbide bits and a hard-cutting surface to keep the knives firm while sharpening. The MCS Sharpeners are considered to be versatile tools for plain-edge kitchen and utility knives. The knives are sharpened rapidly in one steady motion and the blade is sharpened perfectly within a short span of time.


  • GATCO micro x sharpeners: This series includes handy sharpeners with different features. Many sharpeners are manufactured with medium carbide inserts that restore edges quickly without getting stuck. The two precision ground carbide blades are specifically positioned at pre-set angles that help in the easy sharpening of blades of all kinds of knives. Many sharpeners have the medium and fine sharpening rods that are perfect for polishing and preparing the final edge. The sharpeners have ergonomic handles with polymer housing for a slip-resistant grip while sharpening. The handles offer non-slip and stable grip to sharpen the blades in any condition. These are indeed the best sharpeners for quick reshaping of fixed blades, folding knives, and serrated knives with minimum effort and maximum safety of the user.


  • GATCO Scepter Sharpeners: This series has one of the finest ranges of Scepter Sharpeners manufactured and designed to be used for quick and fast re-sharpening of boning knives, hunting knives, chopping knives, chief knives, and more. These are easy to use and lightweight. The use of tungsten carbide sharpening element adds to the functionality of the sharpeners. These sharpeners are ideal for hikers, campers, fishermen, bikers, hunters, police, and military. This series has tungsten carbide knife sharpeners, magnesium fire starter rods, and fish hook sharpeners.


  • GATCO sharpeners Edgemate sharpening system: This is an assortment of different diamond sharpening systems, carbide sharpeners, and professional sharpening systems with the ability to create razor-sharp edges in minimum time. These are lightweight and easy-to-use sharpeners with perfectly designed sharpening angles to guarantee sharp edges in minimum time.


Warranty Information

GATCO offers the finest-quality and high-performance sharpeners that are quality tested and designed by experienced craftsmen and designers. Every sharpener by GATCO is warranted to be free of any manufacturing or designing defects. If in rare case the products are found to be defected then, only after the inspection, the product will be sent for further repair or replacement. The replacement of the product completely depends on the availability of the part at the company. Apart from this, the sharpeners are not intended to be used as chisels, hammers, pry bars, or screwdrivers that can hamper the product’s performance and quality.


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